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Bob Honey Who Just Do The Stuff Is One of The Most Vogue Literary Works Today

It’s fantastic to know that your favorite artist does something different. In the case with the fans of Seann Penn, it is the news of Sean Penn writing a new book that would most likely get them frenetic and thrilled mainly because Sean Penn has never written a novel before. This debut novel that he has is called Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, and reviewers from different authorities describe the book as a psychedelic ride. It’s a novel that wants people to scratch their heads and to think about the insanity of most people’s political actions today.

The Madness and Truth

A review and analysis from EW.com would suggest to its readers that this debut novel is in the likes of Thomas Pynchon and Hunter S. Thompson’s work, which are luminaries in the field of postmodern fiction. The book also has the ferocity of someone who has learned what it is to feel the hallucinating effects of amusement drugs. The novel is also a satirical comment on the current affairs today, with a tone that would remind you of the novelist stylings of David Foster Wallace. It is also a novel that features subtle scenes and remarks on the current president, and a scene that features dystopian references and narratives that have themes of chaos, ubiquitous political madness and the oblivious sense of citizenry that United States is facing today. This book is also described to be for those who look for a wild ride and turbulent narrative about the political madness but at the same time an avenue to explore truth. Simon and Schuster produced Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.

The Language

It is the attempt of the novel to also go for a more ambitious prose that for others would appear sticky and overwrought. There are scenes in the novel that feature normal mundane activities of U.S. citizens and conspiracy theories that would seem to relay the kind of madness people feel in their political leanings. All in All, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is said to be a pure reactionary piece of novel that reminds us of the flawed political and social landscape right now. With his novel that talks of the current times, Sean Penn’s book proves to be one of today’s most en vogue pieces of work.

Read the full NYT review here:

Rally Driver Michel Terpins is a Force to be Reckoned With

Famed Rally Car Driver Michel Terpins has attained many titles in the sport of Rally Racing since his debut in 2002. The 40 year old Brazilian apparently has racing his blood, teaming up with big brother Rodrigo Terpins in 2015. The duo of brothers has become a force to be reckoned with, taking turns piloting their Prototype T-1 T-REX developed by MEM Motor Sport. Their most recent outing being the 25th annual Sertões Rally. One of the most tenuous races in all of Brazil.

In the past, Michel and his brother grabbed the seventh rank in the 22nd Sertões Rally. He bested that in the 24th Sertões Rally reaching the number 5 spot. The Sertões Rally circuit is infamous for unpredictably harsh terrain. Terrain that proves disabling for many drivers every year. The Sertões Rally also boast being the longest off road race in all of Brazil, measuring a dizzying length of 3000 kilometers.

Michel Terpins journey to Rally Racing began in 2002 when the electric young racer first participated in the Sertões Rally with a motorcycle. He has since graduated to cars and his current machine, the T-REX (brain child of MEM Motorsport), harbors a V-8 engine. This helps Michel confidently attack the rugged and unforgiving terrain he is determined to conquer.

When approached regarding the Sertões Rally, Terpins had this to say of his beloved T-Rex “Sertões is the most awaited event of the year, the most enjoyable to do, at the same time an incognito because we are faced with challenging steps every day, where anything can happen. What makes me sure is that we have a very robust car, meticulously prepared and now with V8 engine in ethanol and we are confident”

In addition to his success in the Sertões Rally, Terpin was runner up in the 2015 Brazilian Cross Country Rally.

One interesting tidbit about the T-REX T-1 Prototype is that although it emits Carbon Dioxide (CO2), it is outfitted with a Carbon Free Seal by the Green initiative which is a tree planting program that protects and preserves the Atlantic Forest areas.