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Greg Finch A Skilled Orthopedic Surgeon

A common orthopedic procedure is joint replacement. Joint replacement is a procedure done when a damaged joint is replaced with a new joint. This type of orthopedic procedure can occur when an individual is having great difficulty climbing steps, walking, and showering on a daily basis. During a joint replacement procedure an individual will be given medicine that blocks out feeling pain. During the procedure a synthetic joint will be put in to replace the damaged joint. After undergoing this type of surgery an individual will begin exercising with a physical therapist.


Another common orthopedic procedure is anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. During this procedure several small incisions are made around the knee. Then saline solution is pumped into the knee area. Then an arthroscope is inserted. The camera inserted at the end of the anthroscope allows images to be transmitted onto a monitor. Then drills are inserted in the bones that meet at the knee joint to form a tunnel. Then the graft is put into the area it is secured with hardware. Then the incisions are closed up. The goal of this orthopedic procedure is to restore strength in the knee.


Greg Finch is an Australian orthopedic surgeon. He has impressive training experience. In 1991 he obtained educational experience at Auckland Medical School. In 2001 he was associated with FRACS. Then in 2004 Greg Finch became part of the Australian Orthopedic Association.


Greg Finch is a specialist in Spinal surgery and Trauma and Orthopedic surgery. He is specialized in children and adult spine difficulties. Greg Finch is a surgeon at Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service. He has helped hundreds of individuals throughout his career. He makes sure that the individual accomplishes complete recovery in a small epoch of time.


In conclusion, Greg Finch is a well-respected orthopedic surgeon.