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Trendy Men’s Shoes For The Trendy Man

Men’s shoes have seen a huge shift in popularity in recent years. Normally for some designers, men’s italian shoes would be a second thought but that has changed drastically. Shoe designers are taking consideration into what men want for their footwear. These designers acknowledge that men want well made shoes to complement their outfits. In addition to shoe designers designing and creating shoes for their male fans, there are also other designers that do not solely focus on shoes that are making their share of shoes for men. In this current fashion climate, many designers are gearing towards trendy, luxury men’s shoes. There are a variety of trendy men’s shoes that are the talk of the town in the fashion industry.

Many of the trendy men’s shoes are dress shoes. These dress shoes are for men that usually want to wear formal clothes or business casual clothes. Some of the trendy men’s shoes include oxfords, monk straps, whole cuts and loafers. Oxfords are an extremely popular men’s shoes because it is simple yet it gives a suit or a business casual outfit a sophisticated flair. Oxfords are usually made of leather and they include thin leather laces. The front of an oxford shoe is rounded and it has a slight heel that is no higher than an inch. Oxfords usually come in black, brown and tan.

Monk straps are unique because they look like oxfords without the laces. Monk straps have two straps with buckles that holds the shoe in place. Monk straps are rounded at the top like oxfords with a slight heel. Loafers are easy men’s shoes and they can complement any business casual outfit. Loafers have soft soles and they are relatively comfy.

Paul Evans New York is a luxury men’s shoes designer that designs and manufactures shoes straight from Italy. Every shoe is handcrafted by expert cobblers in Italy with extreme care and talent. Paul Evans New York sells their shoes in stores in New York City and other places, the shoes sold include leather oxfords, leather monk straps and leather loafers. Every shoe is made with leather soles and leather uppers. Perfect shoes for the perfect man.

Killer Kicks

Fashion is on the rise. It never goes out of style and is always in high demand. However, there seems to be a large amount of attention given to women’s fashion as opposed to the wardrobe hungry men with an eye for the latest trends. So, to deviate from all the hype of high-end ladies’ brands, check out some of the latest and hottest trends in men’s shoes.

First up on the list of handsome footwear is the handcrafted Italian leather boots and leather shoes by Paul Evans. Looking to steal some glances from guests at a dinner party? Try the Brando Semi-Brogue Oxfords. Want to hit the town or go back to school looking like the freshest guy in the joint? Give Paul Evans High-top Sneakers a shot. The company’s high quality shoes and up to date styles are sure to keep men on top of the fashion tier.

In the fashion world, some name brands are literally near impossible not to hear of. Though the question remains as to whether or not acquiring these name brand items is worth throwing out the extra cash. Vans in particular is a brand that should definitely come into consideration on any man or woman’s shopping list. The footwear specialist’s offers a variety of shoe styles in an equally wide range of colors. Want high-tops? Got ’em. Want pro skate shoes or stylish sandals. Vans can provide the trendy shoe enthusiast’s needs, no problem.

Finally, at the end of the list, yet certainly not the least trendy of the three brands mentioned, is Bally. More specifically, Bally’s high-end sneaker with calfskin. This shoe is the perfect blend of casual meets up-scale style. The low-top sneaker provides comfort to the wearer with its foot molding interior and can go with just about anything inside a fashionable man’s closet.

Hopefully, this short yet informational article has given birth to a new array of top notch footwear ideas. Who says men can’t have just as much fashion choices as all the rest of the fashionistas struggling to find more space in their cramped drawers and fully stocked closets? Paul Evans, Vans, and Bally’s sensational sneakers are just waiting to dazzle the world on the bottom of any man’s foot daring enough to make a statement.