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FreedomPop Wireless and Other Mobile Wireless Services

Cell phone bills have become astronomical in price since companies have been adding more features to their plans. It also has become a major expense to use the internet, especially if you need a hotspot to use with other equipment like your table, laptop, or home computer. People are constantly shopping for a much better deal and of course every company is competing with all the others to offer better prices and better deals. You are spending money to buy the phones, get insurance, have additional talk time, texts, and of course data. The more you use the higher the bill goes, then you may have to purchase extra which is really high. Well now there is a company who feels your pain and is offering some of the best deals around. There are called FreedomPop.

There is now a cell phone service that gives away free text, talk, and data. Yes, I said FREE! Who does that you want to know? FreedomPop does! FreedomPop has a great new concept for their customers, they are giving away 200 free texts, 200 free minutes of talk, and 200 mb of free data when you sign up as a new customer. If you need more than the basic plan, you can choose other plans with more talk minutes, texts, and data at great low rates. Why are they able to offer these great services and plans when no one else is doing it? Because unlike most other cell phone companies, they don’t have the expense of stores, and all the expenses that goes with that, they offer their services online, with customer service available online or by phone, which helps them save money, so they are able to save money and pass the savings on to their customers. FreedomPop also offers a sim-card only service to the people in the United Kingdom, you can bring your phone from your existing service and add your new sim card from FreedomPop to your existing phone.

Right now, they are offering some bonus specials to people who join FreedomPop right now, free calling to over 60 different countries all over the world. As another bonus, they are offering free talk and texting when communicating with other customers of FreedomPop, and data that you can roll over to the next month when you don’t use it. FreedomPop has a new program called Jetsetter that they will be adding on later in the year which will be offering roaming data free. Customers will be given 100 MB of high-speed data free every month that can be used in countries such as France, England, and Spain, and will be good in other countries in the future. Another new program that they are now offering is for customers that have an iPhone can get unlimited Wi-Fi for $5 per month. The plan will offer Wi-Fi with free sign on to any of their hotspots anywhere in America. More hotspots that can be accessed will be added to the program in the next 3-6 months. So far, other android phones are not included in this plan. FreedomPop also offers hotspots that can be used as portable Wi-Fi and USBs that can be used with your laptop and some tablets so that you have portable Wi-Fi wherever you want to go.