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The Future of Inmates Welfare Through Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a profit making company that aims at providing technology solutions towards helping in curbing criminal and civil justice. They have been able to change the lives of more than 1 million inmates over the last three decades they have been in the business. Public safety organizations rely on these companies to provide a relevant solution that has been rated as the most comfortable and most accessible to use.


The organization is in control of the able leadership of the most experienced CEO called Rich Smith who joined the company in the year 2009 when its performance was purely below average. He has since then been on the frontline working towards the success of the company and has worked so tirelessly towards making it the best regarding technology dispensation across all the prisons around North America.


Securus Technology is believed to have invested over $600 million over the last three years in the field of technology and patents. They have been able to incorporate teamwork and commitment and thus tremendous achievements. Securus has also not been left behind when it comes to developing technologies whose aim is changing the lives of the inmates. Through phone technologies in prisons, they have been able to bring the prisoners closer to their families. They can freely communicate, something that has never been there before.


With the increased innovation, they have also been able to install videos the same cells such that these inmates can video call their loved ones. This makes them become better people and help in changing their lives entirely after their service. The company has also been working with public agencies towards the collection of information which helps in curbing crimes. These agencies have been able to get adequate information when doing their investigations and also when it comes to fighting these crimes.


Securus Technologies: At The Forefront Of Prison Communications

Securus Technologies is a company that stands out for being one of the biggest prison communications providers in the entire country. The company has a range of services that they offer to inmates, ranging from video calls to voice calls and also entertainment. Public safety is one of the primary objectives of the company, which is what the company tries to enforce through all the services that they provide. Securus Technologies has a large number of prisons in the country that make use of the services that they provide. But it is not just American prisons that the company caters to. Securus Technologies also offers their services to incarceration facilities across Canada.


Securus Technologies also offers inmate monitoring systems. This is done so that the company can ensure that their services are not being used for suspicious activities. The company monitors all the communications that go on and gives them to the appropriate judicial authorities for their records. The company has also assisted the system by providing them evidence of the criminal activity that goes on inside prisons.


With the growth of the company and the numerous amount of people that they serve, the company set up one of the largest call centers in the entire country. These centers are operational round the clock and are there to answer any queries or concerns that inmates or their family on the outside may have. This has significantly improved their customer service, which in turn has helped the business immensely.


Securus Technologies has incredibly high standards when it comes to the services that they provide. The organization was awarded an A+ certification by the Better Business Bureau based in Texas for their outstanding work in the field. The company has worked hard to be one of the best in the country, and it shows in everything that the company does.