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James Dondero Discusses How You Can Win Big With Alternative Investments

James Dondero specializes in a special variety of investments and is one of the nation’s top portfolio managers at Highland Capital. Recently his expertise in alternative investments was discussed in the notable Barron’s newspaper and they had several key things to say about him. Some of Dondero’s major alternative investments that yielded returns include buying up the shares in an energy company that had previously gone bankrupt and turning its operations around. He also started investing in the sovereign debt of Argentina when they saw the chance for things to start to get under control and in doing so saw his asset values increase. Dondero has invested in many master limited partnerships that have offset stagnant oil prices in recent years.


James Dondero went into the hedge fund industry after several years of working with big banks. He had originally looked into becoming a real estate broker back in the late 1970s when he graduated from the University of Virginia, but he didn’t find an opening there so he went into the Morgan Guaranty training program for credit analysts. He first joined American Express bank where he served as an advisor and fixed-income fund manager. In 1993 he and his friend Mark Okada came to Protective Life Insurance and were placed in charge of the GIC subsidiary. They turned this subsidiary into a profitable company that soon became its own firm.


The firm that Dondero and Okada started soon became known as Highland Capital, and in the later years they partnered with NexPoint and Acis Capital Management to bring their full fledged services. Dondero serves on multiple boards including NexPoint Advisors and Nexbank, and is also on the boards of Cornerstone Health and MGM. Dondero has started a wide range of private equity and special situations investments, but he’s been mostly known for his collateralized loan obligation (CLO) funds.

Thought Influences and The Mindset Of Adam Milstein

Many successful entrepreneurs have people that have influenced their mindset. They also have an understanding of their mindset and what they need in order to succeed. Adam Milstein has listen to quite a few people that have helped him develop a helpful mindset for success. He has also read plenty of books that have helped with his mindset. One book that he has read is called “And The Good News Is…” One thing that he wanted to point out is that nothing is as bad as it seems. There is a tendency of some people to make a disaster of everything.


Adam Milstein understands the value of having a mindset that is healthy and can encourage people to work for their goals. One thing that Adam would advise against is the mindset that things are going to go all by themselves. This is a mindset that can set a lot of people up for disappointment. One thing that is important to realize is that it is important for people to work towards the outcome that they want. Adam Milstein has adopted the mindset that favors working towards the desired outcome. He has adopted this mindset with his business and philanthropic activities.


Adam also looks to people for his influence. One person that he looks to as his greatest influence is his partner David Hager. There are a lot of good traits that David uses when it comes to business. Among the things that Adam says David uses is psychology. This is very important in that helps him come up with a solution that is going to be great for his business. One thing that stands out about him is that he studies everything so that he can have an accurate view of the world around him. This is important for business success