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Norka Martinez Luque Inspires Motivation Through Her Brilliant Music Career

Norka Martinez Luque is a Latino Artist, Dancer, singer, actor, and model who has enjoyed great popularity. She stands at a height of 5’7″ and weigh at approximately 160 lbs. She has a curvy build and brown hair and eyes that have seen her become a success in both Photo shoot and Runway modeling. This Venezuelan dreamer who comes with an air of positivity evident in her singing can speak three languages. With a story full of inspiration and motivation Norka Luque has an air of positivity that reflects in her music.

Taking a managerial role at Norka Music Productions LLC, Norka Luque has led a successful music career winning the hearts of a broad fan base. Norka has developed her talent in music from a tender age and has grown to a prolific musician. She has a passion and love for music which is evident in her astounding music career. Norka has won the hearts of many fans due to her positivity in life. Luque uses her music brings hope to people through motivational and positive messages.

Her career has been shaped significantly by the unconditional support her parents gave her as a child. Norka began her musical voice training, piano, ballet and flamenco training as she continued her academic education.

Norka’s educational background paints the picture of a hardworking person with dedication to whatever she does. She studied Business Administration in France and also has degrees in culinary arts as well as Marketing and Fashion. During her education in France, Norka had the opportunity to become a band member and develop her music talent and keep her music ambitions alive. Her professional singing career made a significant development when renowned music producer Emilio Estefan Jr got interested in her work. The talented singer said she was blessed to have this music producer notice her work, which is a dream come true for artists.

Norka has created great tracks such as Milagro with the help of a great team of producers. She has done the song in a combination of reggae, Caribbean, and Mediterranean sound. The beautiful message in the song has also contributed in making the track a recipe for success. Norka believes that despite the changing genres and rhythms of music, the messages preached through music should never change. Luque aims at impacting lives positively through her excellent music talent and inspiring words.