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Helping My Overweight Dog Means Feeding Him Beneful Healthy Weight

When I first got a dog, I started cooking food all the time. I would make breakfast in the morning for myself, and then I would also cook the dog steak, hamburger meat, or some other type of meat that the dog would eat. I rarely gave my dog anything but meat, and I didn’t feel the need to buy any kind of dog food. I took the dog to regular veterinarian visits, but honestly, I rarely paid attention to what the vet was saying. I had to listen to the veterinarian after my last visit because she said that the dog was getting extremely overweight.

I lied to my vet in the past when she had asked me about what I was feeding my dog, and I told her that the dog was only eating a really good dog food like Beneful. I think she saw the lie in my eyes because she waited for a whole minute before she responded to what I said. I wouldn’t sit there and argue with her about what I was feeding my pet because it was none of her business, so I simply took my pet home. Now I have to listen because she said that the dog’s weight is seriously affecting him, especially since he’s an older dog.

I was so used to cooking for my pet that it got to be a habit, and I was cooking several times a day. Although I was getting tired of cooking all the time, I figured that my pet was getting the best from me, and I wanted him to have the best foods. I started considering what the veterinarian was saying, and she told me that my pet had to lose some weight, and she said he wasn’t very healthy. I chose to do research on my own about feeding pets the foods that we eat.

Although dogs can eat meats, they aren’t only supposed to eat meats because they’ll lack proper nutrition. I knew that I had to do something, and I started to feel bad that I had been feeding my dog such a bad diet. I went to the pet store to inquire with a clerk about what kind of dog food would be best for my overweight pet. The clerk was very helpful, and he suggested that I get Beneful Healthy Weight, which is a dog food that will help my pet to lose weight.

Not only will Beneful help my dog lose weight, but it’s also healthy for him, it’s nutritious, and it has all the wholesome foods that he needs to be a healthy dog. The pet store clerk told me that I should feed the dog the food every single day and nothing else, and he also said I need to exercise the dog daily. I took everything to heart what the pet store clerk told me, and I started exercising my dog and feeding him Beneful for a month, and that’s when I saw the change. I’ll definitely keep feeding my dog Beneful from now on.

Delighting Your Dog

What’s your dog eating today? If it’s the same, boring bowl of food you’ve always offered, it’s time to consider the exciting, healthy benefits of Beneful. Made by Purina, a brand you can trust, Beneful is designed to provide healthy, quality ingredients in texture-rich recipes that bring dog food to a whole new level. Beneful offers a wide variety of high quality proteins, vitamin-rich vegetables, wholesome grains and antioxidant-rich nutrition and textures to delight your dog.
Purina knows dogs and they developed Beneful to bring out the best in each dog. That’s why they offer Beneful in varieties like Healthy Smile, Healthy Weight, Playful Life and Healthy Growth for Puppies, along with oven-baked healthy snacks and Hearty Roasters, Stews and Medleys in their wet foods. Your dog will thrive with the tastes, textures and nutrients in every bowl.
Not only is Beneful designed to help your dog thrive (Petco), it is also scientifically developed and continually tested to ensure the health and safety of your dog. Purina brings the strength of hundreds of scientists, nutrition specialists and quality assurance experts to their manufacturing process to provide healthy, safe foods for your dog.
We know that wolves in the wild obtain their nutrition from both animals and plants. Research has shown that the right combination of proteins, grains and vegetables provide the optimal nutrition for our dogs. To create a dog food that offers the right nutrients in a blend that’s tasty, easily digestible and healthy all in one bowl is a challenge. Beneful meets that challenge with a large variety of tastes, textures and special benefits to meet the needs of your dog.
When dogs have the proper nutrition and are excited by mealtime, chances are they will be ready to engage in playtime as well. Playing and having fun is an important part of your dog’s health and well-being. Just as having a good time reduces your own stress, the same is true for your dog. You can bring out the best in your dog’s physical and mental health just by including different kinds of play in the daily routine.
Beneful offers the full package of nutrition, tastes and textures to optimize the health of your dog and to provide a delightful mealtime experience. In turn, your dog may delight you with a newly energized personality, ready to have fun and play.

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