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Passion for Media and Entertainment- Roberto Santiago

People love creativity in all areas, including fashion, television programs, and in the books we read. It needs a lot of knowledge and passion for being creative. Several individuals have been able to give their best when it comes to being creative, and their creations have been recognized worldwide.

Roberto Santiago is very passionate about the media, and he has been showing continuous efforts to create the best movies, television programs, as well as writing books. Mr. Roberto was born in Madrid in 1968. After his High School graduation, he decided to pursue what he loved most, image and sounds at the University Complutense the Madrid de Madrid, and he also studied Library Creation at the School of Letters of Madrid.

After his graduation from the University, Roberto Santiago went ahead to secure a job as a television screenwriter, and editor for advertising agencies in Madrid. Roberto is also a producer who has published several video clips. Roberto Santiago directed his first film in 1999, a movie which was shown at Cannes Film Festivals. He is considered to be a go-getter, and his efforts to make big in the media industry did not stop there. Instead, he went ahead to direct Happy men in 2001. The movie, Happy Men premiered at the Spanish Film Festival of Malaga. Roberto Santiago has premiered several other movies and films including; 2005 the longest penalty in the world, a movie that did well and was nominated to Goya as the best-adapted screenplay. In 2007 Roberto got yet another opportunity to direct the suicides club and several other films that have made significant in the entertainment industry. Read more articles on

Mr. Roberto is also a writer who has published various books including children’s books that have been translated into different language. His first novel was El ladron de mentiras. He has also been honored and was a finalist for the prize El Barco de Vapor, and he won the Edebe prize for children. Roberto Santiago has also collaborated with several other screenwriters to produce and direct films, television programs, and series. Roberto’s efforts and passion have led him also to write scripts for theater; he has written several scripts that have been shown and played in theaters all over the world. Some of the theater scripts he has written include; Naked, Happiness of a woman, Topos, Say No, and Lady Chatterley’s Mole which is based on real life events. Roberto Santiago has also been honored for the theater films.

Lime Crime Adds Scandal To Velvetine Line


Lime Crime is a makeup company that is certainly making a name for themselves in the makeup industry. Certainly, they are a very unique makeup company that is taking the way that people wear makeup in a new direction. The company believes that makeup is a creative tool for the individual that would like to express their feelings to the world. Are you feeling a little Scandalous? Well, now is the perfect time to try their new addition to the Velvetines’ lipstick line. The name of the new entry is Scandal. Scandal is a rich purple-violet hue that is truly unique.

Why You Will Like Scandal

Why would you like scandal? Every person that desires a bold and inviting look will love Scandal. It is a deep, rich hue that will definitely add to your sex appeal. Scandal is a Velvetine lipstick. The color goes on liquid and dries to a beautiful matte finish. The intense purple hue is completely on trend this season. It is also a color that has staying power and will probably remain a popular color for a long time. The Lime Crime CEO, Doe Deere, believes that the color is for the punk rock girl or guy that likes getting the attention or they have that fabulous I Don’t Care Attitude. This color is definitely not for the reserved personality.


Wearing Scandal

Wearing scandal takes preparation. Start with buffed lips that are smooth. Apply protective petroleum jelly or your favorite lip balm. Let the product set for several minutes. Line the lips with a lip color pencil that is close to the Scandal hue. Take the Scandal applicator and apply the lipstick. The lipstick goes on liquid and dries to a smooth finish. The lipstick is smudge proof and should last the entire day.


Lime Crime is the creator of the fabulous new Scandal lipstick. They are a popular cosmetic company located in Los Angeles, California. The company has created a color revolution in the makeup industry. Bold and fresh colors are now the norm and becoming very addictive. Visit their website and get your Scandal on, or check out their Venus the Grunge eyeshadow palette.

Can Your Thoughts Change The World?

One of the things I am very passionate about is helping people understand just how powerful their thoughts are. What you think will eventually turn into words. And what you say will eventually turn into actions. That’s why it is so important we surround ourselves with positivity.

When I heard about QNET and the RYTHM Foundation coming together for the Positive Thoughts Project I was super happy. What an amazing way to impact the world.

Here is how the Positive Thoughts Project Works:

For a period of four weeks the RYTHM Foundation asked all of their Facebook friends to leave a positive comment on one of their posts. The goal is to reach a total of 1000 comments during the initial four weeks. Being that Facebook has over a billion active users, it shouldn’t be too hard to reach 1000 comments.

If 500 comments are received during the first 2 weeks, QNET will donate a HomePure RED to Taarana, a school dedicated to helping children with special learning needs. If during the second 2 weeks an additional 500 comments are received, QNET will donate yet another HomePure RED to Rashid Centre. Rashid Centre is a centre that caters to the disabled in the UAE.

To help QNET reach this goal all you need to do is leave a positive comment starting today. Please know comments will be monitored and only those deemed valid will count towards the overall goal. Each individual is allowed to leave a maximum of 3 posts.

Once you leave your comment be sure to share the post with your friends. The more comments they get, the more children they can help. Just think about it, your positive comment can help deliver clean water to children who really need it. I don’t know about you, but I think that’s pretty awesome.

So what are you waiting for? Start commenting right now. All it takes is 60 seconds and you will make a huge impact in a child’s life. And though this sounds simple, don’t underestimate the power of a positive thought. It can do much more than you realize.

About QNET

QNET is a leading direct selling company in Asia. As you can see by this campaign, they take corporate social responsibility very seriously. The Positive Thoughts Project is just one of the many projects they have going on. To learn more about QNET visit them online at
You may also send tweets on their Official Twitter Account.

Finding Body Peace with Added Fashion Sizes and New Barbie Dolls


The Barbie company has some exciting new toys this year: new doll designs. The new Barbie dolls are meant to encourage young girls -and boys- who play with them that bodies come in all sorts of sizes. The new Barbie is still available to buy even with the new additions. The new Barbies come in tall, petite and curvy. The new, body peace promoting dolls are going to go into stores March first of this year. Each doll in displays at Target stores exclusively is going to be modeling replicas of the Target swim suits of this year to encourage women, girls and teens to not be too ashamed of their body that they can’t wear a swim suit.

The Barbie company has had requests in the past to make a change in their doll design to better show how the body can be different sizes for a while. Here’s hoping the change succeeds at sending out a positive body message to Barbie fans. Both young and old.

Similarily to Barbie making a move toward more diverse body types for their dolls, many fashion companies are also taking steps to add more of a range to the clothing they sell to give women of different body types choices. JustFab Inc. for instance has a plethora of fashionable and inexpensive clothes for different body types.

Getting clothes from JustFab Inc. is easy but a little different than from other fashion retailers. It’s an international subscription-like company where customers must get clothes each month and they are charged each month on their credit card. If a customer does not want to go ahead with getting clothes on a certain month they merely have to mark it ahead of time before their credit card is charged for that particular month. To become a VIP member on JustFab Inc. there is a just the matter of filling out a style quiz and going ahead to either be a member or shop as a guest shopper.

Advances in AI and visual Search to Improve Searching on the Web

Advances in AI have made it possible to shop and search by the use of images. Advancement in technology has led to the innovation of software that can recognize the picture. and Pinterest have invested in the software and testing its effects on shoppers. Users of Pinterest can search for products on the internet by selecting a part of an image. There have been a lot of things that have been changed by the web in the past 20 years. However, the text search box has remained constant. Typing text in the pixilated oblongs has remained a way of how people interact with mobile applications and websites.

Recent technological advancements in image recognition software have been used to challenge typing. Online footwear retailers such as and social networks such as Pinterest are conducting tests of new ways of searching for things on the web by using images. Using images to search for products is advancement in technology that most people could never imagine.

Both Pinterest and have adopted a technique by the name ‘deep learning’, which enables the software to match items on certain benchmarks to ensure they recognize images. The technique powers photo organization service and Google’s image search it launched earlier this summer. Pinterest’s visual search tool enables you to select by drawing a box on a part of an item available in the service. After choosing a part of an image, it identifies similar items on the web.

Earlier this summer, Pinterest introduced a buy button on the pictures that are searched using this method. The system used by Pinterest has learned ways to understand images by drawings done on the text that people attach to photos that are shared on their service.

Slyce is another improved visual search solution that enables people to search for items on the web by use of images. Customers located in any part of the world can activate and such for anything they can touch and see. The leadership team at Slyce works tirelessly to improve visual search technology. Slice is responsible for bringing innovations that will shape the future of commerce and internet use. They also work to ensure they set the bar higher for setting improved standards for engaging customers.

Slyce works in an amazing way. Once you pick an image, a coupon, QR code or barcode is extracted, and the information is returned to shoppers instantly. A photo available in the media is compared to your image and gives a match on yours. Dozens of attributes such as color, style, uniqueness and pattern of your image are analyzed to provide an equivalent of the item you are searching for.

Doe Deere’s Roller Coaster of Colors!

Makeup can often be compared to art. After enhancing features, individuals enjoy going out to work, school, run errands and show the world their different face and embrace society. There are no rules about makeup, so people are free to use whatever they enjoy to help outline who they are. A face can be changed every day using certain colors. For a certain day of the week one might choose dip into a compact palette of colors, selecting an ivory to highlight an eyebrow, dusty rose covering the whole lid, dark brown in the center and patting a pearly shell-pink powder to blend it all out. To complete the look and add definition, an orchid shade could line eyes. This look could also be “an everyday” look for some depending on their style. More and more, makeup continuously gets more astonishing and bold! It is exciting to try out different colors like those created by Doe Deere.

A business and technology executive born in northern Eurasia’s Russia, Ms. Deere was raised in New York City, which is a city that not preachy when it comes to clothing or makeup, rather allowing one to do their own thing to influence international makeup and clothing trends. Perhaps this is why her successful line of trendsetting cosmetics known as Lime Crime has taken off so well. Doe Deere’s imaginative cosmetics for lips, eyes and nails can stir those who want to try some different looks and play around yet it satisfies others who enjoy a simple and conservative look or even for those easing themselves into makeup.

This former rock band member (that had a flair for fairytales), began her business in 2008 because she had a difficult time locating the type of makeup she yearned for, a kind that offered enchanting colors and that did not test on animals. By creating her own kind of products, Doe Deere also hopes her line will change a little bit about how society views makeup. Of course cosmetics provide different perceptions for every person but Deere feels that how one feels at the present moment is what beauty is all about and makeup should be a fun experience, not a chore.

Doe Deere created her business using her daring creativity to fulfill her passion for something unique. However she also created cosmetics that allow one to produce almost any look they want, yet they also allow one to achieve a look that is low-key and natural. Lime Crime is like no other cosmetic brand available and it has a very loyal customer base. In a bit of time, Lime Crime might just turn out to be that friendly neighborhood beauty store down the street!

Mobile Visual Search About to Revolutionize Shopping Thanks to Toronto’s Slyce

Taking a concert selfie and uploading to friends and family via Facebook has become part of daily communication habits for most Americans. This is thanks in part to internet connectivity, but also to the camera embedded in our phones. Many have grown fond of using a smart-phone camera for scanning and sending documents, as well as getting information and making purchases using barcodes. But what is next in line for image technologies and so called “machine vision”? According to a 2014 MIT Technology Review, machines are getting frighteningly good at recognizing objects, but until 2012, it was far from the case.

The annual ImageNet Large-Scale Visual Product Recognition Challenge is what spurred the creation of a game-changing algorithm that enabled computers to more rapidly and accurately perform image recognition tasks. Can you imagine taking a picture of an exciting handbag-shoe combination, being able to get information about quality and price, buying with one click and sharing with friends and family? This takes impulse shopping to a whole new level and will revolutionize consumerism forever.

Founded in 2012, a leading image recognition company headquartered in Toronto, the very same city where the winning ImageNet algorithm was born, is making this technology available to its customers right now. With endorsements from several major retailers such as Neiman Marcus, Slyce offers “mobile visual search” with about 95% accuracy. In other words, the application will analyze the picture you have taken with your phone and then direct you to the product’s website, almost every time. Slyce has raised millions of dollars in funding and plans on growing that amount over the next year, including a recent receipt of just below 10 million in funds.

Just as there was once life before the internet, these dark-ages of living without “snap-to-buy” technologies will soon be hard to imagine thanks to Slyce’s product recognition technology. And it’s not just image-based searches that we will perform from now on, but voice and audio as well.

Declining M&A, FreedomPop Raises Extra $30M For Its Free Mobile Service

It has been published on TechCrunch that FreedomPop is making another stride forward today with an objective of building an international mobile firm founded on the basis of free calls, messaging as well as internet bundles plus upselling extra services. Amidst months of M&A anecdotes, the start-up has raised an additional $30 million in capital- cash that CEO as well as co-founder Stephen Stokols states is going to assist FreedomPop develop its businesses autonomously.

“We had a lot of interest, six bids from carriers and a large tech company, but we ended up turning all of them down,” Skolols says. “It would be premature to sell at this point.” The objective for 18-month-old FreedomPop presently is to establish a billion-dollar firm, and he has plans already put in place to get an additional $50 million-$100 million by next year to facilitate that, if it does not decide to trade then.

This new Series B round was steered by Partech Ventures, with contribution from existing supporters DCM Capital plus Mangrove. (The estimation isn’t being disclosed although people speculate it might be at most some hundred millions. It has been heard that a prospective purchase would’ve been executed at an estimation of approximately $250 million, though a venture would come happen at some cost lower than that.

FreedomPop makes announcements about its pick up on an anonymous tactical investor- not among the corporations that have been attempting to acquire it, this is according to Stokols statement, but a U.S firm that is going to assist FreedomPop “on the hardware side.” (FreedomPop offers a variety of phones as well as dongles to provide its services, thus this possibly can concern upgrading the way it purchases in gadgets, or this might be an individual who is going to preload FreedomPop application, for instance.)

In any instance, the extra investor is possibly going to be declared in some weeks, and might potentially add to the capital another $5 million.

Wal-Mart to Pay All Employees At Least Ten Dollars an Hour

Retail giant Wal-Mart announced plans recently to start paying all their employees at least ten dollars an hour by February, 2016. There is an in depth article on the CNN Money website which explores this decision. Wal-Mart employs more people than any other company in the United States and for years has been the target of reformers and activists who say that they should pay their employees more. Wal-Mart says that they are not giving in to the demands of reformers but are rather increasing wages in order to increase employee retention. The decision is expected to cost Wal-Mart around one billion dollars the first year after it is implemented.

Personally, I think that this is a good thing, and the BizJournals and even people on Cipher Cloud seem to agree. While Wal-Mart is going to lose some money in the short term, they are going to make money in the long term though increased employee satisfaction. Giant companies like FedEx pay their low level package handlers decent money and also offer health benefits for part time work and doing so has worked for them. The same can be true for Wal-Mart. While Wal-Mart owes their success largely to their low prices, it can’t continue to dominate the retail world without a content workforce. Raises for employees at the bottom should help keep everyone happy and working hard.

8 Healthy Shopping Tips for Women

Health tips are usually for both genders. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. However, since women are the primary food purchasers and prepares, these 8 healthy shopping tips are targeted towards the female gender. Flavio Maluf claims these tips will benefit men as well, so it’s worth the read.

* Eat less meat. You’ll not only be healthier, but save money too. Select alternative sources of protein for your daily diet, like beans, eggs and tofu.
* Buy fruit and vegetables when they are in season. Produce is cheaper and more flavorful when it’s in season.
* Stock up on favorites when they are in season or on sale and stash them in the freezer for later use.
* Buy in bulk and save time and money. Less money spent, fewer trips to the store when you purchase items in bulk-size quantities.
* Find a use for vegetables trimmings and fruits that are past their prime. Like make a stock from vegetable peels and banana bread from over-ripe bananas.
* Cook once, eat twice. Whenever possible, cook in large batches so save time and money.
* Make water your beverage of choice. It’s the healthiest and cheapest beverage around.
* Make a shopping list and stick to it. Shop the perimeter of the supermarket (that’s where the fresh food is displayed) and resist impulse buying.