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Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, A Literary Mirror of America

Sean Penn is the author of “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.” This is Sean Penn’s first novel. The Rolling Stone article “Why I Had to Write Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” describes Penn’s book as “controversial.” According to the Rolling Stone article, Penn covers topics such as the #MeToo movement and President Donald Trump. As an Award winning actor, Penn didn’t just want to stop there. His goal was to push himself to achieve even more.


Even though the novel is fiction, Penn admits that some of the events were inspired by real-life experiences. The main thing that inspired the novel was the current state of affairs in America and the direction the country is heading. Penn is mostly inspired by real life and this is similar to his work in moving writing, according to the Rolling Stone Article. The novel itself was originally an audiobook. It was not initially intended to be adapted into a novel, according to Penn.

In the article “What in the World is Going on in Sean Penn’s New Novel” Entertainment Weekly takes a closer look at the plot. The novel itself is described as “trippy.” One controversial theme of the novel is that the main character “Bob” concludes that the media essentially encouraged the murder of Police Officers. The main character “Bob” comes across as paranoid and a deep believer in conspiracy theories.


The ending of the novel gives “Bob” the opportunity to write a letter to the president who unequivocally appears to be based on President Donald Trump. In this letter, “Bob” airs his grievances and unleashes his outrage at who he calls “the landlord,” which is the President. “Bob” is not afraid to take aim at “the Landlord” and dismantle his character as a man. At the end of “Bob’s” purge on paper, he challenges the President to counter-attack him. The character closely mirrors Sean Penn and the novel mirrors America as a country.

Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy Aims to Prepare Beginner Investors for Success

Nick Vertucci is the founder the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy, an institution founded in 2014 with the objective of providing qualitative real estate training to aspiring investors. Utilizing Vertucci’s tried-and-tested trademark Fortunes in Flipping system, the NV Real Estate Academy equips students with the resources and knowledge they need to become successful property investors.

Vertucci, in an interview on IdeaMensch, detailed the philosophy that drives his success and is central to the principles he teaches at the Real Estate Academy, succinctly outlining it as “See It, Believe It, Map It, Execute It”. According to Vertucci, one must visualize their business goals and aspirations, believe in them regardless of doubts and past failures, set out carefully thought out and realistic plans designed to achieve those goals, and then finally execute those plans fully.

Nick Vertucci became involved in real estate following the bursting of the Dot-com bubble in the early 2000s, a fraught period that saw him millions of dollars in debt after losing much of his financial holdings, including a technology business. Following a three-day real estate training course in 2004, Vertucci began systemically investing in foreclosed homes – buying them, renovating them extensively and then renting them out to customers or selling them to investors. Through his radio show “The Real Estate Investing Hour” on Los Angeles’ KFWB, Vertucci grew his business exponentially, and was not only soon out of debt, but turning out sizable profits on his investment portfolio.

Ten years after the Dot-com crash undermined his technology business, Nick Vertucci, now a millionaire, launched the NV Real Estate Academy, which has since held numerous workshops in states across the country, helping budding real estate investors achieve their financial goals. The NV Real Estate Academy trains its student in a variety of property investment principles, from renovation and flipping, to commercial investments and asset protection.

Find out more about Nick Vertucci: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/nick-vertucci

Dr. Saad Saad – recap article

Dr. Saad Saad has an incredibly inspirational story to tell. He has read books by Abraham Lincoln, and he gives the advice that everyone should read the work of Lincoln. It is amazingly intellectual, and it has plenty of moral lessons. He says that the man who freed the slaves teaches us that all people are equal. In the eyes of God, we are all sweet angels, and we deserve to be treated like the beautiful angels we are. Dr. Saad Saad says that when he looks into the eyes of a child, he knows that we are all built with the same heart, we have the same lungs, we have the same teeth, we have the same liver and intestines. It does not matter what race, religion, or creed anyone comes from. We are all children of God. This is why he chose to become a pediatric surgeon, and he says that if a poor Palestinian refugee can make it in America, then anyone can make it! All you have to do is try hard, never give up, and persevere. Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/saad-saad


Dr. Saad Saad is a pediatric surgeon who has practiced in the United States and other countries of the Middle East for 40 years. He has completed medical mission trips to Jerusalem and The Gaza Strip. He believes in giving back to the world. He has done surgeries for free during these mission trips. The surgeries were often complex, and the children would not have been able to live without them. In his third year as a medical student, Dr. Saad Saad made a trip to Lebanon that changed his life forever. This was the trip that he would take his ECFMG Exam on. Once he passed, he was allowed to study medicine in the United States.


Since becoming a pediatric surgeon, Dr. Saad Saad has developed 2 medical apparatuses. He patented upgraded versions of the catheter and the endoscope. The devices have made the practice of medicine much easier for his peers, and he has gained notoriety for his innovations. Even though he chose to not be an engineer, he has the same mechanical genius as his brothers! The catheter can be detected without the use of harmful radiation, and the endoscope has a useful suction-irrigation tube. Doctors can complete their initial prognosis much quicker thanks to the use of both of these inventions. Dr. Saad Saad believes that research is the most important practice in the medical industry.

Agora Financial Helping Its Subscribers Make Right Investment Decisions

There are many different finance based publishing houses out there, but one of the most reputed publishing house trusted by over a million subscribers is Agora Financial. The company was started a long time back with the aim to educate people about finance and investment. The ordinary people find it difficult to manage their finance these days as there are endless financial tools available. Knowing what investment tool they can and cannot trust makes a lot of difference.

Agora Financial helps people in understanding where the market is moving so that they can invest or pull back at the right time. Agora Financial has a team of qualified experts who look into every industry and the parameters that decide whether it’s moving up or not. Such analysis helps in providing accurate investment advice to the readers on the basis of which they can make a call on what they can do with their money. Investment is a must for sure for everyone who’s earning, but it needs to be done the right way to reap any results.

Agora Financial has a massive network of reporters spread across various industries who get them the scoop they need to make financial predictions. The company has over a million subscribers, and it is a figure that is growing at an enormous speed. People who are looking to park their money with the aim to make considerable returns in the future can look into the publications of Agora Financial and take the advice it gives to make the right decision.

Agora Financial provides reports and financial information that can be trusted and it is because it doesn’t take money from any third party to promote their investment products. Agora Financial offers completely unbiased financial information that investors and people can use to make financial decisions to secure their future financially.

See more information on Agora Financial on their YouTube channel, here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_PFk4NAr18UClM_wxZuyOg

Depression Solutions at Neurocore Brain Performance Center

Major depression affects over 6.7 percent of adults annually. The condition is prevalent among women and presents mainly among adults. More than 70% of people who undergo depression do not seek help. This is mainly because of the stigma associated with mental health and depression. Apparently, depression is a serious medical condition as opposed to personal weakness and can holistically be treated regardless of the cause.

Additionally, depression can present in a personal without obvious external factors. Stressful life, unemployment, death, financial problems and sexual abuse are among the main causes of depression. Research also demonstrates that depression may result from biological factors such as genetics.

Persistent Depression Disorder make a person to experience daily depression which presents for a long period. Postpartum depression on the other hand commences after childbirth and can last for a year or so. Finally, Seasonal Affective Disorder happens regularly for instance during winter or with little sunlight.

Depression signs and symptoms greatly vary between persons. A case in point is numbness, emptiness and persistent sadness. Irregular sleeping patterns, change or lack of interest in prevalent activities and prompt weight loss or gain are also major indicators of depression.

Depression directly affect the physical body resulting to symptoms such as headaches, general tension, short breath and stomach problems. Depression is highly associated with many cases of suicide. Numb symptoms and hopelessness often make people resolve for death as the only solution. One case study demonstrates that 42,773 people in the United States committed suicide in 2014. In general, makes a person less productive at the workplace as well as in the families.

Neurocore Brain Performance Center Experience solely use technology to diagnose and treat their clients. Comprehensive assessment results obtained are exclusively used to enable the client train their brains through personalized programs. Diagnosis carried out in this center include heart rate, breathing and brain wave analysis.

Neurocore Brain Performance Center uses the brain map obtained from validated diagnostic test to offer proper remedies. The center repetitively engage their clients in positive reinforcement and neurofeedback sessions with the primary goal of training the brain to become more efficient and work better.

How perfect performance has led to the success of James Dondero

James as the CEO of Highland Capital Management
The growing demand for quality services has seen James Dondero receive a lot of endorsements for very lucrative positions. Currently, Dondero holds the prestigious position of the President of the Highland Capital Management. The company is currently one of the richest in Dallas. It helps investors to make good choices when it comes to real estate. It equally develops different structures and makes good sales to the interested clients.
The journey to entrepreneurship
As James was growing up, he had an idea that he wanted to be an entrepreneur someday. Like any other ambitious young man, Mr. Dondero did not have a particular business in mind. He kept the dream of owning a company to himself and proceeded with the normal race of life. After graduating from the University of Virginia, James got a job at the Protective Life where he realized his potential in business. Later, Dondero was appointed as the chief investment officer at the American Express where he made a lot of profits for the company. His outstanding performances provoked his thoughts for owning a business. Later, James Dondero with his partner Mark Okada proceeded with their plans to start the Highland Capital Management. Currently, the company has over $20 billion in assets.
Giving back to the community
The Highland Capital Management is currently based in Dallas. The company has over 165 employees who all work in the capital. As a moral duty, James Dondero and his co-founder Mark Okada have ensured that most of the employees reside in Dallas. The provision of employment has been an important step in empowering the people around so that they can be independent. As an individual, James takes part in the development activities in Dallas both in appearance and in financial aid.
The philanthropic work
Unlike most of the millionaires in the United States, James loves to do his charity work in private. He does not just support any activity unless there is a positive impact on the society. Currently, the CEO has his focus on the education sector where he has a strong desire to help students go through their education process successfully.

For more information follow James Dondero on Twitter @jamesdondero.

The Adam Goldenberg Approach to Better e-Commerce

Adam Goldenberg is becoming well known for e-commerce for women. He has managed to develop a business model that has been used several times for selling products to females, and he has been quite successful in doing this. Most people will know Adam Goldenberg from JustFab, but he is also getting a lot of attention for the work that he is doing with Kate Hudson for Fabletics.


Adam Goldenberg has managed to build a business model that is much different than anything that is out there. With the subscription service that he started he was able to get more people in tune with automated shipments. This has been a great thing for anyone that been looking for a way to minimize the time it takes to shop. There are many people that are decisive about what they want to buy so the lifestyle quiz makes it easier for consumers to get automatic shipments.


Adam Goldenberg is a person that analyzes data so the style quiz that people take is definitely going to help him assess what customers actually want. That is why this model for his business structure has worked so well for Fabletics and JustFab.


There are a lot of stores that sell clothing online, and Adam Goldenberg was aware of this. He knew that there was going to be a lot of competition, and he wanted to stand out in a very unique way. That is why he made a decision to get much more involved with automated shipments and the lifestyle quiz. This would be exactly what you needed in order to build up his company in a way that would differentiate JustFab from everything else that was out there.


For JustFab Adam Goldenberg also made a focus on affordability. He would keep all of his garments and dresses for consumers under $50. This would be something that would prove to be rather difficult in the beginning because he still wanted to keep style and quality in place, but affordability was something that he was interested in doing.


Goldenberg has really been able to capitalize on a lot of things because he already knows a lot about how women shop online. He studied the data that he collected as he created his first business called intelligent Beauty. It was during this time that he sold beauty and skin care products for women. This data was very valuable.


Meet Best Franchisee in the world in Mexico: Omar Yunes

Meet Omar Yunes the Best Franchisee of the World (BFW). He won the award due to his exemplary contributions to the Sushi Itto brand. The awarding ceremony was held in Mexico.

The ceremony was attended by guests from 34 countries which include; Portugal, France, Brazil, Hungary, Italy, and Argentina.

Mr. Omar joined Sushi Itto, a Japanese food chain at the age of 21 and now owns almost ten percent of all the brand’s units which represents 13 units of the franchise all based in Puebla, Veracruz, and Mexico City.

When he was asked to comment on his achievements, Omar expressed his gratitude to over 400 employees who made it possible for the franchise to succeed.

To determine the winner of the competition, the contributions of the contestants were under scrutiny. How franchisee’s actions affected the network and not the brand regarding applying the expertise, how he has implemented the motivation of employees, his contribution to increasing the savings of the network, and the level of innovations he has contributed to the franchise model.

The organizer of the event, Mr. Diego Elizarrarras said that Mr. Omar deserved the award due to his role in ensuring proper relationship between the franchise and the franchisee. Besides this, Omar also contributed towards better management of information and clear ways of measuring the performance of each unit in the franchise.

Diego also mentioned that the award had helped to open up the Mexico as a country, unlike those days when their Franchises was an in-house affair.

The second place went to Ivan Tamer, franchisee of Prendamex. He too has contributed to improvements in the franchise and his work is evident in every aspect of the brand.

Who is Omar Yunes?

Omar Yunes is a Mexican investor and a representative of Sushi Itto. He is the winner of various prestigious franchisees awards held annually. He invested in over 13 franchises and over 400 employees.

He won the first edition of Mexican chapter which gives him and his fellow Mexican, Ivan Tamer a ticket to represent their country during the world finals to be held in Florence, Italy on December 5. Omar will be representing “The professionalization of the role of the franchisee” while Tamar will be handling “Implementation of the alternative system for the control and sale of articles.”

Understanding the Work and Experience of Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho

Ricardo Tosto is a business lawyer who has been practicing for several years. When it comes to ranking Brazilian attorneys, Ricardo Tosto continuously is hailed as one of the most important and credible attorneys in the country. This is referenced by the fact that his is ranked as a Legal 500 professional. He works for the law firm Leite, Tosto e Barros, which also happens to be one of the top ten attorneys in the nation. By understanding the award winning credentials of Ricardo Tosto, you’ll feel at ease when getting his assistance for any sort of commercial law.

1: Ricardo Tosto has incredibly solid credentials

The credentials of Ricardo Tosto are glowing, since he is International Bar Association certified. He also holds certification in the Brazilian Bar Association. In terms of education credentials, Tosto graduated from Mackenzie with a degree in law.

2: This law firm handles a lot of different specialties

There are a lot of specialties that Tosto and his firm deal with. This is a firm that is all-encompassing when it comes to corporate law – to include matters like intellectual property and business crimes.

3: Ricardo Tosto is a very accomplished writer in the legal field

Finally, Tosto is known as a political writer whose articles have appeared in a lot of different magazines. He has a strong presence in the media and has worked on a lot of different councils and boards offering prospective and legal advice. Without hyperbole, he is one of the top lawyers in the entire nation of Brazil and has been called upon to try some of the toughest legal cases in Brazil court history.

These three points explain exactly why you will the able to put faith in the work that Ricardo Tosto offers every single day. This firm is renowned among the many different business professionals in Brazil – which is how they receive Latin Chambers accreditation in the year 2017 and Legal 500 status in 2016. Get in touch with them if you need any sort of representation.

Ricardo Tosto facebook : www.facebook.com/people/Ricardo-Tosto/100010033200857

The Cancer Treatment Centers Of America Develop A New Cancer Care Protocol

The chance to find a faster and easier way of working with cancer specialists has been developed by the Cancer Treatment Centers of America in the form of the direct access allowed to the clinical operating system where oncologists have provided access to information about the movement of cancer in their patients. Both patients and specialists will find benefits in the use of an enlarged database of information that allows each individual the chance to explore the options open to them in finding the correct treatment for their specific form of cancer.

Over the course of the 2016 and into 2017 this development from The Cancer Treatment Centers of America has been introduced with the aid of the Eviti system that allows patients and specialists access to their treatment plan. Among these benefits patients will see are the development of faster access to information for clinicians who will be able to identify treatments that have proven successful in other patients and replicate them in a successful way.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America has been looking to develop the best possible range of activities and treatment options that will aid in treating those with cancer. Traditional mainstream treatments and those seen as complementary treatments are all combined to create a new and more natural way of battling cancers in their many different forms. Among the areas of interest for The Cancer Treatment Centers of America is the use of complimentary medicines that can be used to battle the issues seen with complications from chemotherapy and other traditional cancer treatments.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America now operates five hospital locations across the U.S. to allow a larger number of individuals than ever before to find assistance with their own cancer battle. Founded in 1988, The Cancer Treatment Centers of America are fully accredited after achieving Full Standards Compliance from the Joint Commission.

For more information follow CTCA on Twitter.