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The CEO of Seattle Genetics Company Clay Siegall As Having More Than 20 Years of Experience in the Scientific Fields

Clay Siegall is the CEO of Seattle Genetics and his WordPress blog is a place where Siegall shares his thoughts and current information on things he is working on. Some of his latest posts show Wikipedia pictures of the day to inspire others. He also shares a lot of the news that is shared by the news outlet NPR. Some of these stories include things like Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke Reviewing Bears Ears National Monument or Aid-In-Dying Requires More Than Just a Law Californians Find. Posts are made almost every day on his site and he seems very active on WordPress.

Clay Siegall is the CEO of a genetics company in Seattle so he shares a lot about science and different discoveries that are coming out in the media each day. NPR seems to be his big news source. Stories relate to everything from information about the strength of smell that dogs have to talk about whale detectives or about how coffee farming looks to those farmers in Uganda. Siegall seems very interested in furthering and sharing the news that has anything to do with science and helping share the latest discoveries scientists have been making recently.

Clay Siegall is an alumnus of the University of Maryland where he received his Bachelor’s Degree. He then went on to George Washington University where he studied until he obtained his PhD. Siegall is the proud co-founder of the Seattle Genetics Company Inc. which he helped found in 1997 and he became a CEO back in November of 2002.

Clay Siegall has over 20 years of experience in both cancer research and the development of the various therapeutic drug. Siegall has worked for various pharmaceutical and medical companies throughout his career and brings that wealth of knowledge to his position as the CEO of the Seattle Genetics Company that he helped co-found.