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Infinity Group Australia Just Keeps Helping Everyday Australians And Is Now Getting Recognized For Its Valuable Work:

Founded in 2013 by entrepreneurs Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker, Infinity Group Australia has been making a massive difference in the lives of everyday Australians in regard to helping them reduce their debt and pay off their home loans. Graeme Holm originally had the inspiration for founding Infinity Group Australia during his time working in the loan industry. He noticed that a lot of Australians really didn’t get very good deals when it came to home loans and they then, often had trouble making their payments. Graeme wanted to create a firm that incorporated the concept of financial coaching into the loan repayment and debt reduction process. In this manner, Infinity Group Australia is really there for its clients every step of the way through their loan repayment process. The results have been quite outstanding, to put it mildly. Infinity Group Australia clients pay of more on their home loans in three months than they had been able to manage previously in an entire year. This is because the company is there through the whole process, giving financial coaching and helping clients to set budgets that still allow for them to enjoy their lives while at the same time, streamlining things so that the debt is getting paid off at a much faster rate than previously.


The innovative approach that Infinity Group Australia has used to help everyday Australians with their loan payments has received a lot of high praise. Among this praise is the 2018 recognition of the firm as one of the most innovative companies in all Australia and New Zealand. This prestigious list is compiled annually by the Australian Financial Review, one of the preeminent financial publications in the country. The competition was stiff, to say the least, and thousands of firms vied for a spot in the top one-hundred list. Overall, Infinity Group Australia came in at an impressive number fifty-eight. Graeme Holm was thrilled about receiving this piece of recognition for his company’s hard work and gave a huge amount of credit to his dedicated team of professionals that work for Infinity Group Australia. The company hopes that this exposure will allow it to help even more everyday Australians who might need some assistance in reducing their debt and paying off their home loans. At the end of the day, helping people out is at the heart of what the folks at Infinity Group Australia do best. Learn more :