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Find Out Vlogger Wengie’s Top Ten Essential Makeup Hacks

Wengie, famous Australian beauty and lifestyle vlogger, shares here top ten essential makeup hacks in one of her signature hack videos.


Of course, her video follows her usual format in list form after beginning with a short intro in which she talks to her fans and encourages new folks to follow along, but as soon as she’s done with that, she launches into her top ten makeup hacks.


She starts with primer and suggests that this is an essential step to any makeup routine. She quickly moves on to foundation next and breaks down a few methods of applying. First, she uses her fingers and uses downward strokes to make sure she doesn’t brush upward any little hairs. She also demonstrates a beauty blender and reminds her viewers that wetting the sponge first will save a lot of product.


At number eight, Wengie talks concealer. During this hack she uses not one but two shades of concealer, a slightly lighter one and a slightly darker one, and of course, she explains how to use them properly and shows a side-by-side comparison of her face using just one shade and her face after the hack.


She finishes up her face products by discussing powder, which she does not use very much of due to her dry face skin. Wengie only applies powder to her T zone and suggests that her viewers only use powder where necessary on their face instead of all over.


Wengie moves on to her eye makeup next, starting with her eyebrows, which she says are the most important aspect of a makeup routine. She shows two methods for doing her brows: one, a lifting effect and two, a youthful effect.


To achieve the first effect, she suggests focusing on the top part of the arch and adding a highlight above. For the youthful effect, she demonstrates an opposite technique and goes below the brow.


Wengie shares four more hacks in her video, including eyeliner, mascara, lips, and a very detailed face chart for different blush effects.