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Does looking through your email, require you to first clean it up. Deleting all types of emails coming from strange offers? Do you first have to block and spam a hand full of emails due to unwanted lewd language. Are businesses trying to contact you, even though you’ve explained that you were not interested. Or perhaps you were interested in a product during a particular time period. However, you’re not anymore, but apparently quite a few companies think that you are., is a company dedicated to helping you control what is flowing through your inbox. With you are able to unsubscribe through dozens of annoying emails all at once.

Le’s be honest, a cluttered inbox can actually make you miss an important email, that you’ve been waiting for. It can also distract you and cause you to email someone the wrong message. also keeps your inbox safe. Sensitive data that may be flowing through your inbox is kept safe and secure. systematically encrypts all proprietary information, keeping it safe from prying eyes. consistently scan, monitor and test for system weakness, ensuring email security. is so serious about email security for it’s employees have limited access, along with constant privacy and security training.’s major task is security and convenience. For example, travel reservation or anything related to booking is strongly protected by and for good reason. Along with email subscriptions, purchase receipts,online shipping returns and shipping confirmations. is owned by Rakuten Intelligence. Rakuten Intelligence is a marketing research organization, that gives businesses information concerning corporate performance, industry trends, etc. The company is able to discuss with other businesses what is trending or what is popular at the moment. This information help corporations come up with ideas that will better suit the market/customer. is tool that will be leading the market place in the future, by securing your emails and helping companies become more competitive.