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Introducing the Penis Necklace

Fashion is ever changing industry. Many of the things designed by the industry tends to be very innovative, stylish, smart and creative. Others, however, are just plain weird, drab or outrageous. But while these are unsuccessful in the short term, they may innovate in other regards.

Have you ever had a moment where you walked into a store and saw something you thought, “Who would spend this much money on something so weird?” Well, brace yourself because believe it or not what follows in the news is absolutely true. 

Tom Ford is a fashion designer and movie director. He helped turnaround the Gucci Brand and created his own fashion label called Tom Ford. Well, Tom has unveiled his newest item for the holidays. It is a Penis Pendant. Tom has been known to produce some risqué items but this is by far his most overwhelming piece. Not only did he introduce a Penis Necklace but the price tag is a whopping $790. I’d rather spend that money at The Antique Wine Company.

This creation brings a whole lot of questions to my mind, probably yours too. Who would buy that? Why would you spend $790 on a penis necklace? Has Tom Ford lost his marbles, why would he create such a thing?

Retailers Are Not Making More on Black Thursday


Black Friday sales this year started off as disappointing for retailers. Shoppers decided to turn to cyber deals and do their shopping online. Nevertheless, retailers continue to push to open at an earlier time every year. This year, retailers opened at 4 p.m. Black Friday began on the Thursday of Thanksgiving. An investigation has shown that shoppers tend to go shopping when they know there are deals. The data does not demonstrate a need for retailers to open on Thursday. The only thing that is occurring by opening on Thursday, is spreading the amount of shoppers throughout the weekend.

Shoppers now know that the deals begin at the beginning of November and continue on to December. There is no need to go shop on a specific day. John Textor says he is concerned about the retail workers who are being hurt by opening on Thanksgiving, by not being able to spend time with their families. The retailers are making money, but they could make this money by waiting to open on Black Friday. Shoppers have learned that the deals will get better. Furthermore, many of the deals are available online. Retailers must strategize to determine how to continue bringing in shoppers.