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Evergreen Heathcare Partners: Drew Madden’s Step Into the Future of Healthcare

The new Evergreen Healthcare Partners organization was founded in July 2017 as a joint venture between  Drew Madden, Rebecca Bottorff, Aaron Friedman and Jeff Leach. All four partners has extensive experience in the healthcare technology field. The basic premise for the new organization is to focus more on the individual instead of the latest technology.

The newer personalized algorithms that healthcare companies now have access to is one of the main drivers for this program shift. Drew Madden, due to his experiences and expertise in the healthcare information technology industry, is the expert in incorporating these algorithms. His expertise with electronic medical records (EMR)provides the organization with opportunities to help healthcare organizations achieve their goals. It is because Madden has these skill sets that he is able to advise healthcare organizations about how to implement healthcare platforms.

Madden believes that it is important that finding the right opportunity takes extra time. That extra time can pay off in dividends of enhanced connectivity and goal sharing. Evergreen Healthcare Partners’ core mission is to provide needed support for healthcare organizations through a variety  of electronic health record (EHR) platforms. Eventually the partners want to offer a broader array of healthcare technology services and support. Their primary focus is as an advisory company.

The drive to form this new partnership had been a long time coming. Madden understood that he needed to test the markets and gain a better understanding of the technology before venturing out. His tenure at Nordic Consulting has proven that there was a need to humanize the healthcare information technology field. The struggles that many healthcare professionals were having with their existing equipment and technology told a tale that the time was almost ripe for Evergreen Healthcare.

Madden knew that some employees felt that they had been left out in the cold. He wanted to change that. His overriding goal was to help healthcare organizations create highly functioning work forces. It was his belief to making sure that people matter that attracted Bottorff, Friedman and Leach to join him in this endeavor. Madden believes that Evergreen Healthcare is the right step into the future of healthcare.