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America Must Scramble to Compete According to Shervin Pishevar

After a noticeably quiet two-month period, which saw him uncharacteristically absent from the public spotlight, Shervin Pishevar resurfaced with a wealth of information to divulge. Throughout his career, which has taken him from a student of molecular cellular biology at the University of California, Berkeley, to one of the most influential entrepreneurs in the world, he has made a name for himself through his savvy investments and forward thought. Companies such as Warby Parker, Tumblr, Airbnb, and Dollar Shave Club, are a part of Shervin Pishevar’s portfolio, and he has served as one of the earliest investors with each of these thriving entities. In coming back to social media, Shervin Pishevar shared his perspective regarding a variety of important topics, including the future of the stock market, changes regarding the world’s monetary system, and the changing shape of entrepreneurship around the world.

What separated Shervin Pishevar’s return tweet session from previous times, is the rate in which they were delivered, as the co-founder of Virgin Hyperloop One posted 50 tweets over 24 hours, resting only for dinner. One of the standout topics was the fate of the United States stock market, which, he believes will not be one of prosperity, at least in the near future. The stock market has had a number of prominent backers, even during its sub-par performance in the early part of the year, most notably, President of the United States, Donald Trump. If Shervin Pishevar’s theories prove to be correct, the stock market is due to fall in the range of 6000 points in the months to come, which could have drastic implications for all of the major markets. As if on cue, the Dow Jones proceeded to take one of its largest dips in recent memory – losing over 1000 points in a day. Much of the market panic that resulted from the massive losses were due to less than stellar treasury auctions and a number of sell-offs. Shervin Pishevar would address the “Cheerleader-in-Chief” directly during the tweetstorm, admonishing the president’s decision to champion the market and creating the viral hashtag “TrumpDump.”

Jason Hope: Entrepreneur and tech lover

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur and a tech mover. His love for technological innovations is unmatched. He even has a blog where he writes about various topics in the field of technology. Jason hope has earned a reputation in the field of technology due to his expert advice on the future of technology. He has written extensively about topics in biotechnology and the Internet of Things fields.

Many tech lovers follow Jason Hope’s opinion about the future of technology. He does extensive research and advises his followers on what to expect. Jason Hope also offers advice to business people in what to expect in the line of technology. Technology plays a significant role in the advancement of today’s business. Therefore, it has become imperative for a business to align its goals with the expectations in the field of technology.

In the field of biotechnology, Jason Hope has played a crucial role. He has supported an organization that is developing a treatment for aging diseases known as SENS Research Foundation. SENS has for the last two decades been conducting research aimed at curing old age diseases. For such cure to happen, there needs to be a unique approach to research from what has been happening for many years. Research has previously been conducted using lab animals for medication intended for human beings. This approach has resulted in unsuccessful attempts to develop a treatment for human old age diseases.

SENS is bringing new innovative ways of researching in this area. The use of lab animals is futile, and now attention is focused on using human specimens which have a longer lifespan than the lab animals. SENS Foundation normally holds an annual meeting where experts come to discuss various ideas that could lead to the development of old age drugs. Modern research has been geared towards fighting the substance that causes old age in the human body. The substance, which is called glucosepane breaks down the body and limits its capability to fight diseases.

About Jason Hope

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur with a great love for technology-related innovations. He lives in Scottsdale, Arizona. He has MBA from the W.P Carey School of Business. Jason Hope also engages in youth mentorship programs which sensitize young people about the importance of embracing technology.

Jason Hope is also an advocate of the Internet of Things and has written an eBook that explains the whole concept of the Internet of Things.

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