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Ted Bauman’s Take on Apple Stock

Ted Bauman, an editor at Banyan Hill Publishing is an investment advisor. He is also the writer of Banyan Hill Publishing’s “The Bauman Letter” newsletter that offers pertinent advice on securing and preserving wealth. With his financial and investment background on stocks, he has devoted much of his time delving deeper into the performance of stocks of various companies.

Mr. Ted Bauman has a lot of reservations concerning Apple’s future. Despite the fact that the Apple stock is impressive currently, its future does not seem all that bright. According to this experience economist in an article, he wrote in his “The Bauman Letter” he says that consumers want innovative products from Apple. But on the contrary, the company’s growth has stagnated following the demise of its former Co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs which lead to a 6.5% overnight drop in earnings.

Ted does not dispute the fact that Apple is the world’s most profitable company owing to its iPhone line of business. He went on to point out that the company only controls a larger market in the United States, Japan, and the UK. In most countries, the Apple controls only between 12-25 % market share. In totality, its global market share is only 20%. Ted Bauman answers people’s most asked question on how Apple still manages to be profitable with such small market share. Mr. Ted explains that this is due to Apple’s pricing power. The brand is developed on the concept of unique experience. Most customers are willing to pay premium prices for this perceived pinnacle of quality.

The fall in market share for Apple according to Ted Bauman is due to its slowed brand value growth. Ted says that people buy products based on a company’s brand name. In this regard, a company’s pricing power depends on its brand name value. If the brand name drops, so does its pricing power decreases. This case applies to Apple.

In another likely bad move for Apple, the pricing of its new babes, MacBook Air, Mac Mini, and iPad Pro doesn’t seem right. The prices are extravagantly higher as these new products don’t seem much different from the previous versions. This shows that Apple sales are dropping and they are banking on the customers to be willing to pay premium prices for the Apple brand.

Apple is the first company to hit $1 Trillion capitalizations in NYSE this year. However, the stock plunged 18 percent in starting October. According to Ted Bauman, a company that relies on pricing power wealth alone is unstable. A stock that depends on brand power can plummet at the same rate it rises. In addition, Ted says that the returns also benefits goes to the capital owners alone and not employs who devote themselves to making the products. This creates inequality.

Ted’s parting word is for investors to watch the performance of Apple closely. His advice can’t be wrong. He is a seasoned investment advisor who looks at stocks from a keen eye with emotions aside. Bornover at Washington and raised in Maryland’s East Shore, Ted moved to the South Africa at a young age. He attended University of Cape Town. He has a postgraduate degree and History and Economics. During his stay in South Africa, he has held executive positions in different non-profit organization chiefly as the fund manager in the field of affordable housing projects.

In 2008, Mr. Bauman returned home and became the Director of International Programs. He started working for Banyan Hill Publishing on 2013 in an editor capacity for a couple of publications. Ted currently lives with his family in GA, Atlanta.

Wesley Edens, an investor, family man and co-founder of Fortress Investment Group

Wesley Edens was born on October, 30th 1961. He is an American businessman and a financial expert. Edens is also the co-founder of the most prominent financial investment Group in the world. The fortress investment company was established in 1998. The brains behind the business involved five co-principals. The Organisation is well known for its remarkable services. They are the number one service providers involving financial and asset management.

Over the years, the Institution has earned the trust of millions of clients. All the high net worth companies and individuals visit the firm for all asset and financial management services. The company has faced tough moments along the way. However, the qualified and very efficient financial experts working in the company have ensured that everything runs as expected. Wes Edens and his colleagues have been at the forefront to oversee that business run swiftly.

Apart from his professional life at Fortress Investment Group, Edens is also the owner of the famous basketball team, the Milwaukee Bucks’. The team is based in Wisconsin. Wes Edens co-owns the sports club with businessman Marc Lasry. The duo has transformed the Milwaukee Basketball club since they took over.

Wesley Edens is also the owner of the League of Legends team Fly Quest. The financial expert is known for his remarkable business ideas. He is a business minded person. Whenever he is not doing business or attending to responsibilities at Fortress Investment Group, he is enjoying time with his family back in New York. He has one wife and four beautiful daughters. To know more about him click here.

His hobbies are Horse jumping and mountain climbing. Most people ask him if he can do mountain climbing at his age.

Prior joining Fortress Investment Group, Wes Edens had served in two companies. He started working at Lehman Brothers. After that, he joined Blackrock’s. The firm was private equity at the moment. After serving for three years, he quit and decided to do something different.

Under Eden’s management, the Fortress investment group publicly traded on February 9, the year 2009. Wes Edens, together with his co-principals have managed to transform the firm to be a world-class organisation.

Vijay Eswaran’s Business Success and Personal Philosophy

To operate a business is the most challenging thing to partake. Majority of people admire the returns in the business, but they do not realize the challenges the owner has to persevere. To be a successful businessman, they are hurdles and difficulties you ought to overcome. This can be seen in successful business individuals such Vijay Eswaran. Vijay is a prominent philosopher and businessman, who believe in high quality services.

To Vijay Eswaran, a great business leader is a person with the ability to serve others diligently. Forbes lists him among the influential philanthropists in Asia. Vijay serves in World Economic Forum to help other business organisations reach their full potential. He considers a great leader as an individual with high integrity. Maintaining integrity ensures that business leaders follow moral and ethical values to define their business goals.

To offer people a wide range of access to his empowering philosophy, Vijay Eswaran has a series of books. These books guide individuals on how to have a mindset that will lead to success. Some of his best-selling books include: On the Wings of Thought, In the Thinking Zone, 18 Stepping Stones, and In the Sphere of Silence. According to Vijay, he highlights that fear is a factor that stops people to attain their goals.

Vijay Eswaran rose to prominence after graduating from London School of Economics with a BA in social economics. Later on, he became a successful Malaysian businessman and the chairman of the QI Group Company. His public outreach as a motivational speaker has been broad in the world of business. This has allowed him to successfully teach people and business organisations on how to strive for excellence. Through his writings and speeches, he has been able to reach a large number of masses. This has acted as a source of inspiration to individuals and businesses around the world.

Robert Ivy Honored with the Coveted Noel Polk Award

Robert Ivy is the current President and CEO of the American Institute of Architects (AIA). The Mississippi Institute of Art and Letters recently awarded Mr. Ivy with the coveted Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award for his excellence in the world of architecture. In fact, Robert Ivy is the first architect to win the prestigious Polk Award. It recognizes Mississippi-based art patrons and connected artists for supporting, performing, and creating extraordinary art. Artist Walter Anderson, actor Morgan Freeman, and writer Eudora Welty are some of the past honorees of the Polk Award. No one matches Robert Ivy when it comes to helping the general public access architectural field. Mr. Ivy features as an honoree of the acclaimed Noel Polk Award for his achievements as an author, writer, and commentator in the architecture world.

Recently, AIA appointed Robert as its ambassador for his performance as an editor, practicing architect, and author since 2011. The award crowns him for his professional and personal accomplishments as a Mississippi native. Carl Elefante, the current President of FAIA, was the first to congratulate Robert for earning such as unique honor. Robert has been instrumental in helping AIA extend its global presence since his appointment as the CEO in 2011. In fact, AIA reached its highest membership level since its inception in 2011 after Mr. Ivy took over as the Chief Executive Officer. AIA intends to acknowledge Mr. Ivy’s achievement during an event scheduled on June 2nd.

About Robert Ivy

Robert Ivy began his career in 1996 as the Editor in Chief of Architectural Record, an architectural journal with broad global outreach. Previously, he was working for McGraw-Hill Construction Media as the Editorial Director and Vice President. He was working for Dean & Ivy as a principal from 1981 to 1996. Robert has been a critic for many national architectural publications. Mr. Ivy helped Architectural Record earn numerous prestigious industry honors for its excellence in the publishing world. In 2009, the American Business Media honored Ivy with the Crain Award, which is the highest honor for an individual. Robert had also won the McGraw-Hill Award in 1998 for his excellence in the world of management.

Randal Nardone self-made billionaire

Before working at Fortress venture gathering, Randal Nardone has had encounter working in the legal division as an accomplice of a law office. In the wake of working for the law office for a long while, Randal appreciated the money related administration industry which was not by his instruction foundation. He joined a Financial administration firm where he has relegated the part of vital. He didn’t work for long in the organization before he quit and joined USB. As to buy of Fortress Investment Group by SoftBank Group, Randal Nardone said it was the correct advance after moderated private value speculations. These will acquire another condition that will empower interest in things that bring returns. He noticed that Fortress individual value business buy was an alert measure when there were numerous things available to be purchased and seemingly insignificant details of significant worth that merit purchasing.

Randal Nardone is an enthusiastic and an adroit supervisor. His administration aptitudes are anyway not from his instruction foundation instead as a matter of fact working at various administrative positions in multiple organizations. Nardone learned at Boston University of Law School where he contemplated expressions and English. He later selected at Connecticut University where he examined the science. Randal is a superb leader..Randal’s administration style accentuates the significance of cooperation, and he has continuously urged every one of his representatives to fill in as a group to accomplish the common objectives. At only 51 years old, Randal Nardone has accomplished a vast fortune.He’s possessed the capacity to make his prosperity through stable associations with other splendid speculators and a relentless devotion to his organization’s proceeded with progress.

While Fortress Investment Group may never again be a remain single element, his impact still lives on with him as the CEO of the organization. The details of a fund office have over the time changed. Before, financers exclusively anticipated that would do the math and find suitable answers for number-crunching paying little mind to their senior positions in associations. In the course of the last five to fifteen years, the parts of financers have taken another turn with a significant portion of them entrusted with senior positions of authority. Otherwise called first machine gear-pieces in business, financers are currently strategists in various firms. Randal Nardone is only one of the numerous financiers who has solidified their names in the industry of private value and other money-related administrations.

Wes Edens: Major Contributions at Fortress Investment Group

Wes Edens is a well-known businessman in America and sports team owner as well as an investor in private equity. Wes Edens is also a co-founder of Fortress Investment Group. He co-owns the Milwaukee Bucks. This is a national Basketball franchise located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Wes is the owner of the League of Legend team for FlyQuest. Wes has a bachelor’s degree in B. S for finance and business administration. After his studies, Wes became a managing director and partner until the year 1993. After that, Wes went to serve at BlackRock Asset Investors, which is a private equity division at BlackRock. He stayed in the company until the year 1997 still as a managing director and partner.

His career began intensely in 1987, and since then he continues to show excellence in his work. He is among the five principals at the Fortress Investment Group. He was among them in co-founding the business in 1998. Today Fortress Investment Group is an excellent firm in the business world whose effect and impact is much felt by their clients. Wes Edens fostered exceptional investment style that took him to the 007 Wall Street Journal article. Still, in his leadership, the firm was among the first publicly traded buyout firms in the year 2007. Together with other partners made the company known publicly through the initial public offering. As a result, the firm sold around 8 percent of shares to the members of the public in 2009. Wes was one of the billionaires in the year 2006 after the company excelled in a business deal with Nomura Holdings.

In 2009, Wes served as the chairman of the board of directors in the firm. He earnestly served as the chairman to the company’s transportation and infrastructure investors since 2015 to 2016.Through Wes efforts, the company announced the formation of the team called FlyQuest. This is an eSport kind of professional video gaming that is currently known as League of Legends team. It competes with the North American League of Legends Championship Series. Apart from the gaming aspect, Wes is the catalyst behind the success at Fortress when they were purchasing the subprime lender Springleaf Financial Services. This is a private equity business at Fortress. As a result, Fortress became e a firm stakeholder for Springleaf. Wes became the face at Wall Street Journal as a master of subprime lending. He is currently the chairman of this private equity business. Wes Edens is a lover of mountain climbing and horse jumping in his leisure times.


Billionaire Wes Edens is among the wealthiest people in the United States. The successful businessman is the co-founder and the chairman of fortress investments group, which is the world’s largest asset management company. The Forbes billionaire listing places him at 352nd.Wes Edens earned a B.s in business administration and finance from Oregon state university in 1984. He has played a prominent role in the success of Fortress Investment Company. As one of the five principles of the company, he has contributed ideas which when implemented yielded the company a lot of profit and popularity. One of his contributions is facilitating the purchase of Springleaf financial service. Acquiring Springleaf which has over 1500 branches well recognized in 44 United States increased Fortress market share in America.

Within a period, its profit surpassed the original investment of fortress investments by far making the purchase a significant miles stone of Fortress. It’s because of the efforts, dedication, and hard work of Wes Edens, that fortress is where it is now Before joining Fortress, Company Eden worked in some companies among them Lehman Brothers as its manager before moving to Blackrock where he served as a director until 1997. It is during this period that he gained experience and incredible skills to lead Fortress investment group.Fortress is a significant employer with over 950 people working in the company. Most employees enjoy working in the company due to the many benefits that they get in return. As a worker of Fortress, one is relieved of his/her medical bill since it’s covered in medical and dental insurance by the company.

Besides this, the company has well equipped human capital from whom interns learn. Most of the employees also claim the company exposes them to fundamental financial knowledge. Additionally, they are happy working in this company because of its outstanding leadership of Edens and his partners. Most employees also appreciate the 401k as a great program.Apart from the Fortress, Wes Eden has invested in sports. In 2014, he and other partners purchased Milwaukee Bucks, which is a famous basketball team in America. Edens thinks that investing in e-sport is the way to go. He and his team have gone further to create pro-league of Legends team that will operate under Milwaukee Bucks. All this will see Mr. Wes Edens reach great heights in sports business.

Growing Your Wealth With Agora Financial

The days of depending on investment advice from a financial adviser are long over for many people with wealth to manage. Brokers are often more concerned about commissions than returns, commonly to the detriment of the client. The contemporary trend is toward self-management of wealth with all of the financial information available in the current media. The problem for the investor has become knowing what information or which publishers are reliable in terms of accuracy and true predictability, which is a necessary component of any financial growth plan. That dependable information is exactly what Agora Financial aims to provide for all of their member subscribers.

The first component of any investment plan is buying in when the price is low and watching your wealth grow when the market forces are in full motion. That ability comes with being informed well ahead of the curve for certain segments of the economy. Agora Financial offers over 20 financial news publications in a wide variety of investment areas that can provide solid advice for all members. Many times the Agora Financial investigation into an emerging investment opportunity begins long before the curve, often actually including traveling to the primary destination for a complete report on financial conditions on the ground in real time.

The authors team at Agora Financial is as impressive as the company track record for investing information success, as all of the writers have extensive experience working in the financial field. Investment professionals areas of expertise include banking, precious metals, stocks, bonds, and hedge funds. The team also includes best-selling New York Times authors as well as Pulitzer Prize nominees. The publisher team at Agora Financial is second to none in the financial publication industry, offering excellent wealth growing advice to AG subscribers for many years.

The Innovative Focus of Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar’s unrivaled financial leadership and expertise have gained him success in industries that include commercial, retail, mergers and acquisitions and more.His skills encompass creative sales concepts, finding venture capital as well as marketing strategies. Bonar’s more than 30 years of experience began with IBM U.K. Ltd. where he worked for about 17 years as a procurement manager before joining QMS, a high performance color and monochrome printer supplier, as executive director of engineering. At QMS he also supervised approximately 100 engineers in the areas of software and hardware advancement.

He previously worked for other companies that include Rastek, Adaptec, Allegiant Professional, Smart-Tek Automated Services and Bezier Systems before joining Dalrada Financial Corporation in 1994. He currently holds the position of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Dalrada as well as Chief Executive Officer and Chairman at Trucept.According to a story, Bonar’s unrivaled financial leadership set up the solid groundwork for his unique career. The story also pointed out how his personal traits, flexibility and principles played a vital part in his achievements.For example, at Dalrada Bonar is positioned to supervise activities of the company as he has handled a broad variety of employer and employee benefits and direct sales.

The company specializes in putting forward a wide range of employee products that enhance business efficiency, such as financial administration, human resource services and risk management.In 2011 Bonar deepened his responsibilities taking on the role of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Trucept.The company provides services to small and mid-sized companies that take in payroll administration, employee benefits and long term and temporary staffing.What’s more, Bonar heads Imaging Technologies Corporation, a document imaging provider. He has been engaged in increasing the company’s market through strategic acquisition.

Distinguished for his skills, Bonar received the Cambridge Who’s Who award, which recognizes executives for their leadership performance and professional achievements.Making the most of his sharp businessman’s reputation, the San Diego businessman recently invested in a restaurant in Escondido he named Bellamy’s.The restaurant is already recognized for its approach to cuisine as it provides a blend of California Modern combined with robust French inspirations. And last year Bellamy’s won the OpenTable Diners’ Choice Winner award.Bonar’s education includes a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Strathclyde and an MBA and doctorate degree from Staffordshire University.

Community Banking Confernece Looks To The Experience Of Nexbank President

The growth of community banks has recently been discussed at the 5th Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference from the Texas Bankers Association where industry leaders and financial experts came together to discuss how these areas of interest can assist Texas banking institutions. Nexbank President and CEO John Holt was added to a panel discussing the subject of “Reinventing Community Banking: Perspectives on Competing by Innovation” as the skills of the financial expert were sought to help the banking industry in Texas continue to find success.


Mergers and acquisitions strategies formed the basis of the discussion John Holt took part in as professionals from across the Texas banking industry came together to discuss how best to use their skills to better the industry as a whole; John Holt and his fellow panelists gave their views on how the use of branching can aid community banking growth as the industry moves forward through the 21st century.


Nexbank has been operating from its base in Dallas, Texas for a number of decades with its charter dating back to 1922; the bank has been in operation for both business and individual customers throughout that time and has consistently looked to grow for the future. The role of Nexbank has not been limited to operating in Texas with the professional banking and financial experts at the company looking to develop a presence across the U.S. through the use of the latest technology. In the 21st century Nexbank has looked to the investment banking and commercial mortgage sectors in a bid to keep the growth of the bank moving forward at every level.