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Casio Audi and His Earlier Career in Music

Casio Audi lately attained network in line with his career that he pursued at the financial firm. It is significant acknowledging his choice to make ventures in the business environment as early as was appropriate. In the beginning, he was a little supporter of the Viper rock band at its duration of the establishment.

Notably, it was in the year 1985 when they set up the music team together with their music colleagues. Before making up his mind to pursue business, he indulged himself with the activity of his presence at the band.

The source of inspiration and encouragement to the group is Iron Maid together with the developing British tune of heavy metal. Casio Audi was influential on the drums. Perhaps he would have encountered professional prosperity alongside music.

His capabilities alongside drums spread to different areas globally as an outcome of producing their The Killer Sword. This is the title of the album that the group created first. It was a collection of songs such as Princes from Hell, Killera, and Nightmare.

Additionally, the comprehension of the songs in the albums in their earliest binder form happened with the minimal adjustments. The production of the first folder occurred in 1987. The famous name by which it was known is Soldiers of Sunrise. Casio was a participant in the album taking over the drum playing role. The music fans and critics felt that the team’s skills were in need of progress and finer tuning.

The judgment upon the release towards the group is that it was talented since English was not their native language. They were in the direction of doing bigger things.

The album achieved high ratings from the Allmusic. He is a degree holder in Business Administration. Presently, he has several skills alongside financial management, real estate market’s expertise, as well as an advisor on the stock exchange matters.

NuoDB: A Leader in Database Technology

The business of database technology has grown into one the most important technologies used by nearly every business worldwide. Since 2008, NuoDB has been a leader in database technology. Based in Cambridge, CT, NuoDB began as NimbusDB but changed its name in 2011. It specializes as an elastic SQL database designed for cloud applications. NuoDB is designed to perform faster as new servers are added and scales without sharding. This creates a nearly unlimited amount of information to be collected and then shared.

NuoDB has released ten different versions, the most recent in January of 2017. The latest version, NuoDB 2.6, added active support for Amazon Web Services functionality. This most recent version hopes to have an unlimited scope as Amazon is the fastest growing web services database in the world. The future looks bright at NuoDB, as they continue to expand and create faster and better technologies in database management.

What Cancer Treatment Centers of America are doing for the Global Community

Cancer is an illness that has ravaged the global community for centuries. Previous research shows that cancer might have also affected the first human inhabitants of the world. Due to lack of an adequate cure for the illness, most of us have ended up getting either directly or indirectly affected by the ailment. For decades, scientists around the world have been trying all they can to find a cure for cancer, with chemotherapy being the only breakthrough of this generation.

As stated on WebMD, at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) is another breed of scientists that have come to find a definite cure to the ailment. If their efforts pay off, the global community will be the immediate beneficiary. Since its inception in 1988, the organization has been working hand in hand with five hospitals in the United States of America to help alleviate the plight of cancer patients. Unlike other facilities that fight cancer in the world, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America have resulted to doing follow-ups on previous patients and offering them with therapies meant to reduce pain, nausea, depression, anxiety, fatigue, malnutrition, and lymphedema that come with cancer treatment. So far, CTCA has branches in Tulsa, Phoenix, Philadelphia, Chicago, and Atlanta. By using the latest technology, cancer experts at CTCA are optimistic about finding a reliable cure sooner than later.

2017 has been a good year for CTCA. It is only recently that the organization joined hands with Allscripts as well as NanthHealth so as to bring to a realization the custom oncology treatment platform. The platform will help cancer experts keep in touch with the ever changing cancer information thus making it easier for a medical breakthrough soon. Hence, it is only a matter of time before scientist from CTCA come up with a cure for all cancer strains.

For more information follow CTCA on Twitter.

Christopher Burch – Supporting Disruptive Ideas To Generate Lasting Impact On Consumers

Christopher Burch is the CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital. Using his innovative approach to marketing, he has used his entrepreneurial spirit to support disruptive technology that can make a positive impact on humans. During his career, Chris has helped jump start nearly 50 influential brands.


According to Chris, technology and fashion are increasingly becoming integrated. In the past, fashion industry did little to help technology. However, both fashion designers are now working with the new technology to introduce innovative products. For instance, Anouk Wipprecht, a Dutch fashion designer, became popular for her ideas as she introduced clothes that could paint and make drinks.


Following on her footsteps, other fashion designers offered even better marketable concepts. Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin, created a neck wear for cyclists that acted as an air bag on impact. Instead of wearing a helmet, cyclists can wear the new gadget. These gadgets can replace helmet to offer better visibility. Similarly, Ashwin Rajan and Kevin Cannon created Front Line Gloves that can help fire fighters achieve safety during crisis situations. Due to their fire resistance property, these reflective gloves are proving a life saver for fire fighters as fire fighters can easily use hand gestures.


Fashion designers are also using recycled materials to produce consumer clothing. In fact, designer clothing from recycled cycle tubes and recycled radiator copper have become very popular. Similarly, examples of fashion and technology are ripe with clothes that can use kinetic energy to power consumer gadgets such as mp3 players, watch, and stereo, among others.


In fact, fashion designers also came to the rescue of such popular companies as Google. Due to the stigma attached with wearing glasses, it was difficult for Google to convince consumers to try Google Glasses. When the concept failed to generate publicity, one of the top fashion designers, Diane Von Furstenberg, came to the rescue. Her models wore Google Glasses on ramps enabling Google to generate awareness.


Chris BUrch can understand the difficulties faced by fashion designers and tech companies. As one of the leading supporters of disruptive technologies, he is actively looking for tech products that can harness technology and fashion to produce innovative results. During his career, his company, helped major brands. These brands include names such as ED by Ellen DeGeneres, Cocoon9, Nihiwatu, Poppin, and TRADEMARK. Similarly, Faena Hotel + Universe, Jawbone, and Voss Water are some of the other well-established brands that are embraced by Burch Creative Capital.

Brian Bonar: Distinguished Leadership

Any conversation that focuses on financial astuteness is arguably incomplete without the mention of Brian Bonar. Brian has managed to transform the market with his distinct style of leadership and distinguished efficiency in all that he does. Perhaps the most profound feature that makes Brian stand out is the fact that he has remained humble even in light of the accomplishments that he has managed. As the Chief Executive Officer of Imaging Technologies Corporation, Brian has overseen one of the most strategic partnerships over the last twelve months. This has been achieved in a manner that has responded not only to the market needs but also to the dynamic market structure at present.

Brian has overseen the expansion of the company to providing products and services that are related to imaging. While the target market has been small and medium sized enterprises, they have been tailored to respond to the emerging features and thus have a wider market portfolio. Brian has been at the helm of making the company one of the most renowned when it comes to expertise in integration matters. This has led to praises being laude on him by stakeholders in the market in addition to other competitors.

It is worth noting that in order to achieve the expansion strategies that have been outlined; Brian has been keen to focus on the potential of his employees. During a recent interview with a reporter from the Wallstreet, Brian outlined his belief in the potential of every member of the team. To this end, he has developed a mechanism where the views and opinions of the employees are conveyed in the final decision making process. This has been touted as one of the reasons for the continued success that his company has been enjoying over the last couple of years. Further to this, he has carefully merged the interaction of the advancements of technology and the operations of the company.

In order to underline the success that has been achieved under the leadership of Brian Bonar, it is worth mentioning the high value that has been attached to the Color Blind software that has been produced by his company. This software enables its users, whether professionals or novices to come up with images that meets their specifications over a wide variety of range to choose from. The accuracy and consistency of the images is supported by a diverse range of both soft wares and hard wares.

The success that has been achieved by Brian Bonar is definitely expected to grow over the coming years. This is due to the hard work and the efforts that have been put in by both parties in order to ensure that this is the case.

The Art Of The Collector

Art collectors should wear a big sign that says “Artist Beware: Do Not Approach Unless Asked To Do So!” Artists dream of having their work purchased by one the great art collectors in the world, but the reality of this is negligible. Most art collectors have specific types of art that they are interested in and for a unknown artist to approach them, whether it is through email, in person, or even a phone call, will not win the artist brownie points with the collector. But artist, (unknown or not), rest assured, if the art collector loves the work, they will find the artist!

Art collector, Adam Sender, loves contemporary art. He started collecting contemporary art back in the mid to late 90’s when the artists were on the verge of being famous. He was able to purchase artwork for great prices that have soared in value and made him a rich man. Sender was able to collect an extensive art collection by making very smart choices and having a vision of great works. He pursued artists who he felt would have long careers and his focus has always been on works that are intellectually stimulating and visually appealing. Sender has this great ability to walk into a show and hone in on the greatest pieces of art there.

Sender loves to share his collection with the world. He is known for his exhibitions and his creation of a website where you can ask for a loan of his collection. He does not believe in hiding his collection away like other art collectors and had no idea when he first started collecting that years later he would have artwork worth millions of dollars. He has been quoted as saying, “this was always a long-term in nature for me. Every single thing I bought, I was passionate about. It grew organically.”

He has a great rapport with several women dealers in the art world, as well as many great women artist. Sender does not believe that artists should be gender dedicated. Some of the best artwork that he collects is from women and he has a keen appreciation of them and their talents.

Sender continues to purchase new works from emerging artists, though he is hesitant to buy from artists that are still in school or just starting their careers. He has a good eye for great artwork and normally waits until the artists have been creating for a couple of years.

Sender is an anomaly in the art world because he publicly shares his treasures. His knack for picking out great artists with extraordinary talent is remarkable. Who will be his next discovery? He could pick YOU!!

Improving the World on Many Levels

The multi-level marketing company known as QNET is among the leading direct selling businesses around which provides independent businesses for many who have yearned for their own business. Established in 1998, with several offices throughout the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe, the past few years have seen QNET’s distributors in the one-time Soviet Union countries experience an increase beyond 100,000. The mission of QNET is to inspire individuals from all walks of life globally, to create their own business to help achieve their goals. This has been a prime reason for their immense growth.

With development reaching to more than 100 countries worldwide, this company focuses on services and products that enhance and ensure the well-being of an individual. These various products range from those affiliated with education, personal and home care, to nutrition and health. This business has ensured that they put together several events (including training) that familiarized brand new products. Additionally they created a partnership in Central Asia’s Kazakhstan, a high-flying market for QNET’s versatile products in the former Soviet countries or CIS region. Since 2014 these events have spawned a business growth of 21%, which reached beyond their prospects.

Offered by its e-commerce ownership program, globally to distributions and customers, QNET makes available an enormous variety of products to ensure balance and well-being. This company has a multitude of retail, in addition to local franchises and operations in several countries, with many agencies and offices throughout the world. Many consumers in Kazakhstan are enthusiasts for the company’s various luxury products like their exceptional jewelry (increasing in sales about 42%) and Swiss watches. Their loyal customers have seen an increase recently (which doubled) within the past year, which welcomed around 22,000 new independent representatives that became registered in Kazakhstan.

Recently QNET cheered on for Barclays Premier League Champions (in Manchester City) as they advised that they formed a direct selling union with the banking giant’s division. Part of this benefit is providing QNET with many perks that will create events like “meet and greets” which will be used to inspire many of their thriving independent representatives as well as incentive/rewards for their loyal customers.

QNET is the leading international direct selling business that is controlled by the QI Group of Companies, guided by successful entrepreneur Vijay Eswaran. Currently QNet is focusing on increasing the availability of their products to a potential of 30%, while presenting changes to its reimbursement strategy which can aid the various ways in which distributors can earn more. While achieving these goals, QNET continues its involvement in several global charities.

Eric Pulier Is The Entrepreneur Who Inspires Great Changes

The Man Of Many Roles
Eric Pulier plays many roles in his life. He is a highly interesting individual who is currently based in Los Angeles, California. He had been raised in Teaneck, New Jersey. He had started programming computers when he was in the fourth grade. The current roles that he has played include:
Mr. Pulier is also a man of many talents. He has an interesting education background and exposes his numerous talents and skills to the world. This is a person who has indeed played and continues to play many intriguing roles.

A Career History That Shines
Mr. Pulier does have a career history that proves to be highly remarkable. When he had moved to Los Angeles in the year 1991, he had founded a company that would address many concerns. These include education, health care, and numerous other issues. This company is People Doing Things. The updated technology plays a large role in finding solutions for the concerns of society. He is also played a large role in the Starlight Children’s Foundation called Starbright Children’s Foundation. This is a private social network that is specifically for children who are chronically ill. This is a network that allows these children to connect with one another and share their experiences and provide support to each other. Mr. Pulier had also been the person selected to execute and create the Presidential Technology Exhibition. This was in Washington D.C. in the year 1997. Mr. Pulier had also been involved in Al Gore’s technology and health care forum.

Engaged in Every Way
Eric Pulier is engaged in the world and society in every way. He is connected in great ways to technology and in finding solutions that will benefit the overall society. He is truly an entrepreneur who does indeed inspire great changes.

Becoming a Business Owner Through QNET


There are many economies around the world that offer little hope to people in terms of moving up the economic ladder. Many people are simply happy to make enough to get by every single day. The job opportunities in a lot of countries are simply not there for people that do not have a great education. QNET is working to flip this around and offer people the opportunity to change their life for the better through the services that they offer on their site. There are a wide variety of things that people can do on QNET in order to earn a living. QNET functions as a buy and sell site where people can exchange products. In addition, users can get other people to sign up and earn a commission on the products and services that those people sell. This is one of the best opportunities for people that have few options in terms of moving up the economic ladder.


QNET is one of the largest and most established online based companies in the world today. Anyone that is looking to start an online based business would do well to look at what QNET has to offer. One of the biggest reasons to look at using QNET as a basis to an online business is the fact that the entry fees are very small. Almost anyone can scrape together the initial fees in order to start up a business through their site. In addition, there is a name brand recognition with QNET that few other online companies have today. There is a huge boost to business in using a website that is already established on the market. There are many people that already know what QNET is and what it offers to customers. Finally, there are ways that people can use QNET to drive multiple streams of income. Whether it is the traditional buying and selling of services or getting other users to sign up, there is potential to earn money in a lot of different ways through this site.

Income Opportunities

There are millions of people that earn a good living through using QNET to sell products to people in need all over the world. QNET is not something that is immediately going to turn someone in to a rich person overnight, but with a lot of hard work and persistence anyone can succeed using QNET over the long term. At the end of the day, the primary motive for many people is to simply make more money and increase the level of control that they have in their own life. Using QNET is a great way to accomplish both of these goals.


Adam Sender is a Jewish-American entrepreneur, business person and an artist too. Mr Sender was born in the year 1969. He resides in New York City in the United States of America. Due to his love of artwork, Mr Sender attended art class in his late 20s to gain experience and more knowledgeable about the artwork. Mr Sender is also a hedge fund manager and he has regularly showcased his art collection on the contemporary art circuit. Mr Adam Sender being an entrepreneur founded his fund firm known as Axis Capital Management.

Entrepreneurs are risk takers because they venture in certain business without predicting the outcome but with determination the outcome is always positive. Mr Sender followed suit by investing in art collection that by then was a very challenging industry to venture in. But with determination and making smart choices he grew up and even opened doors to many other artists in the industry. Mr Sender began by purchasing some excellent artworks from artists around and kept them in his stores. Having knowledge of art, he used his intelligence to recognise good artwork that he felt was awesome to purchase and to promote the artists to reach greater heights with their skills. Mr Sender always made good choices whenever out in the market to purchase the artworks and it paid because he got the right quality of work. The outcome from the risk that he took has been positive hence resulting Mr Sender to rule the business of art collection for over twenty years.

He has been such phenomenon and a real entrepreneur who has promoted artists under his art collection through ensuring that the artists are recognized worldwide and earn heavily for their skills. For example in the year 2006 he released some artworks totalling to 40 Works that earned a total income of around $20 million. He has continued to mentor and build a platform for artists to develop their talents and get right value for their products.
Under his collection wing known as Sender’s collection, he collected works by artists around in the country. Mr Sender was very versatile in his art collection meaning he did not just work with one artist or a certain group of artists but instead he worked with some artists who had excellent works. For example, he promoted artwork from women artists by purchasing their work and continued to support upcoming artists.

Mr Sender is philanthropic because he lends out his collections to be showcased in important exhibitions. He has also donated some works to museums.