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Marc Sparks story of social innovation

When he was launching Spark Tank, Marc observed the social deficiency of entrepreneurship. He noted that profit-driven companies showed more desire and more initiative to innovate. But non-profits tended to use the same old and boring methods.

Marc Sparks expressed his desire see non-profits do as well as the mainstream businesses. One of the problems with non-profits is their inability to attract top leadership. Mentoring young, intelligent leadership is entrepreneurship always focuses on the ability to make money. The commercial interest excludes charitable organizations and entrepreneurs. Read more: Marc Sparks | Facebook

Apart from that, lack of communication skills of presentation and expression is undoing many worthy causes. Through the Spark Tank challenge, it is about tour ability to present a viable idea. Apart from having a good idea, showing that it is working, and backing your mission with an ability to share this information with conviction is required.

Marc Sparks has not had it easy in life. He has worked his ground up in various ventures. His major interests are insurance, entrepreneurship, and banking. But above all, he always feels that if you are not ready to accept that you should always strive to be better, you are not willing to take the ultimate challenges that make people successful. He sees opportunities in giving and argues that when one wants to have it easy, he can always quit. Otherwise, you should always strive to make something out of every situation.

Some of the organizations that have showcased their services at the Spark Tank include Mommies in Need, House of Eli, and Families for Freedom. Mommies in Need offers professional nannies to needy families especially those that have moms with cancer. The service is free. Women under cancer medication are not advised to mingle with small children; this makes it hard for young moms to take care of their young kids.

Spark Tank honored Mommies in Need with a $5,000 grant that will be used to pay wages for nannies. It is the second time that Marc is giving this award. While bestowing the honor to the founder of Mommies in need, Mr. Spark said it is such worthy causes that require recognition. On the other hand, Mrs. Natalie Boyle was happy to receive the grant on behalf of the needy mothers out there who will benefit from the funds.

Spark Tank will continue to support the social innovation challenge and hopes to encourage more organizations to take the challenge from the numerous organizations that are showing real innovative consciousness in bringing social impact in the society.

Even service to the community must demonstrate enthusiasm and energy for it to generate the intended level of positivism. According to GoodReads, Marc Spark is always a panelist, and he encourages more people to think about scaling the ropes of charity, a notch higher every time.