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Affordable Home Ownership: Dallas, Texas

With a sluggish economy and a decrease in jobs, getting an affordable mortgage can be easier said than done. Most banks aren’t willing to negotiate fair prices in today’s economy, but Dallas, Texas is setting a positive tone for home ownership with it’s Affordable Housing Loan Program. This plan will benefit families living in lower income homes of specific Southern Dallas zip codes. The only logical way of achieving this is by financing and NexBank is stepping up to the plate and delivering on it’s promises.

NexBank is a popular, yet premier banking institution that’s is native to the Dallas, Texas Region and is willing to put forth$50 Million of it’s dollars in loan support. The Affordable Housing Program is expected to last for five years and the goal is to provide 100 loans or more per year. This regional bank has the knowledge, expertise, and capital for making this dream a reality and as of 2016, Nexbank has assets of over $3.5 Billion. This is a leading commercial, investment, and mortgage institution with plenty of skill in the mortgage industry. Along with NexBank; Dallas Neighborhood Homes and Habitat For Humanity will be partnering up and offering it’s services. These two non-profit organizations are bridging the gap and filling the holes by offering guidance and counseling services. These services prepare individuals/families for home ownership and will be available throughout the term of agreement.

This three-way partnership is setting the bar high and are getting things done the right way. The rest of the country should use this program as example for helping deserving families own a home of their very own. Dallas Neighborhood Homes, Habitat For Humanity, and NexBank have created a whole new positive outlook and a better quality of life.

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