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A Partnership to Drive Success in Irish American Vodka

In an article recently published on Street Insider, readers learn that Bonn Óir Vodka has partnered with Goody Goody, a successful wholesaler and retailer, in hopes of increasing distribution of their product in the Fortworth and Houston regions. One of the dominant reasons behind this merger is Goody Goody’s reputation within the state of Texas. With sixteen current locations, Goody Goody offers the sense of leadership and partnership Bonn Óir Vodka seeks as they grow.

The company has partnered with Timber Creek Capital, a private equity firm led by Marc Sparks (check out his WordPress site for more of his work) and is behind Bonn Óir Gold Medal Vodka. This firm focuses primarily on the goals of up and coming entrepreneurs. Timber Creek is backed by over thirty years of entrepreneurial experience that allows for business owners to navigate and drive their results toward success.

Bonn Óir Vodka strives to deliver an ultra-smooth and clean finish to their product, unlike many of their competitor products on the market. Bonn Óir’s founder and C.O.O., Dan O’Shevlin, tells readers of the individualistic approach for distillation and filtration that provides for the premium vodka; these important factors, as O’Shevlin believes, are what helps to redefine the standards and preferences within the product market.

O’Shevlin, comes from a family of Irishmen, who immigrated to America with only determination, work ethic, and the family’s Vodka recipe. With this recipe, O’Shevlin’s ancestors worked to establish a new life in the new country, and did so by creating Bonn Óir Vodka, their own brand of pure Irish Vodka. This brand is still handcrafted today, and has become one of the leading and most innovative products and companies on the spirits market today. With their partnership with Goody Goody, the company hopes to continue to drive in successful results, and launch additional distributions within the state of Texas.