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Looking for Amazing Beauty Products? Try Lime Crime

Many people are looking for ways to improve their overall look. One of the ways that this can be done for females is by using makeup. But which make up is the best choice for you? There are so many different kinds of makeup up there that it can be difficult to make a final choice.


One of the best-selling makeup brands on the market right now is called Lime Crime.


About the Company


If you’ve never heard of this company before, you’re in for a real treat. This company was started by a woman named Doe Deere.


Doe Deere was just a teenager when she started experimenting with makeup. She started a YouTube channel where she put on crazy makeup styles and showed viewers new ways of applying makeup. She loved to mix crazy colors together and create patterns on her face for lots of wild looks. In general, Doe Deere loved makeup, and she loved fashion. She wanted to make it her life’s work.


When she started to think about ways that she could harness her talents and make money, she decided to create her own line of makeup, and this decision has definitely served her well. When coming up with a name for her company, she decided on Lime Crime because her favorite color of makeup was lime green. She has since said that she had no idea her company would go as far as it did.


This makeup company has been going strong for many years at this point. The goal of the company was originally to create cruelty free and vegan makeup for young women and for men if they desire to wear makeup. Overall, they have succeeded with flying colors.


If you would like to buy makeup from Doe Deere, just check out the website. There, you’ll find all of their products for eyes, face and lips as well as more information about their mission as a company. All of the products from Lime Crime are made in Los Angeles, California. On their website, you can also sign up for their e-mail list.

All About Lime Crime

Since 2008 Lime Crime has offered some of the most Innovative and unique products on the market. They offer a complete line of lip care products as well as a few key eye products. Lime Crime products are available online as well as in a few select stores. Known for their bright unique colors as well as cute and convenient Packaging it is still one of the top leading makeup companies on the market today.

The company was created over nine years ago by CEO and founder Doe Deere. Deere was originally in the fashion industry when she launched the company on eBay just a few short weeks before Halloween. She was originally selling her custom fashion creations when she went on a search for makeup to match. Finding very little bright and unique colors on the market she set out to create her own brand of unique colors.

Many years later the company is still offering bright unique fun colors. Not only are their products a great way to express yourself but they also offer unique textures as well as some really great benefits. Each lip and eye product are cruelty free meaning they are not tested on animals and they do not include any animals or animal by products in the ingredients. This is especially great for vegans and vegetarians as it is often hard to find a vegan friendly makeup brand. The brand has been backed by PETA as well as Leap Bunny which are two of the biggest animal advocate agencies in the world. Since the beginning Deere has always focused on cruelty free products.

Another great feature about their products is they are extremely long lasting. The lip products as well as the eye products do not bleed or transfer and they are touch proof as well as kiss proof. Each product is designed to last all day and offers a smooth moisturizing texture and finish. With all of these great benefits and so many more it is easy to see why Lime Crime is still one of the leading makeup companies in the industry today.

Passion for Media and Entertainment- Roberto Santiago

People love creativity in all areas, including fashion, television programs, and in the books we read. It needs a lot of knowledge and passion for being creative. Several individuals have been able to give their best when it comes to being creative, and their creations have been recognized worldwide.

Roberto Santiago is very passionate about the media, and he has been showing continuous efforts to create the best movies, television programs, as well as writing books. Mr. Roberto was born in Madrid in 1968. After his High School graduation, he decided to pursue what he loved most, image and sounds at the University Complutense the Madrid de Madrid, and he also studied Library Creation at the School of Letters of Madrid.

After his graduation from the University, Roberto Santiago went ahead to secure a job as a television screenwriter, and editor for advertising agencies in Madrid. Roberto is also a producer who has published several video clips. Roberto Santiago directed his first film in 1999, a movie which was shown at Cannes Film Festivals. He is considered to be a go-getter, and his efforts to make big in the media industry did not stop there. Instead, he went ahead to direct Happy men in 2001. The movie, Happy Men premiered at the Spanish Film Festival of Malaga. Roberto Santiago has premiered several other movies and films including; 2005 the longest penalty in the world, a movie that did well and was nominated to Goya as the best-adapted screenplay. In 2007 Roberto got yet another opportunity to direct the suicides club and several other films that have made significant in the entertainment industry. Read more articles on

Mr. Roberto is also a writer who has published various books including children’s books that have been translated into different language. His first novel was El ladron de mentiras. He has also been honored and was a finalist for the prize El Barco de Vapor, and he won the Edebe prize for children. Roberto Santiago has also collaborated with several other screenwriters to produce and direct films, television programs, and series. Roberto’s efforts and passion have led him also to write scripts for theater; he has written several scripts that have been shown and played in theaters all over the world. Some of the theater scripts he has written include; Naked, Happiness of a woman, Topos, Say No, and Lady Chatterley’s Mole which is based on real life events. Roberto Santiago has also been honored for the theater films.

People StyleWatch Collaborates with JustFab to Launch Exclusive Capsule Collection

JustFab the leading e-commerce site for fashion-subscription, combined efforts with People StyleWatch. This is the female millennia’s leading style brand. They have joined forces to launch a capsule collection called People StyleWatch Exclusive for JustFab. The feature the latest footwear this season. They also feature handbags. You can find the exclusive collection on

The People StyleWatch editors have created a collaboration with JustFab to create a great design for more than 25 styles tapping the top trends in spring. They include flirty sandals, embellished flats, and sexy heels coming to you in a wide range of colors, textures, and patterns. Also available are the seven-chic-handbags that come with perforated envelope clutches, bucket styles, and pop colors.

Lisa Arbetter, the People StyleWatch Editor, said that they had created an ultimate bag and shoe wardrobe. There are dozens of styles that suit you at every moment whether you are out at night, or in town with friends. The fashion-owned sensibility of the Peoples StyleWatch provides an exciting foundation for blending design. All members will love the creation of this styles. They will enhance the quality of their lives.

Their key pieces include the embellished espadrille flat Chauncy, the gladiator sandal, the Aramis, the Sasha, and the two-toned prints. The collection has a price of $39 for VIP members.

People StyleWatch, the leading millennial’s media brand, is the source of fashion, celebrity lifestyle, and beauty. It was initially presented as the appropriate extension of People. The company was launched in 2007. It has an audience of over 10.5 million people. The People StyleWatch, across all social media platforms, has more than one million followers.

JustFab was founded in 2010. This is the leading fashion subscription website for e-commerce. It’s a brand for fashion that provides its members with personalized engagement in the shopping experience. Millions of subscribed members all-over-the-world have a monthly celebrity treatment to receive a broad range of shoes, handbags, apparel, and jewelry. They have exclusive access to fashion content and tips. They also access the clickable-outfits to shop for brands. The JustFab team fashion consultant experts look at the most affordable prices for their clients.

They also offer free shipping for commodities bout over the secure internet online payment system. The VIP members that pay $40 at JustFab also get free shipping in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Spain, France, Germany, Denmark, Sweeden, and the Netherlands. According to Don Ressler, JustFab has a prospect to make more than $500 million in profits this year.

Dr. Waldren Rebuilds After Coming Home

Dr. Jennifer Waldren is a beauty surgeon who has proven herself in a male dominated field. In Harper’s Bazaar, she has been named one of the top best beauty surgeons. One of the only women on the board of directors of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. She has crossed over boundaries that no woman has been able to before.

An Austin Texas native, Dr. Waldren has been exposed to the medical field early in her life. Her father was a dentist and her mother was a nurse, so she understood what it took to be a medical professional. She earned degrees and MD at University of Texas, then she moved to New York to complete her fellowship at major Manhattan hospital under Dr. Sherrell Aston. She then built her own successful practice in the competitive Manhattan landscape. Dr. Jennifer Walden decided that she wanted to add to her life and had two twin boys on her own.

Dr. Jennifer Waldren came home to Austin to be closer to her family. She wanted her twin sons to know his family. However, she had to rebuild her entire practice. This was no problem for the dedicated, hardworking surgeon. She rebuilt her practice within no time and built a patient base. Dr. Walden was able to find that balance.

Her dynamic personality and work ethic has helped her find success as a surgeon both inside and outside the operating room. She is a frequent media guest on talk shows, published several books, and continues to pursue interests outside her practice. She is a successful, well-rounded surgeon.

Kate Hudson’s Stylish Yet Comfortable Active Wear

Comfortable clothing can be frustrating. It just feels so good. Actress Kate Hudson understands that people love comfortable attire. That’s why she’s coming out with a new collection of attractive athleisure dresses. These dresses are part of her active wear brand Fabeltics, with stores opening soon. Hudson chatted with about the introduction of these dresses. She said that her athleisure dresses are suitable for all varieties of events, from meals to dates and beyond.

She didn’t only talk about her athleisure dresses, either. She also talked about Fabletics’ swimsuits. Hudson indicated that Fabletics’ bathing suits are intended for individuals who enjoy activity. She also said that the majority of Fabletics’ bathing suits are centered around performance. Hudson discussed the fact that Fabletics aims to offer people clothing that is protective yet simultaneously attractive and appealing.

Fabletics is a brand that concentrates on workout apparel and active wear. It was created in 2010 by Hudson, Don Ressler and finally, Adam Goldenberg. The objective of Fabletics is to provide people with many choices in tee-shirts, joggers, leggings and yoga pants, for example. Fabletics accommodates the fashion needs of women and men.



People who are deeply interested in personalized fashion recommendations may be intrigued by Fabletics. That’s because the brand specializes in customized fashion tips for its members. People who sign up for Fabletics can provide the brand with basic information regarding their size and fashion “wants.” They can then receive helpful tips that can be beneficial for all of their upcoming fashion choices. If an individual loves fashion and feeling comfortable but loathes spending hours shopping and thinking about what to buy, Fabletics may be extremely useful to him or her.

The options in clothing that Fabletics offers are beyond abundant. People can create many outfits simply by going through Fabletics’ latest choices. They can buy outfits that are perfect for visits to the local fitness center. They can buy outfits that are perfect for quick grocery shopping sessions. They can buy outfits that are perfect for spending a bit of time around the house preparing meals and cleaning as well. Some examples of clothing options that are available at Fabletics include capris, sports bras, reversible T-shirts and sleeveless hoodies. People can rely on Fabletics for all sorts of fashion needs.



It isn’t tough at all for people to begin receiving helpful fashion tips from Fabletics. They can begin by filling out quick forms that ask questions about their gender, preferred activities (whether running, yoga, cycling or gym sessions), preferred exercise locations, preferred colors, specific body type and size. Once they’ve given Fabletics all of the requested details, they can get on the path to high-quality fashion suggestions straight from the minds of active wear gurus.

Spotlight on Fabletics 2016 Spring and Summer Fashion

Marketed as “the place where fitness and fashion meet” Fabletics is enjoying the release of their new 2016 spring and summer active wear fashion line on Clothes Maiden Magazine. This beauty, fashion and lifestyle site is known for featuring the most current and cutting edge fashion designers knows that this Kate Hudson start-up is in the game for the long haul. The new season’s inspiration is taken from Kate’s own brand of healthy and active living, with a touch of casual style that makes wearing gym wear feel alive and sexy. Along with a mega-sized social media following, Fabletics has found the key to combining great casual style with the ease of subscription based delivery.

With a combination of new monochromatic floral prints, jazzy geometric patterns and splashes of vibrant colors, the spring and summer collection of Fabletics offers plenty of mix and match opportunity to showcase personality while exercising, relaxing or running errands. Take the Luxor outfit, a colorful two piece Popsicle geometric patterned ensemble, mating mid-rise capris with a moisture wicking, racer front top with built in bra support, is a perfect example of color, style and comfort. Try out the Yukon sleeveless dress with hoodie for a bit of feminine grace as you prepare the dinner meal. Wardrobe matching has never been easier, taking the burden of finding complementary bottoms and tops a thing of the past.

Join in on the fun by completing a simple style quiz to ascertain your style preferences, from feminine to casual to strictly gym wear, is the first step to VIP status. Every month a matched ensemble is delivered to your doorstep, with the option to opt out and make purchases on your own time schedule. The perks of VIP status include an uncanny selection of perfectly styled ensembles that match your style personality starting at only $49.99 per outfit. Discounted prices are offered in abundance along with free shipping and a quick and easy return policy. Offering fabrics that are high performance with prices that rival the competition has made Fabletics the go-to one stop shop for all things related to their activewear ad campaign (AdWeek).

Visit the Facebook site for outfit inspirations and a peek at Kate’s picks; yes, Kate Hudson actually wears these outfits while enjoying yoga or cardio fitness programs. Start your new warm weather wardrobe off on the right foot with a visit to this trending apparel designer that is leading the active wear craze.


Armani Gives In To Animal Rights Groups

Armani has been a target of animal rights groups for years. They’ve been after the fashion giant to stop using furs in their fashion lines. Armani announced that there would not be any fur products in the autumn/winter 2016 clothing line. Armani announced to the press that he had given consideration to the rights of animals and protecting the environment. This belief in protecting the rights of animals and the environment led him to remove fur products from the clothing line on In fact, all fur products are pulled from the Armani Group, which includes Giorgio Armani, Emporio Armani, AJ Armani Jeans, and Armani Casa.

Fur Free Armani
Armani has taken a bold move and restricted fur inclusion in the Armani Group. This bold move demonstrates that the high end fashion designer has confidence in their customers and line of clothing. They believe that the consumer on Pinterest has strong feelings about the environment and animal cruelty. Therefore, a fur free clothing and fashion line should have a very positive effect on the way that the company is perceived by the public. The Humane Society International had a few positive words to say about the Armani decision. They believe it was a powerful statement to the fashion world. You do not have to wear fur to look fashionable. Several other fashion houses are also removing fur from their fashion line.

There is a quiet fashion movement happening online. Women are frustrated with the ridiculously high prices that they have to pay for good quality fashions that are trendy and stylish. However, JustFab has made it extremely easy for women to purchase high quality fashions that are trendy at a very affordable price. JustFab is the online subscription retailer that offers shoes, apparel, accessories, and more to their customers.

JustFab works remarkably well for just about any woman that likes fashionable styles and looking good. Getting started is super easy. Take their quiz to determine your personal style. JustFab will show you a personal boutique with the type of clothing that fits your style. Make a selection. JustFab will send the items straight to your home. 

Renegade Make-Up Aesthetics For Revolutionary Times

Make-up has long been a staple of society. In the old days, everyone from all walks of life sported some kind of makeup or other. Later on, the use of makeup became more toned down as the styles and tastes of society changed with the times. Where makeup used to be the norm for people of all walks of life and all genders, today it has sadly been relegated solely to the female gender spectrum.

That may be fine and well for some, but even the very makeup varieties made available to women today tend to be repetitive looking, outdated, and sometimes insipid. In fact, many people are tired of ultra-conservative or just plain-looking cosmetic products that do very little to really project that much vaunted pizzazz and individualism that every empowered woman deserves to have.

Makeup Trends with Limited Range of Colors

While there is a growing rise in more unique and avant-garde makeup trends, trends that takes their cue from the scene, emo, and goth subcultures that have always managed to redefine conventional standards of beauty, such ranges still tend to be somewhat limited and even limiting. Why is that? Generally, over time, women may become ‘typecast’ into the subculture that most commonly sports that type of makeup.

If you’re a young, preppy, spunky and spontaneous individual who’s looking for that little extra spice that’ll make you stand out from the humdrum standards of the boring crowd, consider opting for eye-catching, vibrant, pop-out makeup that will not only complement and enhance your look, but will best reflect your personality.

If you’re finding it somewhat difficult to get exactly the right kind of transgressive makeup that best suits your unique personality, tastes, or mood, then it would be a crime not to try Lime Crime cosmetic products.

Lime Crime – Revolutionizing Makeup One Shade at a Time

In the cosmetic industry, reinvention and innovation often clash with established norms and traditions. But the old must always give way to the new, it’s inevitable, and Lime Crime – an up-and-coming powerhouse in the cosmetics world is proving that things that go outside of the box are definitely worth having.

The brainchild of Doe Deere, aka Xenia, Lime Crime has garnered quite a lot of buzz over the past few years since its inception sometime in 2008. Lime Crime’s new cosmetic products and vibrant colors are changing the old stereotypical take on makeup. Thanks to Deere’s inventive and highly innovative artistry, Lime Crime definitely has an obvious unique edge in the cosmetic world as never before seen elsewhere; it would be a crime not to investigate Lime Crime’s original makeup products.

You can learn more about Doe Deere and Crime Lime here:

Lime Crime Lets Girls Have Fun With Their Makeup

I really appreciate cosmetic brands who step out and try to do something different with their makeup lines. I like it when I hear of a new brand of cosmetics coming out, because there is the hope for some kind of makeup that I have never seen before.

All too often the makeup that comes out as being new looks just like what I have been seeing in makeup for years, but occasionally there is a big surprise. I love it when I hear of a new makeup brand and I check them out to find that they actually are new. I love it when they offer cosmetics that are totally different from what other brands put out.

Lime Crime is one of the brands that did not let me down. When I looked at their products and saw all of the bold choices that they had made I couldn’t have been happier. The creator of the brand has decided to make her brand unique from its competitors. And I think that she was very smart in doing that. Too many companies start out thinking that they are going to make it big in the cosmetic world, but they do not realize that in order for them to do that, that they have to do something different. They think that they can just sneak by with using the same colors and the same kinds of products as all of the other companies, and that does not work out too well for them.

Lime Crime has done something different, and they will be rewarded for that. People are going to love using their products because, with them, they will be able to look like no one else at the party. They’ll be able to show up at their friends house with makeup that is like what no one else has on.

I am proud of Lime Crime for taking such a bold chance with their makeup. I love that they are doing something different, and I love the color options that they have available. They give every girl the chance to have fun with her makeup, and for that, I really love them.