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PSI Pay an Excellent E-Money Provider

Phil Davies is the managing director of PSI-Pay a financial services company that specializes in processing e-money transactions worldwide. He runs the company with Tony Davis the finance director and Craig James the director. They are members of MasterCard International and are licensed to provide debit and prepaid payment cards to customers as well as virtual cards and contactless programs.</strong>

Before Davies joined PSI-Pay, he worked for MasterCard as the vice president for business development. His business expertise has contributed to the company’s success. Tony Davis came to work for the company as the finance director after working as a chartered accountant for many years. He was employed by Elcom group then opened his own practice called Wynngreen Consulting Limited. Craig James came to work for the company after being employed as a financial services compliance and regulatory specialist. He has worked for a vast array of companies and is an expert in financial services.


PSI-Pay provides financial solutions to corporate and commercial companies that include reporting and compliance required by the FCA and AML audits. They provide protection for consumer funds and exclusive programs for members. They allow program managers the choice between processing plans and does not add markups to MasterCard fees. They offer full partner sponsorship to those that want their own prepaid or debit card program and partner sponsorship life for clients that want to become affiliate members of MasterCard.

Since Davis has become the managing director of PSI-Pay, they have partnered with Kerv wearables to produce the world’s first contactless payment ring. Their partnership will allow users of Kerv to pay in 38 million locations worldwide and Davies is looking forward to the endeavor. They have created a PSI-Pay virtual account to their clients that provide protection to their account and funds a kept safe with the support of the FCA. They have also decided to continue to serve the United Kingdom regardless of the BREXIT agreement.

PSI-Pay is a leader in managing e-finance and they deliver excellent service to their customers. They have developed a system that has made accessing money more efficient.