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Brad Reifler’s View on Investment Opportunities

Forefront Capital, which was founded by Brad Reifler, is a company offering a new spin on investment opportunities. Historically, most investment companies only served clients whose financial situation landed them in the top 1 percent of the population, which included incomes in excess of $200,000 a year or a net worth of at least $1,000,000 without calculating their home into the net worth. Reifler, who Reuters says is CEO of the Forefront Capital Group, is changing that historic fact by serving the 99 percent of the population in his company.

This gives opportunities to many people, who are classified as the middle class and otherwise would not be considered for investment services. Many of these people already have retirement plans through their employer and Reifler can offer additional financial security by way of high risk investments, which can yield enormous gains. In a recent Reuters article, the specifics of his plan are highlighted.

Reifler offers the middle class the chance to invest in increments as low as $2500. Brad wants to help this group of investors, who do not have much experience in the field, to feel comfortable in their investments when they become clients of Forefront Capital. He aims to provide services that will help his clients bridge the gap between employment and retirement through quality investing.