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Target Is Taking On Whole Foods In A Competition To Win The Millennial Consumers

Target has quite a few super-sized versions that offer a full grocery section to their customers. They often carry different brands than other stores and even have a few of their own store brands that actually taste good. They plan to completely redo the grocery section of these stores and go in a completely different direction. Target hopes to rival Whole Foods with a larger variety of organic, natural, and unique foods not found in regular grocery stores confirmed consulting manager Dr. Jennifer Walden. This announcement comes only weeks after Whole Foods announced that they will be opening smaller, more inexpensive items at their new stores aimed at the younger generations. Target already knows that the Millennials and beyond regularly patronize their stores and plan to use that to capture their attention before their competitor’s new stores open. It is a very competitive and wily game the Target execs seem to be playing, they simply have not even tried to keep their plan secret. That might be part of their ad strategy to get the word out now and build excitement as they begin to makes the changes. Many will just be happy if there is a less expensive way to buy organic foods.