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Market America Convention 2017 : Celebrating 25 Years

Celebrating a 25th anniversary this year, the Market America Convention 2017 proved the UnFranchise owners, leaders and teams are going strong and plan to make the next 25 years even grander.

Market America’s business principle is based off a proven system backed by the strength and vision from the top of corporation. Seasoned professionals and new consultants receive support, training, and encouragement from events such as the 2017 convention. The leaders know that this type of interaction ultimately leads to financial success for those that participate.

Guest speaker Elizabeth Weber, International Field Chairman and classified as a Power Profile, rightful so, spoke to the crowd of more than 20,000 people about determined motivation, application with duplication and how anyone can actually achieve the exact same level of success and higher.

Next year Market America Convention 2018 will be held in Miami, Florida and will certainly pack the energy, ideas, and far reaching visions that this silver-anniversary carried.

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