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A Free AdWords Evaluation Guide by White Shark Media

White Shark Media came into inception in 2011 through the entrepreneurial ability of three Danish individuals with expertise and experience in both offline and online marketing. It has managed to scale higher ranks in the Digital Marketing sector, especially in North America. It specializes in helping clients execute AdWords campaigns. According to its site, it managed an estimate of $36 million in 2015.The company has also sent more than 35000 reports as well as 300000 emails.
Clients with a goal to drive more traffic to their website through AdWords can easily achieve this with the help of White Shark Media. It makes it easy for customers to obtain free AdWords Evaluation regardless of being inexperienced or having a running campaign. Its team of experts supports all its clients to get more traffic flow to their sites.

The Evaluation Process

Through join.me, an AdWords certified professional is able to guide a client by following the actions and instructions of the specialist systematically. This helps a customer to be hands on in the learning process as well as gain knowledge about how to conduct the evaluation alone. Upon completion of the process, a client can either select White Shark Media to manage his or her campaign or do it alone.

Additional Services by White Shark Media

Apart from AdWords management, White Shark Media provides both search engine marketing as well as optimization services. These services allow customers to boost their rankings on search engines such as Google, which triggers more traffic flow to their sites.

White Shark Media

White Shark Media is premier Digital Marketing Agency that tasks itself to provide online marketing services, which are customized for small and medium-sized enterprises. White Shark Media just like any other company receives complaints from its clients.

It initiated an in-house procedure or process to deal with the tracking of AdWords performance. Through this process, the company installs call tracking, Google Analytics and conversion tracking to allow clients to track the results of their AdWords campaigns. Read more at http://www.bbb.org/atlanta/business-reviews/internet-marketing-services/white-shark-media-in-atlanta-ga-27374275/complaints and http://www.whitesharkmedia.com/testimonials/

After receiving a complaint about ineffective communication, White Shark Media made various efforts to boost its communication. It introduced phone systems that are accompanied by direct extensions. This improvement allows customers to reach out to their contact person directly without the need to be redirected.

Upon registering with the company, clients are issued with an email that is accompanied with contact details for their respective contact individual as well as his or her supervisor. It also conducts scheduled meetings with its clients through GoTomeeting every month.