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With Risk Comes Reward: Wendy Ayche

Wendy Ayche, better known as Wengie on YouTube, hit the million subscriber mark not too long ago. Like most dreams come true, it didn’t come without some risks taken.

Wendy left a six-figure marketing job to focus her engery toward YouTube as a full-time career instead, saying that it’s not something she regrets in the slightest. “When you get in a position where you put everything on the line for this one dream, you treat your channel differently. YouTube became something I thought about literally every waking moment.”

Her current subscriber standing indicates all the work put into her dream, Wengie boasting more than a million subscribers in just a three year period after launching her channel.

Miss Ayche herself is an Australian-Chinese beauty guru, gaining attention for her multicultural approach to beauty. She says she’s “constantly comparing beauty trends from different countries,” and that “Being Chinese and growing up in a Western country like Australia has made [her] more interested in beauty trends and products from other countries.” Her first hit video, in which she compared Korean to American makeup trends, confirms that this multicultural aspect gives her channel an edge. Despite that, Wendy holds steadfast to the idea that being unique on YouTube is overrated, that her main goal is to provide a quality experience. That, in itself, might be what makes her unique.

From a young age, Wendy has been interested in makeup and as a self-proclaimed creative individual this dream of hers only makes sense. What her mother couldn’t teach her, magazines and the Internet did wonders for.

The road hadn’t always been smooth, though. Wendy reports having lived on instant noodles in order to afford hand bags at times and then spending over 10k in shoes in a single month, and going back to wearing $2 dresses again. It’s been a full life that’s led her to be the bright person she is today. Her experiences made her capable of finding inspiration and beauty in everyday things and people, especially the people that love her and keep her channel going!