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Advertising in Brazil: Customer Engagement Tips

TedxCuritiba told that Cláudio Loureiro of Heads Propaganda is always of the opinion that there are no set rules of advertising, especially in a country like Brazil that is constantly growing, developing and evolving. At his company, Cláudio Loureiro makes sure that they don’t jump on unnecessary bandwagons and keep the bigger picture in mind whenever they take any decision. This is exactly why his company is so popular and successful in Brazil. Advertising in Brazil is still at its foetal stage and the response of the current consumers plus the behavior of the current advertisers and marketers will decide the future.

So, what are the best ways to engage customers in Brazil? The following points clear some doubts on this topic –

Emotion and Humor Works For Consumers – Cláudio Loureiro has repeatedly noticed this trend among Brazilian customers. Whenever good humor and emotion is used in Brazilian advertising, the results are outstanding. More than anything, customer engagement rates rise dramatically and more targeted customers are reached using this strategy. The reason behind the success of this age old tip is still the same – people like emotionally touching ads and also those that make gratuitous use of comedy.

Social Media Advertising Fails In Brazil When It Lacks Direction – It is true that social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are at all all time rise, popularity and usage wise, in Brazil. This is because unlike other nations, these social media sites are still a big deal in Brazil. They aren’t old news yet and people enjoy spending time on these sites. Another side to this great news is the fact that people still pay attention to the little things. This makes the need for social media strategy even more important. Lack of such a strategy could lead to calamitous results.

Business Collaboration Works To Strengthen Small Company Advertising – In Brazil, businesses frequently collaborate to achieve great results. This leads to better engagement rates because small businesses typically pool their resources and are able to compete with global names. This is especially common in social media like Instagram and YouTube where collaborations can be used to achieve great results by engaging directly with the customers.

Advertising in Brazil, like with any other country, has changed with time and age. With the advent of the internet, the rules of the game are quite different now. Some surprising trends have been seen in Brazil, including the rise of print media’s popularity among consumers. In order to engage Brazilian customers, advertisers and marketers need to ensure that they are catering to the specific needs and requirements of these consumers. The culture of Brazil is vibrant and colorful. It has different segments that want different things, like other nations in the world.

Free Mobile Service Provider FreedomPop Grows Steadily and Fast

FreedomPop, the startup mobile operator has been standing out with its free mobile data and voice services since founded in 2012. The company received seed fund from venture firm Atomico, which is also the founder of Skype. During the last 3 years, it has raised $49.3 million with $30 million from the most recent funding round.

FreedomPop offers its data and voice services bought from Sprint to the customers with no charge. Customers have 2 choices to use the free plans: buying a FreedomPop phone or using an old Sprint phone. Typically a FreedomPop phone is a refurbished Samsung or HTC device. The company currently offers 500MB, 200 voice minutes and 500 text messages per month and expects bumping up to 800MB-1GB per month in the near future.

Most of the company’s revenue is from value-added services and freemium packages. The value-added services include phone insurances, international numbers for foreign customers and anonymous browsing feature et al. Stephen Stokols, the CEO and co-founder of the company says half of their customers pay $14 to $15 per month, which means the company takes in around $7 per customer per month. With a very low overhead and no advertisement cost, the gross margins are very significant.

Before its Series B fundraising, FreedomPop received 6 formal acquisition offers. It finally turned down all the offers and continued fast growing.

Source: Fortune

Weights in Headphones

When you are looking to purchase a pair of quality headphones you expect those headphones to have some weight to them. When you pick up a pair of headphones and they weigh next to nothing you don’t expect those headphones to work well or give you a good sound experience. Does the weight of headphones determine their quality? Is a heavier set of headphones a better made pair? That might not be the case.

It seems that the headphones that are available in the Beats by Dre series have a secret to them that most don’t know about says Crystal Hunt. It seems that these headphones have a secret to the weight that they hold. Because these headphones cost a pretty high price and weigh a fair amount most believe that they are naturally high in quality. Most think that the weight of headphones determines their quality. With the headphones from Beats by Dre, though, there are actually small weights that are added in solely to make the headphones feel heavier. There are weights added to these headphones that do nothing to affect the quality. Just because headphones have a bit of weight to them does not mean that they will work well and perform better than lighter options.

CVS Target

If you shop at Target, then it’s something that you are going to need to be made aware of. Target is making some big changes, and it’s something that shoppers everywhere will notice. The retailer is selling its pharmacy and clinic businesses to CVS Health Corporation for 1.9 billion dollars. Shoppers will still be able to fill their prescriptions as well as get that ever so important flu shot. The deal will be affecting Target’s more than sixteen hundred pharmacies and 80 clinics. CVS is also expected to open up as many as 20 clinics in Target stores in the next few years.

According to Reddit, CVS’s retail presence will be drastically increased. It looks like these big changes are really going to shake things up in the retail world. Target is hoping that by doing this, it will increase focus on wellness. They’re hoping by making this change, more and more people will think that target is in line with making healthy choices. Target is also hoping that these big move will help to drive long term traffic.

Overall, it’s not huge changes that are really going to upset, or excite anyone. It’s just something happening all over, that people should be made aware of so that they don’t freak out when they see the changes. A lot of money is going into this deal, and here’s hoping that both companies see some success out of it. Afterall, CVS has long been popular. Target has long been popular. The two businesses coming together could have all the makings for a dynamic occurrence reports business analysts from Gravity4 on Twitter.

BRL Trust Investments, Brazil’s Leader in Private Financial Services

BRL Trust Investments, a privately-held administrator of the investments funds, is headquartered in Sao Paulo. Brazil’s business capital. The company was founded in 2005 and initially, provided specialized services encompassing the private credit and trust market. Staying true to it’s mission to “meet the demands of their customers in a safe, efficient and transparent way, utilizing a skilled and experienced team” the company reached over 100 accounts in less than one year. Today, BRL Trust Investments is Brazil’s largest independent administrator of the investments funds.

The company has increased its base of expertise to provide clients with wraparound services in the areas of underwriting, fund administration, funds custody, asset management,and fiduciary services. With a robust portfolio of over thirty funds with a combined value of over 4.5 billion reals (approximately 1.4 billion US dollars) BRL Trust Investments has rapidly taken the market by storm.

BRL Trust Investments has a strong commitment to sustainable growth. This founding principle is evident in their investments both abroad and at home. As a major player in infrastructure improvements in Brazil supporting the 2014 World Cup, BRL Trust Investments served a key role in ensuring that the Corinthians Stadium was ready for the grand opening ceremonies. This investment improves the country’s image at home and abroad.

Strategic decisions like this are made possible by a substantive team of professionals. With a team of specialized brokers at the disposal of interested investors, BRL Trust Investments promises clients a healthy return on their investments. Keeping with their commitment to transparency and ethics BRL Trust Investments provides innovative services so that clients know their investments are in the right hands.These services include an ombudsman service, strict guidelines to prevent money laundering, and a detailed code of ethics for not only their employees, but the funds in which they invest client capital.

Cache Files for Brankruptcy, Follows Other Teen Retail Stores

While 2015 Is bringing about some optimistic news in terms of unemployment and the creation of jobs, it is not off to a good start where the merchandise sector is concerned. Cache, a clothing and prom dress retailer, has officially filed for bankruptcy, following in the wake of Delia’s and Wet Seal.

Cache was a popular retailer In the 1990s and early 2000s, catering almost exclusively to teen and 20-something woman. The store had a similar demographic to Wet Seal, Delia’s, and Deb, all of which have gone under in recent months.

According to the statement, the company blamed a depressed retail market, and changing tastes for their demise. Haidar Barbouti has learned that the popularity of online shopping is also allegedly to blame for the retailer sinking into obscurity. Find  more on Barbouti on

Experts have long argued that such shops have failed miserably to meet the needs and demands of today’s shopper. Simply put, Cache’s clients grew up and into adult stores, and they simply failed to keep pace with what teenagers of today want and need from clothing retailers.


Pot Vending Machines? Yes.

Marijuana Vending Machines. Not even George Orwell could have imagined a future like this. The ZaZZZ medical marijuana machine has just opened Tuesday morning at Seattle Caregivers, a medical marijuana dispenser. The machine is climate controlled and verifies the age and reads the medical marijuana card.

Paul Mathieson wonders: Can This be Abused? Check out more on Mathieson on 

The first question that will likely be brought up in everyone’s mind is ‘can this be exploited’? Well according to the president and COO of American Green Stephen Sherin “You never have access to the machine ever if there isn’t a human around to check your medical ID initially on your way in”. This quote: over protection by both medical marijuana machine check, and human check is completely understandable when new technologies come out.

Employees, entrepreneurs and consumers around the United States are almost guaranteed to watch this development as it takes place. This is the free market, and it is working as intended. Giving availability, versatility, and ease of use to consumers everywhere, at least where it is legal.

Do We Still Care About What’s In Vogue?

Thanks to Instagram and your favorite fashion bloggers on YouTube, there is nothing called “trending” anymore.Fashion trends are nearing extinction and have been going on this path for some time. However, for people who need some help with fashion, this news doesn’t help much. What do you do when fashion trends are actually out of fashion? Read on to know more –

• Stop Body Typing Yourself – The media is full of articles about fat shaming and body shaming. You don’t need a pep talk to love your body type. Whether you have a thigh gap or love handles, all that matters is your comfort. So, stop obsessing about how fat or skinny your legs look and wear what catches your eye. If it makes you happy, it would definitely look good on you.

• Don’t Dress For Others –Fersen Lambranho understands this goes for both men and women. Men who utter things like “I don’t like women wearing short skirts” and women who say things like “men in sandals turn me off” would soon be as extinct as fashion trends.

• Instagram Your Way to Victory – The search feature of Instagram is pretty neat and you can easily find something to inspire you. Don’t ignore discount stores when you shop. You can find the most unexpected things there.


Four Year Old Girl Hired To Design Clothes For J. Crew

Children are very creative. They have a wonderful imagination.

Mayhem, a cute 4 year old, creates dresses. According to the Huffington Post, Mayhem started out creating dresses out of construction paper, scissors and tape. Her mother helps her, after Mayhem decides on a dress she wants to make. Her mother began posting pictures, through Instagram, of Mayhem’s creations. This quickly began to get the attention of the fashion industry.

In fact, Mayhem has signed a contract with J. Crew to collaborate with them in creating a children’s clothing line, according to CBS News. This line of clothing will be called “Crew Cuts.”

Mayhem was quoted as saying designing clothes makes her feel happy. If only adults could tap into their natural talents and love what they do.  Many employees read about this story on Facebook.

Mayhem, an adorable 4 year old was hired by J. Crew to help design children’s clothing. Her natural interest and passion for designing clothing has led her to a unique partnership with a famous clothing stylist.

Introducing the Penis Necklace

Fashion is ever changing industry. Many of the things designed by the industry tends to be very innovative, stylish, smart and creative. Others, however, are just plain weird, drab or outrageous. But while these are unsuccessful in the short term, they may innovate in other regards.

Have you ever had a moment where you walked into a store and saw something you thought, “Who would spend this much money on something so weird?” Well, brace yourself because believe it or not what follows in the news is absolutely true. 

Tom Ford is a fashion designer and movie director. He helped turnaround the Gucci Brand and created his own fashion label called Tom Ford. Well, Tom has unveiled his newest item for the holidays. It is a Penis Pendant. Tom has been known to produce some risqué items but this is by far his most overwhelming piece. Not only did he introduce a Penis Necklace but the price tag is a whopping $790. I’d rather spend that money at The Antique Wine Company.

This creation brings a whole lot of questions to my mind, probably yours too. Who would buy that? Why would you spend $790 on a penis necklace? Has Tom Ford lost his marbles, why would he create such a thing?