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OSI Food solutions- Expanding its Business Roots

OSI Food solutions are a subsidiary of the OSI Group a company famous for producing high qualities of conventional meat products globally. The company boasts of being the supply chain experts on starting from the sourcing of raw materials to development of products and distributions in the market and their clients. The OSI Group is the leading meat product providers and distributors in Europe and other international countries. The company central belief is that any successful business needs to be built on a strong foundation starting with the employees, customers, and suppliers. Additionally, they adhere to quality assurance, food safety and sustaining of their guiding principles and they are members of RTRS association that guides the OSI Food solutions in fulfilling their laws and completing their supply chain.

The OSI Food solutions in Spain expanded is chicken producing capacity making it double hence reaching a total capacity production of over 45,000 tons of pork, beef, and chicken products. The production facility amounted to 17million Euros, and its operation is in Toledo Spain with annual increase production of chicken from 12,000tons produced earlier to 24,000 tons.

The project will include increasing of the production lines and other related services adding at least 20 new jobs. The plant extension is responding to the market demand for chicken in Portugal, and Spain states the Spain Managing Director José María. The demand increase of chicken has grown to a tune of 6% in a decade and 8% within three years and the company is ready to supply and fulfill the demands of the clients.

The OSI Food solutions Spain facility will have an additional of 22,600 square foot and will include facility supplier’s storage, receiving and shipping areas, new production halls, and nitrogen and hot water tanks. Also, it will have refrigerated rooms for the waste containers storage, oil service areas and social amenities space for the employees. The project also has the product development kitchen offering better services to the ever-changing needs of consumers and clients.

According to OSI Food solutions, the expansion allows the company to have an additional product to their portfolio hence growing the foodservice industry and having retail accounts and supporting the growth of their customers. The new equipment will reduce the consumption of electricity by 20% and also enhance the food defense system of the company. This is by installing of perimeter access controls and surveillance systems complementing addition of an advanced system for firefighting and indoor cameras.

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OSI Food Solutions Increases Market Share in Poultry Offerings

OSI Food Solutions, a global leader in the production of quality meat products, recently announced that it has doubled the amount of chicken production Spain facility can provide. The facility has been around for several decades and has successfully met the demands of the regional market. However, OSI Group noticed that the demand for high-quality poultry products has been steadily rising in both Spain and Portugal. In fact, the demand shot up a full 8% in 2017 alone. This may not seem like a large increase, but the fact that it has been consistently increasing in a steady manner led to the decision for OSI Group to decide to expand its offerings in the region.

It takes a true expert to determine whether growth is merely a spike, such as a seasonal increase, or if it is truly long-term, sustainable growth in demand. It is for this reason that OSI Food Solutions has a team of analysts. These analysts are experts not only in the field of meat production, but in the field of analytics. It is the sole job to predict consumer desire and to determine whether or not it is a good decision to put money into expansion in certain areas.

It was decided that due to the rapid increase in demand for poultry products in Spain and Portugal, it was a good idea to invest in expanding the volume of poultry products that the facility in Spain could provide. Therefore, OSI Food Solutions decided to invest $17 million to grow the volume of poultry products that the facility could provide. The company installed a brand new, high-capacity production line system, which is the latest and greatest in quality meat production. The new production line system has given the facility the ability to produce double the amount of poultry products in a similar time. Currently the average production of poultry products is around 12,000 tons. With the installation of the new high-capacity production line, the facility will be able to produce 24,000 tons of poultry products each year.

The level of production increasing not only means that OSI Group will be at a vantage point to meet the rising market demand, but it has also brought in many new jobs to the area. These jobs will help the overall economy improve, as OSI Food Solutions’ facilities is one of the major employers in the region. Overall, OSI continues to rapidly expand its market share and product offerings.

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The Success of OSI Group

It takes great planning and management to excel in the global market. Every business should outline its objectives that will enable it to focus as it expands its operations. OSI group is one of the businesses in the hospitality industry that has consistently gained excellence due to its expansion and the strategies it applies in its operations. One of the strategies that have made the group of companies excel is by incorporating all its stake holders and supporting their needs. It also assists its suppliers in acquiring the right technology that will favor their products.

Currently, the group has been ranked by Forbes as number 58 globally in the hospitality industry. Its commitment towards providing healthy food products has been one of the best strategies that have smoothened its operations and the penetration in the global new markets. According to the head of the OSI industry, he notes that the safety of their clients is one of the key objectives of the group. This has seen the business gain more and more clients over time. Notably, the annual revenue of the OSI group has risen up to 6.1 billion dollars. This shows that the hospitality group continues to understand the needs of their clients and their preferences.

Sheldon Lavin who has steered the company has noted that in a large organization that has over 20,000 employees it is critical to ensure that there is a clear organizational structure that enables all operational facilities to operate smoothly. A delegation of duties is paramount in the organization as Sheldon Lavin notes that in the sensitive hospitality industry you require competent branch heads who ensure that no losses are incurred due to the perishable products in their branches.

Another strategy that OSI has adopted to acquire its success is the tactical entrance in to new markets. Currently, it has been operating in the China market for close to two decades now with two major facilities that are located in the country. The management is still working to start a new facility that will enable the targeted new market in the country to be met. This shows that the hospitality group continues to understand the needs of their clients and their preferences. Also, it has been on the forefront of promoting the social welfare of the areas it conducts its operations. This is through the employment and conducting its activities in an environmentally friendly manner. According to the COO, the OSI group has been conducting and supporting charitable activities.

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