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White Shark Media’s Road To A More Client-Centric Approach

Developing a client-centric approach isn’t possible without making a few mistakes. White Shark Media is learning what customers want from complaints and then adopting new processes to move forward.

Ignoring constructive complaints is one of the worst things that a company can do if they want to improve their service, especially when so many consumers base their buying decision on online reviews. White Shark Media is committed to being responsive to customer concerns and improving their service accordingly.

In the past, White Shark Media‘s clients felt that they didn’t know what was going on with the AdWord’s campaign. The firm realized that their valued clients were not getting reports that would answer their questions; therefore, new reporting methods were put in place and White Shark Media made sure that their clients understood how to read the reports.

If clients still have questions, they have a direct line to their SEM strategist, and if the contact person isn’t in, clients can speak to their supervisor. This is working out much better than having all calls go to the receptionist.

Companies often don’t realize how frustrated people feel when they cannot get a hold of the person assigned to their account right away, but White Shark Media decided on a client-centric approach by making communication easier for their clients. Learn more about White Shark Media Complaints:

As another means of improving communications, White Shark Media schedules monthly online conferences between clients and their SEM strategist using GoToMeeting. This gives the client an opportunity to go through their monthly report with their strategist and ask questions about any item they do not understand.

White Shark Media also started creating brand-new AdWords accounts for clients, except when the client’s existing campaign was performing well. Now clients have a choice; they can continue to use their existing account if they choose to.

Nothing White Shark Media Complaints did in the past was different than what other SEM Management firms did; however, White Shark Media decided that if the clients were unhappy with a system, they would change it. That is how good companies become great companies.