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Rocketship Education Offers a New Concept

Rocketship Education is a charter school system that founded its first school in 2007. It stood out initially because of the strong test scores that what coming from students who attended the school. It uses a traditional educational approach that mixes systems in that use online and computer-assisted techniques of instruction. Consequently the costs of administration are kept very low and keep the test scores on the high end.

One emphasis that the Rocketship schools implement is all about core values that are shared among the students. These core values are responsibility, respect, empathy and persistence. Each day the “Rocketeers”, as the students are aptly named, recite these values and live them each day in school. They are given the meaning of the words and are expected to learn how to put them into action.

An additional core value is determined by teachers and parents and it is termed as the value that most aptly applies to the vision and character of the school. The fifth value ranges from bravery, service, curiosity and similar terms. The idea of the entire emphasis on the core values is to prepare the students to do well not only in school, but to prepare them for life by equipping them with the skills that define their character in a positive way.

Many of the students that attend Rocketship charter schools come from neighborhoods that are high poverty areas. Children who live in these neighborhoods experience a much higher amount of stress than children who come from middle and upper-class neighborhoods. Consequently children from poverty prone areas suffer more stress so their overall emotions and the ability to solve conflicts is impaired.

If these children are given the ability to create a solid and predictable way to react to all situations they are better able to function and grow beyond the typical frustrating experience many children feel. Setting objectives and learning how to function beyond social issues is critical for them to be able to succeed once they are out of school.

When students learn positive behavioral techniques when problems arise, the students are able to see that the stronger values enable them to thrive in any situation.