Dr. Jim Toner: Using Advanced Technology in Treating Infertility

Jim Toner is an experienced endocrinologist and infertility expert who is based in Atlanta, Georgia. Throughout his career in the medical field, he managed to help a lot of people who are suffering from infertility. His patients are stating that he is direct to the point, and he is explaining everything that he discovered. He is also commended for his excellent listening skills, and providing answers to every question asked by his patients. However, some are stating that Dr. Jim Toner has a hectic schedule, and those who wanted to see him should set up an appointment through his secretary. Many of his patients stated that they prefer Dr. Jim Toner more than any other infertility doctors because he is an expert in the field, and most of the couples who have consulted him ended up having a baby.

Couples who wanted to visit the clinic of Dr. Jim Toner are already briefed about what will happen once they agreed on the appointment date. It is a protocol inside his clinic to under several tests that would determine the condition of an individual’s sex cells and organs. The first thing that should be done would be bloodwork. Then, several tests would take place, like testosterone counting. Many males visiting his clinic are diagnosed with a low testosterone count, and Dr. Jim Toner is providing them with a drug that would boost the production of the testosterone inside the body. Females who are also diagnosed with infertility are visiting the clinic of Dr. Jim Toner for treatment. Most of his patients who are having infertility problems are given a specific drug that could address their issues.

Through the years of practicing his profession as an infertility expert, Dr. Jim Toner has helped hundreds of patients who wanted to have their babies. The methods and procedures performed at the clinic of the renowned doctor can be considered as simple, but it is the overall experience which causes the people to come back to his clinic. Many of those whom he has treated shared their experience under the hands of Dr. Jim Toner to their friends and families and recommended him for the service. Word of mouth advertising boosted the popularity of Dr. Jim Toner’s clinic and the services that they offer, and once they realized that a considerable number of people would flock the clinic, they decided to open up a slot for appointment only.

Dr. Jim Toner successfully provided treatment to a lot of couples, and today, he is celebrated as one of the best infertility experts in the United States. More people are visiting his clinic today because of the buzz that he made, but he is expecting that the number of infertile couples should decline shortly because of the advancements made in the field of science.

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About Robert Deignan

Robert Deignan has been in the technology industry for over two decades which, makes him one of the most experienced individuals in the field. His interests in customer service and technology facilitated him in creating a successful technology company.

Once he obtained a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Perdue University, he decided to pursue his dreams. Three years later, he co-founded his first new technology company with Franklin. He always had in mind that providing a primary experience would steer him to manage a successful business. Moreover, he acknowledged the importance of risking and was effective to understand fundamental business concepts.

Robert Deigning later moved to iS3 Inc as a vice executive president. iS3 Inc. is a technology firm that possesses expertise in the fields of digital security, personalized technical support, and computer optimization. His role as the vice executive president if a technology firm gave him all the requirements and experiences needed running a successful technology firm.

After his vast experiences and knowledge as a co-founder and a vice executive president in a technology firm, he founded ATS Digital Services LLC. At this point, he was capable of transforming ATS into one of the best technology firms around. Deignan stated that the years he spent in developing skills and competence enabled him to focus on customer service and hire experts with vast knowledge in the industry.

The success of ATS Digital Services is highly attributed to Robert Deignan. Under his leadership, he has managed to provide vast services to his customers. ATS has skilled experts in the fields of cellular repairs, activation, and setups. The firm has grown to be a technology company that can offer solutions regardless if the technical issue.

According to Robert Deignan, technology establishes our lives easier and better. The introduction of software and gadget makes us conduct things efficiently. However, the advancement also makes the professional setting to appear complicated. That’s why an ideal technical business should be committed to outstanding customer services. It can be incredibly frustrating when there are technical issues. That’s why Deignan has spent most of his years in retaining the customer’s life comfortable.


Dr. Saad Expertise across Borders.

“Attaining your goals and aspirations is not improbable if you invest in it. ” Words of a prosperous and well-decorated surgeon, Dr. Saad Saad. Working his way out of poverty and dedication to his practice and goals got him where he is and gave him what he has been able to achieve.


Born in Palestine and raised in Kuwait in a family of eight siblings, he attained his medical degree from the Cairo University in Egypt 47 years ago. He was ranked second in his class graduating with honors.


He completed his internship in England before relocating to the United States 45 years ago. The inspiration to get their goals drove the family to success recording three surgeons, 2 PhDs, 2 Masters Degrees in engineering and a teacher. He went ahead to pass the button to his four children, with two being surgeons, one lawyer, and an ICU nurse.


Dr. Saad had a golden opportunity to serve as the Saudi Royals as a personal pediatric surgeon. This opportunity is attributed to the fact that he was board certified, spoke both Arabic and English, and his excellent record in New Jersey. Board certification is studious to attain.


In Riyadh, he worked at the King Faisal Specialist Hospital; he was allocated an array of surgeries to perform from the simplest to the most complex. He made history by performing surgery on the youngest baby ever to be admitted with an aneurysm.


He went on to call the case for publication to share the knowledge and educate others. His opinion was highly considered by the hospital chief and performed surgery on an assistant chief’s son who trusted him enough not to fly abroad to seek medical attention.


Dr. Saad did not forget the weak side he had come from after crossing the bridge. His mentor Dr. H Biemann contributed to this via his principle of all people are equal and deserve equal opportunities.


His philanthropy extended across borders where he went on medical missions both in the U.S., Jerusalem and the West Bank to help needy children for free by performing complex surgeries on them. This was also performed for the poor in Saudi Arabia.


He also extended his philanthropy to the study by helping to create and develop a residency program in Saudi Arabia and connected the Royal College of Surgeries in England to help students receive UK certification in Saudi.


To add to Dr. Saad’s accomplishments, are two patented inventions in his quest to improve the traditional methods and procedures. One is a device that locates a catheter without using a scanning device, and another is an endoscope equipped with self-contained suction to clear fluid and give surgeons an unobstructed view.


Dr. Saad moved back to the states and retired and before retirement served at K Hovnanian Children Hospital as the surgeon-in-chief and Co-Medical Director. He sure has booked his name in the history books. Learn more: http://medicaldailytimes.com/doctors/hard-to-swallow-advice-from-dr-saad-saad/3663/

Navigating the Brazilian Law through Ricardo Tosto’s Expertise

Ricardo Tosto, a founding partner of Leite, Tosto and Barros Advogados, reported the published case of a judicial decision that involves sharing of assets among involved partners. The case was published by the Supreme Court of Justice in December 2017 and basically revolved around plaintiff who maintained a stable union with a man who was married. The stable union, however, came to an end before the man officially divorced his original partner, the wife. The Supreme Court of Justice’s Fourth panel annulled the decision handed down to it that entailed recognition and dissolution of a stable union with sharing of assets. The decision was reached after it was realized that one of the co-workers in the union was still married and the wife was not summoned in the suit. Ricardo Tosto is a high ranking lawyer and one of the biggest names in the Brazilian law industry.

Born in 1963, Ricardo Tosto attended the University of Presbyterian Mackenzie from where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Law. He also attended the Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado and holds an extension in Business Administration. Through persistence and hard work, Ricardo Tosto was able to make a name for himself in Brazil as a great businessman and a lawyer. He is even considered one of the greatest investors in the Brazilian law.Currently, Ricardo Tosto works at the Leite, Tosto and Barros Advogados. This is a full-service law company based in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

With numerous other branches across Brazil like in Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia, the firm was listed among the top 10 largest law firms in Brazil. Leite, Tosto and Barros advocacies deals in wide range of activities from business law to administrative law and environmental law, among others. Other than working in his firm, Ricardo Tosto has worked in numerous other fields. For instance, he has advocated for multinational groups in Brazil and across the world. He has advocated for governments and even non-government organizations. Ricardo Tosto is not afraid to take risks as he has even represented numerous politicians of different ideological shades regardless of the cost. Ricardo Tosto has co-authored a book titled, “The Process of Tindentes” alongside Paulo Guilherme de Mendoca Lopes.

Ryan Seacrest Stays Fit to Stay Focused

It seems like everyone in the United States knows who Ryan Seacrest is at least from American Idol or On Air With Ryan, but not a lot of people know about the weight problems he had as a child. Ryan Seacrest, who was born in Georgia, would sneak in food to his room despite being told not to be his mother. He was one of the kids who did not take his shirt off when he was going swimming, but now they know him as someone who is in great shape and who has an impeccable work ethic.

His work ethic doesn’t just span to his work on air or with the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, he spends a lot of time staying in shape after dedicating a lot of focus and time to getting there in the first place. When Ryan Seacrest was able to lose the weight he had held on to from childhood, he gained a lot of self-confidence. That newly found confidence inspired him to reach for his aspirations of being on radio and TV.

He is constantly working on his physical fitness and health, with his busy lifestyle it is actually a way that Ryan Seacrest deals with the stress. Recently, he was interviewed by Men’s Fitness Magazine He told Men’s Fitness that he schedules his workouts as if they were a meeting, so he doesn’t just try to cancel it for the day. He states that exercising every single day helps him stay as productive as possible. Ryan Seacrest has also released a line of skin care products called Polish that he uses himself to keep his skin as healthy as the rest of his body.

Ryan Seacrest uses whatever free time he has in order to stay in shape. During commercial breaks, he often tries to get in small bouts of exercise. Another way he fits in exercise is by renting lockers at 2 different hotels that he fills with extra clothes and workout gear in case he has time to get a workout in while he’s in LA.

Is Heal And Soothe Pain Relief Supplement The Real Deal?

Have you ever suffered from a sprained ankle? Have you ever had any kind of surgical procedure? The fact of the matter is that no one is exempt from physical pain. If you play sports, then you know that there will be some type of physical pain that will accompany these types of activities. For those who lead an inactive lifestyle, you’re simply inviting physical pain into your life. Whether it’s stiff joints, or it’s musculoskeletal pain, you can improve your situation by taking a progressive daily supplement. This supplement is known as Heal And Soothe is literally changing the game.


What makes this particular supplement so great? The answer to this question is fairly simple.


Heal And Soothe isn’t your standard painkiller. This product is made from a natural source instead of being made in a laboratory with chemical fillers. Heal And Soothe has up to 12 organic ingredients that are tried-and-true. This means that the ingredients have been used with success in the past. By combining all of these ingredients, your body will be flooded with invaluable nutrients that posses a long track record of pain relief success. Heal is strictly organic in nature as its ingredients grow straight from the earth.


Rutin, Papin, Citrus Bioflavonoids, Ginger Extract, Bromelaine Extract, Boswellian Extract, Vitamin E, L-Glutathione and many more. Creating a synergistic effect is one of the main goals. Did you know that L-Glutathione is an amino acid? This fine ingredient regulates the immune system, promotes tissue repair and improves general health. Boswellian Extract produces an anti-inflammatory effect, and it improves blood circulation. Rutin improves blood flow as well as provides anti-inflammatory effects. Just imagine if you were to take one dose of these ingredients.


Blood flow also helps the body heal because the injured area will be absorbing a fresh supply of nutrient-dense blood. Everything works hand-to-hand when it comes to alternative medicine. This notion surely can’t be said for chemically structured pharmaceutical drugs. The best option is the one that effectively treats the pain while keeping you side effect-free. See This Article for additional information.


This short article can’t do Heal And soothe any justice, but you should have a much better understanding of how the supplement works. Is Heal And Soothe the real deal? Well, you’ll just have to try it out for yourself.


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Importance of a to-do List

Many people usually have a list of things that they plan to achieve in a given timespan. This catalog is called a to-do list. The purpose of such a list is to ensure that one handles all the tasks within the period and spare time to engage in other activities. The significance of a to-do list cannot be undermined.

Some people barely have time to take a break from work and go out to vacations because they lack a well-planned to-do list. This is detrimental in the long-term to their effectiveness at work. It is imperative for anyone to have an organized way of doing things and allocating each task a particular time limit of achieving.

The following are some of the practical ways of ensuring that a to-do list is useful in fulfilling its sole purpose of doing the right thing at the appropriate time.

  1. Capture everything.

One of the most significant impediments to failing to complete tasks is not knowing the exact number of activities that lie ahead. Some people find themselves having to think first of what they require to achieve.

This is detrimental to their effectiveness, and the result is that many crucial tasks end up getting ignored. The only sure way of avoiding this situation is by always having a written list of activities to achieve. Trying to recall what to do is fatal especially when the tasks are so many. You will end up having so many of them that are unattended.

  1. Prepare the list in advance.

Many people spend a large chunk of their morning hours preparing the list of activities to achieve in a day. While this is a good thing, it is usually done at the wrong time. The morning period is when the brain is at its best condition to effectively do crucial tasks. Therefore, spending this time planning will be wasteful.

Instead, it is imperative to plan, probably on the previous day on what to do in the morning. This way, you will have ample time to do the most urgent and crucial tasks that require one to be in the optimum condition. Preparing in advance also enables one to fix a task that could have been forgotten into the schedule.

Jason Hope’s Work May Just Help You Live Longer

We’ve all heard about this thing called “anti-aging research”. We hear from the talking heads in the media about how this research is going on, but most of us have no idea of exactly what kinds of breakthroughs are being made, or the process by which they are being made. If we want to understand this, it is helpful to try and understand one of the key individuals who has contributed the most effort and funding to this particular area of science. I’m talking about entrepreneur Jason Hope.

For years now, he has been one of the main money men behind the curtain, but if that sounds shady let me assure you that the results will be quite impressive. Among other organizations, Jason Hope has provided large amounts of financial and promotional help to an organization called The SENS Foundation. When I look into the work that these people are doing, I understand why someone would be inspired to help them out. They have already developed a radical new process that serves to reverse the effects of aging on specific cells. While this is only a start of something that promises to be much bigger, it should not be underestimated either.

Up until now, anti-aging has mostly been a gimmick used by advertisers to attract more people to a particular product. Many times, we have seen advertisers try to sell a million different consumables by telling us about all the anti-oxidants in them. Outside of this, anti-aging measures have usually been preventative in nature. Generally, we deal with aging by helping the elderly to live an easy life until they pass. Since the dawn of time, that is all we really could do. Herbal medicine offers ways to improve the general health of the body and help delay the effects of aging…but this is something different. This research is actually focused on reversing the effects of aging. That has only been a dream up until now.

Think about how much it could change society! If people are living much longer lives and staying productive well into their old age, society’s entire view about age and mortality would then have to be re-evaluated. That is not a small thing indeed!

Jason Hope’s Hard Line Stance On the Internet of Things. So if you live to be a thousand years old, you may find that one day you are sitting in your spaceship, headed to another planet. On that day, which hopefully we will all live to see, we should be sure to stop for a moment and thank those who gave of themselves to make it possible.

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William Saito is an American businessman who comes from Japan and has been able to create a big number 0f successful companies through his knowledge and experience. He acts as an investor as well as the creator of these companies and thus having the ability to understand both sides. He generates ideas on startup topics which can benefit anyone interested in starting a new business in the years to come.

The vast knowledge and experience of William Saito originate from a constant curiosity within industries. Being among the most well-known and the best startup investor, William Saito has been the cybersecurity advisor to the ministry of economy and the cabinet, industry, and trade. He has also been recognized by the World Economic Forum as a young global leader and happens to be very good in influencing others in Japan.

William Saito has invested mainly in hardware including biotech, batteries, and security. He firmly believes in the future of Japans 3D robot and printing industries. However, he gives recommendations against investments in sensors, storage transistors and other similar technologies since they are easily devalued.


While young and still in junior high school, William Saito has started a venture capitalist in Computer security and has had the firm incorporated as an I/O software in the year 1991. However, this software has come up with a system where Japanese characters written in English have displayed a method of recognizing fingerprint used by Sony.


This I/O software has entered into a partnership with Microsoft in the year 2000, so that it can be able to adopt the authentication technology in Microsoft windows future versions. Where after William Saito has sold the assets of I/O software to Microsoft Windows and he has become a venture capitalist in Japan thus making investments in several Japanese startups.


Due to the Fukushima Daiichi disaster, William Saito has been selected to offer IT and technical support the committee concerned with the disaster investigation, where he is given the title ‘chief technology officer ‘ which actually exaggerates his responsibilities.


In 2015, William Saito has been chosen to be the japans airline strategic advisor, where he has offered advice and his strategies on IT to JAL. He has served as the executive officer on a part-time basis as well as the general manager of JAL digital innovation promotion. He was a member of the board of advisors of The Japan Times and has served as Fast Retailing and Hakuhodo advisor.





Intellectual Property Laws By Kamil Idris

Kamil Idris a lawyer who is from Sudan is a member who is respected from Permanent Court Arbitration. He is aligned with the court so that he can ensure that there is an additional option to provide resolution for the international disputes. Permanent Court Arbitration is unique because its sessions are held privately and arbitrators are always chosen by the parties themselves.

Kamil Idris is a man who has great achievements who has a dedication to the peacekeeping and international corporation. He is regularly invited by the prestigious companies and also institution so that he can profile high delicate and also important arbitration panels.


According to professor Kamil Idris, there are four central types of the intellectual properties. They are; patents, copyrights, trade secrets and trademarks. These laws are mandated by the national government and also other large bodies which grant businesses or individuals that invented something to have an exclusive right to use it. Without such laws then businesses will be producing knock-off and take all the profits for themselves. The major reason for the laws is to be able to protect the promotion of economic growth which will encourage the entrepreneurs and other businesses to become creative in the innovation of new services, products, processes, secret recipes, catchphrases, songs and many more.


Intellectual property has become very important that it is a root cause of the ongoing trade war that is between China and the United States. When experts comment about intellectual property, they don’t think it will ever fade away. Laws that back new brands innovations and fresh thoughts will still continue playing important roles in businesses.

Unified Patent Court which is under European Union is a government bureau which helps to protect patients but not all intellectual property forms. Registration of an idea is a patent which is protected from competitors filing such patents is a necessity in the world of commerce.

Even if to excel in trade at Europe will hinge directly on the ability that is ready without having barriers for securing a business own idea. This is by registering the idea for the patents throughout European Union which is remarkably difficult.

The World Intellectual Property Organization which is also called WIPO usually hold Intellectual Property Day so that it can bring attention to the public to know the importance of being able to protect human creativity through trademark regulations and patents worldwide. It is a self-funded agency from UN.