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EOS Lip Balm Offers a Product Like No Other

The lip balm industry is very popular and brings in billions of dollars each year. Traditionally, lip balm products are found in the impulse buy section of stores and that allows people to see what they need. For decades, Chapstick was one of the only brands that people would buy. While Burt’s Bees was another option for the crowd who could afford to spend more on their lip care, it still came in the same boring (and often clinical) tube that Chapstick came in. People wanted more out of their chapstick so that they didn’t have to worry about how awful it looked.

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One of the most logical solutions was to create a lip balm pot. This was not a new concept as it had been used long before Chapstick made its appearance but it started to become popular again in the years leading up the launch of EOS. Most consumers liked the idea of a lip balm in a pot but many did not like the idea of having to stick dirty fingers into the pot to get the lip balm that they needed. EOS was just starting out at this time but they knew that this was going to be a problem that they could solve. Watch more here on

The idea behind EOS is that it provides the pot-like experience for people who don’t want a twist tube, see this. Consumers don’t have to worry about dipping their fingers into it, though, because it is molded into a mound on top of the pot. EOS Lip Balm knew what they were doing at launch, too, because of their design. The unusual spherical shape piqued the interest of thousands of consumers and they bought the product just because they liked the way it looked. They continued to buy it because the product worked well.

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