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Eucatex Innovation Giving the Environment a New Lifeline

Brazil is the next upcoming economy and the entire community of investors has noticed this hence the turn of focus towards the Latin American country. Flavio Maluf is one the many investors that have turned tier focus to Brazil in terms of investments. Maluf is a well established and a renowned entrepreneur in Brazil and his business acumen speaks for him. Born in a business oriented family, maluf has developed his business skills over the years since he was a young man. His father is also a businessman and an ex-politician. Maluf is currently the CEO and the president of Eucatex, a company dealing with wood products.

When it comes to wood production, there are many challenges that players in the industry have to deal with. Timber products are made from timber which is a product made from trees as the raw material. Therefore, dealing with wood products means destroying forest and ultimately leading to imbalances in the ecosystem. Eucatex understands this aspect of its products very well and this is why the company has been engaging in numerous research and activities to support sustainability in wood production. The company has come up with a new wood product that seeks to reduce the impacts of wood production on the environment.

Eucatex is the only player in the wood production business that has developed the new thin wood block boards. Noticias said the company developed this product to reduce the use of wood without compromising on its quality. Lucky for Eucatex, the market for it new product has been very promising both locally and in the entire Latin American region. Thin wood block sheets have been on a rising demand in the entire region and this is a positive reception and an advantage for the company. Being the only player in the industry, the company is currently enjoying a monopolistic advantage in the market.

Eucatex is actually bracing up for the prospects of a very successful business with its new product. To show its preparedness, the company has even expanded its storage to enable its mass production in readiness for the rising demand and the expanding market for its new product. Eucatex has been on the forefront in the fight against environmental degradation being part of the various sustainability campaigns. As the company pursues its sustainability strategy especially in the fight against environmental degradation, its future prospects are looking very good in terms of profitability.