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A New Air Purifier Produced By QNet and Sharp Hits the Market

The direct selling industry just received some earth-shattering news. QNet has announced a new partnership with Sharp, the Japanese electronics giant. The two are releasing the Sharp-QNET Plasma Cluster Air Purifier, and the product is sure to be a hit.

QNet is a company that is consistently successful. The Hong Kong company maintains about 25 offices in major cities across the globe. These are all active offices. In India, in particular, QNet has established a number of special programs to build in a strong team of motivated full and part-time entrepreneurs. The Sharp-QNET Plasma Cluster Air Purifier is going to receive a major promotional push in India.

QNet huge array of different products and services does aid in grabbing the attention of a great many entrepreneurs. Originally, QNet focused on health and wellness products. The initial strategy was a good one. QNet was very successful promoting this niche, which is why the company still produces health and wellness products today. The company has worked hard at expanding its product line to include jewelry and much more. Even services such as tourism and distance learning programs are part of the QNet catalog. The Sharp-QNET Plasma Cluster Air Purifier is the newest release in the ever-popular health and wellness line. The item is slated to be prominently featured on QNet’s e-commerce platform.

The air purifier should meet all expectations of quality. QNet succeeds immensely with its products and services thanks, in large part, to a rigorous testing program that effectively determines the quality level of what is being sold and distributed under the QNet name. Sharp, of course, is known for manufacturing merchandise of solid quality as well. A QNet/Sharp joint venture is not likely to deliver any disappointments.

Improving the World on Many Levels

The multi-level marketing company known as QNET is among the leading direct selling businesses around which provides independent businesses for many who have yearned for their own business. Established in 1998, with several offices throughout the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe, the past few years have seen QNET’s distributors in the one-time Soviet Union countries experience an increase beyond 100,000. The mission of QNET is to inspire individuals from all walks of life globally, to create their own business to help achieve their goals. This has been a prime reason for their immense growth.

With development reaching to more than 100 countries worldwide, this company focuses on services and products that enhance and ensure the well-being of an individual. These various products range from those affiliated with education, personal and home care, to nutrition and health. This business has ensured that they put together several events (including training) that familiarized brand new products. Additionally they created a partnership in Central Asia’s Kazakhstan, a high-flying market for QNET’s versatile products in the former Soviet countries or CIS region. Since 2014 these events have spawned a business growth of 21%, which reached beyond their prospects.

Offered by its e-commerce ownership program, globally to distributions and customers, QNET makes available an enormous variety of products to ensure balance and well-being. This company has a multitude of retail, in addition to local franchises and operations in several countries, with many agencies and offices throughout the world. Many consumers in Kazakhstan are enthusiasts for the company’s various luxury products like their exceptional jewelry (increasing in sales about 42%) and Swiss watches. Their loyal customers have seen an increase recently (which doubled) within the past year, which welcomed around 22,000 new independent representatives that became registered in Kazakhstan.

Recently QNET cheered on for Barclays Premier League Champions (in Manchester City) as they advised that they formed a direct selling union with the banking giant’s division. Part of this benefit is providing QNET with many perks that will create events like “meet and greets” which will be used to inspire many of their thriving independent representatives as well as incentive/rewards for their loyal customers.

QNET is the leading international direct selling business that is controlled by the QI Group of Companies, guided by successful entrepreneur Vijay Eswaran. Currently QNet is focusing on increasing the availability of their products to a potential of 30%, while presenting changes to its reimbursement strategy which can aid the various ways in which distributors can earn more. While achieving these goals, QNET continues its involvement in several global charities.