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Discover Why Rona Borre is an extraordinary woman


Rona Borre is a well-known female entrepreneur

Rona Borre is a well-known female entrepreneur having founded the Instant Alliance in 2001. The Company gained a quick success due to her experience. She has acquired different skills in organization she has worked. Also, being a product of the University of Arizona provides her with marketing skills that are of importance in the organization.  More on


Her impact on the IT Company has made her receive many honors and awards. It saw her get acknowledged as an outstanding Woman. Also, she got recognized as Enterprising Women of the Year among many others. Her efforts and hard work saw her feature on CNBS, CBS, and CNN among many others. Borre is also glad to sit on the main boards like the Economic Club of Chicago.


About Instant Alliance


Instant Alliance is a company that got formed in the year 2001 with the aim of offering the financial and technological staffing. Its headquarters is in Chicago. The company has since had a tremendous growth. The quick growth is believed to be trigger by having a focused team of professions who get determined in offering superior services to their clients. Moreover, having the right leadership has played a big part as there is coordination in the whole organization. It has made the company get many awards. They also attribute their success to the many partnerships that have enabled them to have better results in their staffing activities.


Based on,the company is set to grow into large extent. It has the right leadership to enable to make it become one of the biggest companies globally.

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