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Survival Purse: The Five Essentials

Is your purse bursting with daily errand receipts? Or, maybe, tissues tucked here and there? With busy lifestyles and the resulting hustle and bustle, the purse has transformed into a designer survival bag. It goes without saying that some sort of wallet and probably keys are in your bag. But, what else do you consider essential?

Consider these Five Essential Items

EOS Lip Balm

  • EOS Lip Balm
  • Smartphone
  • Power Bar and Mints
  • Hygiene Kit
  • Pen and Paper

Lip balm is a must! EOS Lip Balm is a natural nutrient-rich balm in multiple flavors. Having one or more in your purse insures lip smacking deliciously smooth lips. The organic ingredients in EOS Lip Balm balances healthy lip care and flavor. Are you ready for your next kissable moment?


Forgetting your phone is like losing your memory. Do you remember phone numbers anymore? Having information at your fingertips is a new necessity. Whether searching the Internet, checking mail or communicating with whomever, it is quite difficult to make it through the day without your phone.

Power Bar and Mints

The mid-afternoon slump is easy to cure with a power bar. There are lots of options available; as long as the choice is a healthy protein bar that will hold you until dinner, you’re good. Of course, after your meals you want to remember the breath mints. Great breath and soft lips are a good pair.

Hygiene Kit

It is essential. But, it isn’t always about female needs. Dental floss, a finger nail file and antibacterial wipes top the contents for many. Band-Aids are a good idea as well—especially when you are breaking-in new shoes. Regardless of personal preference, the kit services an important purpose.

Pen and Pad

Archaic? Maybe for some, but sometimes the good ole pen and pad are more essential than the smartphone. Yes, it is true that the smartphone has a function to make lists and add new contacts, but it’s hard to tear-off and share. That’s really not the point; the security of having the pad and pen available is priceless–even if just for doodling.

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Whether your purse is packed full of receipts, tissues or even diapers, the five essentials help to reduce hassles making each day a little easier. So go ahead, dump your purse, take inventory, and compare: Do you have the five essentials?   Now, Check this Out!

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