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The Unique Mind of Joseph Bismark


Who could ever achieve the greatness of Joseph Bismark? I never knew of this leader before, but after reading an article about him on the blog, “We Don’t Love These Hogues,” I can say he is truly an inspirational being. Raised in the mountains of the Philippines among monks, he learned at a young age what most of us would learn later in our life. Success can be achieved by everyone. When he returned back home in Malaysia, he applied that knowledge in the business industry and eventually worked his way to do wonders. 
One of his best accomplishments was being the managing director for Qi Group. Applying his strong sense of spirituality into his work, he managed to do many things there, such as inspiring the creation of the Corporate Social Responsibility arm of the Qi Group. As for more modern news, the Qi Group opened a college in Malaysia called Quest International University Perak. At this astounding university, students are informed of the impacts of humans on the Earth which basically was a part of Bismark’s spiritual belief. Joseph Bismark is very different from any other everyday businessman.
Most businessmen tend to be very arrogant and egoistic, but not Bismark. He is a humble being and even as a boss, he still respects his employees. Even when they are not doing exceptional work, he encourages them to work harder to achieve almost perfection with no harsh words. As stated above, he believes everyone can reach success. 
He took his spirituality and combined it with the corporate world thus creating a powerful sense of brotherhood and humbleness. He brought uncountable businesses to follow his own beliefs and numerous people to follow in his footsteps. I believe Bismark is someone that not just businessmen, but everyone should hold in the highest esteem. He is a quintessential of how far a person can go in life by working to the best of their ability and just being optimistic.