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The Chainsmokers Musical Success

The one thing any musician ever dreams about is the success and growth of their music career. Well, one group that has met the realization of this dream is the Chainsmokers. The Chainsmokers comprises of two members Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart both of whom have had a passion for music before they even got together as a team to create music. Each of them worked as deejays before their manager introduced them to one another. At the time, they both had the same manager, and this made it easy for him to spot their musical capabilities. Once their manager introduced the pair to each other, their chemistry and passion for music immediately became visible.

By combining their different abilities, they were able to create music that has resonated with fans across the world. One song that has earned them recognition across the world is “closer.” With a release of approximately two years, closer is one of the Chainsmokers greatest hits. The song recently earned the Chainsmokers and Halsey a diamond certification in the USA for the shipment of approximately 10 million units. This is one of the many achievements this hit song has acquired over the years. It also received a Recording Industry Association of America certification when it went up to seven times platinum.

The performance of closer on the top 100 billboards exceeded a majority of people’s expectation as it ended up ruling the billboard for more than the predicted time. The song also went on to collect numerous awards, and this earned the Chainsmokers and Halsey their first Grammy award nomination. Though the song did not bag the award, it continued to increase in sales, radio play, and streams over the years making it the longest running electronic song in the billboards. Before the release of closer, the Chainsmokers were gaining recognition for their numerous hits.

The popularity of Closer helped in reaffirming the position of Chainsmokers in the industry, as well as launch Halsey into a successful solo career. The success of the song also landed them a spot in Forbes list as world’s second highest paid DJs in the world.

Hot YouTubers Take The Spotlight

A lot of social media sites are popping up all over the Internet. Still, YouTube remains at the top of the list. The site receives billions of hits every year. People sign up for an account and they are able to upload their own videos and share them with their followers. Quite a few of the YouTubers are causing a sensation on the site. They are really involved with beauty, hair, fashion, and makeup. One of the hottest sensations on the site is Wendy Huang the face behind the wonderful world of Wengie. Rising to the top, takes effort. Let’s review a few ways to really become a leading beauty guru on YouTube.

Getting Noticed On YouTube
First, it is important to have a real passion for fashion and beauty or it is going to be real difficult writing about the subject on a regular basis. Next, set up an account. Select a catchy name that will strike a note with those that are interested in fashion and beauty. Take a look at the competition. Subscribe to their channels and watch their videos and read the comments left. Start making your own videos. Don’t try to be perfect or imitate others on the site. Just be yourself. Show a little personality and your unique spin on fashion and beauty. Start with well produced short video tutorials. Keep them short and to the point. Upload your videos and don’t forget to interact with people that leave comments. Ask them to share your videos.

Wengie is a famous Australian YouTuber that has millions of views. Her real name is Wendy Huang and she has captured the attention of other YouTubers around the world. Her unique approach to beauty, makeup, and fashion is viewed regularly by millions.

Wengie was born in Australia, and is from Sydney. Wengie considers herself a very normal girl that is obsessed with beauty and fashion. She’s tried a wide variety of beauty products and techniques. She likes to share her experience in easy to follow beauty tutorials on her YouTube Channel. Her channel is one of the most subscribed Asian beauty channels in Australia.