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Dr. David Samadi: A Pioneer of Cancer Treatment

Dr. David Samadi is an expert in treating urological diseases and cancers of the bladder, prostate, and kidneys. Born in Iran, Dr. Samadi emigrated to the United States in 1984. He studied biochemistry at the Stony Brook School of Medicine. Later, he earned his medical degree at the SUNY Stony Brook School of Medicine. He performed postgraduate training at Monteflore Medical center and finished an oncology fellowship at Memorial Sloan Kittering Cancer Center, where he focused on proctology.

Through years of performing prostate surgery, Dr. Samadi developed the SMART technique for treating prostate cancer. The Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Technique, abbreviated as SMART, is a minimally invasive surgery for the removal of prostate cancer cells. Traditional prostate cancer surgery can damage the urinary sphincter, the endo-pelvic fascia, and the nerves surrounding the prostate. The robot-assisted surgery aims to completely remove prostate cancer cells with minimal disturbance to the surrounding areas.

Dr. Samadi mainatains an active public presence. He created Dr. David Samadi TV, where he regularly posts videos related to prostate cancer and the return to normal life after cancer surgery. He also has an active social media presence, including Facebook and Twitter, where he aims to educate people on the risks of prostate cancer and its treatment.

Dr. Samadi has received numerous awards for his work. He has been given the title of Best Doctor by New York Magazine and has been called Top Doctor by Castle Connolly. He has also been awarded the Patient’s Choice Award, America’s Top Doctor for Cancer, New York Metro Area’s Top Doctor, and the Most Passionate Doctor. The New York Times listed his hospital among the Best Regional Hospitals for New York Urology.

Dr. Samadi has been in recent news. He commented on Mitt Romney’s prostate cancer surgery, stating that the prognosis was good. He also commented on his treatment methods to, saying “I try to make everyone around me feel better about themselves. I treat my team like my I treat own family.” He went on to discuss he daily rituals, including multiple surgeries per week, and daily check-ins with his patients.

Dr. Samadi has performed thousands of successful surgeries and helped many men completely eradicate their prostate cancer. His unique, robot-assisted surgeries have allowed thousands of men to return to normal life after their cancer diagnosis.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden Equals Cosmetic Success

Cosmetic surgery is fairly common in today’s society. These advanced procedures can boost the self-esteem of people who feel like their physical appearance isn’t up to par. These procedures are also great for people who have been scarred from injuries. One of the top cosmetic surgeons in the country is Dr. Jennifer Walden, and she has greatly improved the physical appearances of many individuals. Born and raised in Austin, Texas, this woman is the epitome of cosmetic success thanks to here broad knowledge and extended expertise. Walden has a resume that extends for miles and miles. She’s the daughter of a surgical nurse and a dentist. Basically, this is a family of professionals, and these professionals do some of the very best work.

Walden’s private practice is located in the affluent suburb of West Lake Hills, Texas. This practice offers a wide array of cosmetic surgical procedures such as breast augmentation, lipsuction, cheek implants, breast reduction, rhinoplasty, chin implants, injection wrinkle reduction, forehead lift, collagen injection and many more. The entire gambit is being covered here. With such high success, Walden has become a prominent individual on television. She has done medical commentating for Fox News, E!, VH1, ABC News and for Dr. 90210. She has also been listed on the prestigious Harper’s Bazaar’s “24 Best Beauty Surgeons” list. It seems like the sky is the limit for this talented individual or the limit is the sky.

Walden Cosmetic Surgical Center is where all of the magic goes down. This facility uses some of the most advanced technology to complete each work-of-art. This includes the use of 3-D Imaging and Vectra. This brilliant minded individual has also developed breast surgical instruments, and she is the author of many successful publications. It seems like there isn’t anything that she can’t do or haven’t already done in this industry. As long as Dr. Jennifer Walden is on the scene, the future of cosmetic surgery looks mighty bright.