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A New Lipstick Line Help Define Lime Crime Cosmetics

The demand for beauty products that fit the vegan mold is extraordinary, and Lime Crime is constantly answering that need. One of the latest offerings by this company is the Liquid Lipstick line. These lipstick varieties offer unique colors, and feature lipstick varieties that meet the strictest standards of safe and ethical cosmetic brands.

Each color in this lipstick line includes the patented Doe Foot applicator and a fashionable unique look. This is one of the incredible beauty-enhancing tools that these innovations offer the modern world of personal beauty and aesthetics. The colors are unlike any in other popular lines, and the ingredients in each lipstick are guaranteed to meet all demands for cosmetics that are produced using cruelty-free and health-conscious methods.

The hallmark of the new Lime Crime Liquid Lipstick line is a look that is strikingly different from other lipstick lines. The colors rely on the natural ability of neutral colors to accentuate every profile. They dry with a vibrant matte appearance, and highlight the contours of every set of lips they cover. These new lipstick colors offer a universe of possibilities and opportunities to accentuate the wearer’s personality.

Saddle Velvetine Liquid Lipstick

This color is an homage to the stunning look of antiquity and western allure. Somehow, rust and an earthy orange has the power to bring out the best in an urban woman.

Thistle Velvetine Liquid Lipstick

This color allows women to wear an incredibly difficult color with confidence. A blue hue has a magical property that gains attention when melded with supple body features.

These two colors are only a prelude to the wide and versatile spectrum of this lipstick line. They represent only a look at what the world of Lime Crime products offer to the modern woman wanting to incorporate safe and ethical beauty products into her personal tool box of beauty aids.