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Julie Zuckerberg: Standing Tall As A Talent Acquisition Lead

Julie Zuckerberg is a woman who embodies professionalism in every sense of the word. Born and raised in New York, Julie holds one of the top positions in the field of talent acquisition and recruitment’s. Currently, Julie serves as the Lead Talent Acquisition Executive for Deutsche Bank, a position she has had for quite a long time now.


Julie is a woman who has always strived to learn as much as she can, from the work she does and the people around her as well. When Julie was entering college, she had decided to pursue a major in Philosophy. She then changed her mind to switch to a different field and took up a course in Law from New York Law College. All that Julie has learned in the sector of recruiting has been through work experience and her association with top level recruiters who have mentored Jullie all through her career.


Julie is headstrong and extremely efficient when it comes to the field of talent acquisition and recruitments. At Deutsche Bank, she leads a team of recruiters who have all been trained by Julie herself and who are experienced in the field of talent acquisition. With her team, Julie leads all the recruiting needs of Deutsche Bank. She is also tasked with training all the employees who are already working in the company, as well as those who are coming into the enterprise to start out their professional careers. Julie trains these employees and helps them gain leadership skills so that they can perform better at their jobs and can have better scope for progressing faster in the profession. Julie has helped numerous people all through her life and has always tried to place people in the job that is rightly fit for them, to benefit both the company as well as the people they employ.


In addition to these duties, Julie also handles numerous other tasks at Deutsche Bank and helps them with various managerial activities. She helps the executive team and advises them on their various undertakings. She also helps with the negotiations of numerous top level contracts and has been of tremendous help to the company. Julie has helped the overall progress of Deutsche Bank and continued to support the bank in whatever way she can.


Julie has had tremendous experience in the field of talent acquisition and recruitment. Her thirst for knowledge is what has helped Julie grow to the professional height she possesses today. She has managed to distinguish herself in a male dominated field and has managed to stand on top everything that stood in her way of becoming a success. Through her career, Julie has met people from numerous different areas who have all contributed to her growth and development in the sector.


In addition to working with Deutsche Bank, Julie Zuckerberg also handles recruitments of various companies from a variety of different industries. Her team of recruiters handles all the on-site recruitments while Julie formulates the guidelines and strategies for recruitment.


Julie Zuckerberg: The Executive Recruiter

Julie Zuckerberg works in the Deutsche Bank as the Executive Recruiting Team Lead and is based in the Greater New York City Area. She collaborates with different leaders from Commercial business and Private Wealth fields, Global Technology, Asset Management to push for talent acquisition strategies and improvement of recruitment processes.



Julie leads development and negotiation at the management level. She also offers quality services to executive and leadership committees on issues such as hiring governance, best recruitment practices and enhancement of engagement and proficiency for attracting diverse and top talent. Julie is a philosophy graduate from the leading City University of New York, Brooklyn College.



Besides, she holds a degree in law at New York Law School. She has managed to outsource talents extensively throughout the world, participated in expatriate processes, involved in the candidate vetting process, firm selection and fee negotiation. She is good when it comes to evaluation and analysis of client needs and develops innovative business solutions in effect.



Her previous experience includes Talent Acquisition Lead, Executive Recruiter and Vice President of Deutsche Bank. Julie had partnered with hiring managers and business partners to develop appropriate sourcing strategies that include direct sourcing, internal mobility, and networking methods. She helps organizations to acquire high-quality candidates who are diverse and talented. Julie is the most popular and efficient human resource specialist and recruitment professional in New York.



Julie Zuckerberg has served as the Corporate Vice President and Hire Recruiting at a New York-based Insurance Company. She has headed managed recruitment processes comprising of recruiters and team project managers. She has also worked at Hudson in the position of Director of Candidate Placement. She helped Hudson to hire paralegals, attorneys, support staff, and case managers. Besides, she offered great support to the Hudson Human Resource Department.



Julie has also served at Citi Global Consumer Bank on the position of Vice President. In Citi, she helped the organization to manage whole employee life cycle and management of senior legal and compliance hiring processes. Julie also advised Citi business leaders on compensation, talent, recruiting strategies and competitive markets. She also managed the negotiation for complex job roles such as relocation, equity buyouts, clawbacks, and deferred awards.



Julie has helped businesses to grow through attraction and acquisition of talent. Nowadays, the trend follows that organizations that build a strong, talented team will most likely succeed in the extremely competitive world. Organizational success is growingly less depended on funding, procedures, technology but more depended on the characteristics and abilities of employees. Consequently, firms should almost always find and place the right person at every position.



Julie has 15 years experience in talent acquisition and recruitment management. Julie expresses interest in other areas such as food, art, technology, photography and running. These are some of the activities or interests in which she pursues when out of work. She has managed to establish a balanced work-life culture in her career. Moreover, she is a strong fan and follower of the New York life and culture. She advocates for wildlife conservation and human rights.


Helane Morrison, From Newspaper Reporter to Highly Successful Lawyer

Helane Morrison, a lawyer, and a former regional director for the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. She is presently affiliated with Hall Capital Partners LLC as the general counsel and chief compliance officer and has been with them since 2007.


Ms. Morrison, born in Brooklyn, New York attended Northwestern University and received a bachelor’s degree in journalism. She also received her Juris Doctor in 1984 from the University of California, Law School and was accepted to the California Bar Association in 1987.


Her career began in 1984 as a law clerk for Richard A. Posner, United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit. She then worked for Harry Blackmun, United States Supreme Court in 1985, after which she joined the law firm of Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady , Falk and Rabkin in San Francisco. They made her a partner in the firm in 1994 where she stayed until 1996


In 1996 she went to work for the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which is a government agency that enforces the federal securities laws and regulates the securities industry. The U. S Securities and Exchange Commission was formed 82 years ago in 1934.


She joined the Commission as the head of the regional enforcement activities for the San Francisco District Office. Her position here made her responsible for overseeing the enforcement and examination programs under that office’s authority. In 1999 they promoted her to district administrator and then later to the regional director.


She brought some high-profile cases to light that involved fraud. One such case involved the subsidiary of McKesson HBOC and NextCard. She also worked other cases that alleged or involved insider trading, defrauding of senior citizens and violations by investment brokers or advisors.


She left the Securities and Exchange Commission in 2007 to become the Managing Director, Principal, General Counsel, and Chief Compliance Officer as well as a Member of the Executive Committee for Hall Capital Partners LLC. Hall Capital Partners LLC manages approximately 22 billion for institutions and rich people.


In her very active career, she has been a newspaper reporter, had several good clerkships with Posner, of the Seventh Circuit and Justice Blackmun, the U.S. Supreme Court. A partner at Howard, Rice Law Firm for 10 years before she joined the SEC for 11 years then joining Hall Capital Partners LLC in 2007.


Helane Morrison was also a Lawyer Representative for Northern District of California, for the Ninth Circuit Judicial Conference, a member of the Civil Justice Reform Act Advisory Group and on the Board of Directors for UC, Berkley School of Law Alumni Association.


Why Would Doe Deere Make Her Own Cosmetics On Camera?

Doe Deere is a technology and cosmetics executive who is responsible for the Lime Crime brand. Lime Crime is a bright collection of colors that women may wear to make a change in their makeup routine, but Lime Crime is not a collection of boring colors seen with other lines. Doe Deere began her company by making cosmetics to sell on eBay, and she has graduated to a massive corporation that sells millions of dollars in cosmetics every year. This article explains her journey in the cosmetics world.

#1: Making The Cosmetics By Hand

Doe Deere is capable of making all the cosmetics in her line by hand, and she has responded to her critics by creating videos showing her creating eyeshadows and lip colors. Doe does make all the products herself today, but she has shown that she is capable.

#2: How Has Doe Helped Other Women?

Doe prefers to use her influence in the cosmetics world to help other women who want to make changes in their lives. Doe has spent quite a lot of time mentoring women who are looking for ways to open their own businesses, and the online model for her website is something that has stood the test of time. Selling online helps keep her costs low, and she has proven that department store cosmetics counters are no longer necessary to have a successful business.

#3: Will The Color Haters Stop?

The color haters are not likely to stop anytime soon, and Doe does not care how long she has people denouncing her line. Doe has been immensely successful with the sales of her products, and she plans to continue working on her line for as long as she possibly can. She has a plan to create more vegan and vegetarian products, and her company is creating a rainbow of colors that are bright or even neon in their scope.

The life and times of Doe Deere show how a woman who loves bright cosmetics can turn her seemingly insignificant passion into a multi-million dollar corporation. Doe does not plan to stop showing how she makes her cosmetics, and her plans include mentoring for women who want to make the same life change she made. Lime Crime has become more than bright colors. Lime Crime is female empowerment at its finest.