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Why Wes Edens is an Icon in the Investment Sector

Wes Edens is a renowned finance executive and businessman who co-founded Fortress Investment Group in 1998. He attended the Oregon State University and obtained a degree in Finance and Business Administration. After School, he joined California Savings and Loans where he worked for some time. Edens later moved to Lehman Brothers where his career really took off. He established himself at the organization and rose to the position of director and partner. Edens also worked at BlackRock and the USB before he decided to start his company. Wes Edens is the chairman and principal of Fortress Investment Group. He is also the senior investment officer and oversees the private equity division of the company. His business skills and acumen are an asset that has seen the organization establish itself as one of the top alternative asset management firms in the world.

Edens is responsible for helping Fortress Investment Group to successfully navigate the subprime mortgage crisis and get back to its feet. He also pushed for the purchase of Springleaf Financial Solutions which has turned out to be a worthy investment for Fortress Investment Group. Wes Edens and his co-principals Randal Nardone and Peter Briger have established strong core values at Fortress Investment Group that have ensured the company remains at the top of the investment industry for over 20 years. Employees testify that the organization pays well and it is one of the best places to work at. The management has created a conducive work environment that employees enjoy.

Employees of Fortress admire the business ethics and leadership style of Edens.Even interns say that they are able to acquire essential skills during the short internship period through the guidance of capable mentors at the firm. Forbes Magazine ranked Wes Edens among the top 400 wealthiest individuals. His net worth is approximately $2.5 billion. The billionaire is also a sports enthusiast, and he owns a basketball team in the NBA called Milwaukee Bucks that he purchased for over $ 500 million with Marc Larcy in 2014. He also has an e-sports team called the FlyQuest. Apart from sports, Edens also enjoys mountain climbing and horse jumping.

SahmAdrangi Taking Economics to the Next Level

SahmAdrangi is a prominent leader who serves as the Chief Investment Officer at Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC. Recently, he raised about $ 100 million from investor to bet against a stock. Kerrisdale Capital Management is a unique co-investment fund experiencing tremendous achievements in the industry.At Kerrisdale, hedge fund managers at times raise capital to fund a particular investment program like the recovery of residential-mortgage-backed securities and distressed energy firms. Kerrisdale, based in New York, plans to use the money to short the single stock of the incoming public company. SahmAdrangi stated that they raised a significant amount of capital in a brief period that would help their deal. He insisted that Kerrisdale has taken a company that has a net worth of $10 billion and they will do everything o have everyone understand the insights Kerrisdale has for the people.Shane Wilson, a Kerrisdale analyst, is working with Mr. Adrangi focusing on the upcoming campaign are evaluating a report, website, and video among other platforms that will help convince many people of their thesis. The target company is expected to be unveiled.

Kerrisdale fund has started to purchase stock to establish its position and have a notable presence in the firm.Kerrisdale Capital Management manages almost $500 million which includes the new money raised, the capital it uses to take its case public and also the company has a history of betting. The company has been involved recently in activist short positions include satellite company Globalstar and drug makers sage Therapeutics and Zafreg. Kerrisdale bets both for and against company stocks approximating to an annual return of 28% over the last five years.SahmAdrangi has been involved in Kerrisdale’s activities since its founding in 2009. Before Kerrisdale, Sahm worked at Longacre Fund Management LLC., as an investment analyst. Mr. Adrangi also worked at Chanin Capital Partners, a bankruptcy restructuring group. Moreover, Sahm worked at Deutsche Bank in its leverage group. SahmAdrangi is an alumnus of Yale University holding a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics. SahmAdrangi is passionate about taking Kerrisdale Capital Management to the next level in their economic history.


Laidlaw’s Principals On Spotlight As Relmada Therapeutics Files Complaints

Relmada Therapeutics filed an amended complaint as part of the lawsuit it had filed against Laidlaw. The complaint highlights Laidlaw’s breach of contract by disclosing confidential information about Relmada Therapeutics that it had acquired as the company’s financial advisor. The two people subjected in this complaint are Mr. Matthew Eitner and James Ahern, the CEO and Managing Partner respectively.

Relmada Therapeutics, a company, developing remedies for chronic pain, acquired restraining orders and injunctions against Laidlaw and its two principals for divulging false information about Relmada Inc. Relmada’s board believe that Laidlaw is liable to compensate for damages it suffered and that action had to be taken to ensure Laidlaw doesn’t harm the company in the future.

Laidlaw’s long history of failing to comply with state and federal securities laws has lead to multiple sanctions and suspensions by state regulators, SEC and NYSE. Some violations include:

• During the global financial crisis, the company received over 60 customer complaints and lawsuits for damage compensation.

• During the same period, FINRA sanctioned Laidlaw for failure to report these complaints as stipulated in the financial regulations

• Failure to comply with rules regarding money laundering

About Laidlaw

Laidlaw & Company Ltd, initially Sands Brothers International is an investment firm located in the US and the UK. It offers investment banking as well as wealth management services to private and public institutions, corporates as well as high net individuals. Its principal business location is NYC.

Its executive team, Mr. Matthew Eitner, CEO, and James Ahern, a managing partner and head of capital markets are the leaders and are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the company. The company is well-equipped to serve its clients having been on the investment banking and wealth management scene for over 170 years. Laidlaw’s offices in both the UK and the US hold over 150 employees.