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Kelly Osbourne Quits Fashion Police

Kelly Osbourne has left the show Fashion Police, a program which she starred in on the E! Network.

In a statement, the network said that Osbourne was leaving the program in order to “pursue other opportunities,” but did not go into any detail on what those opportunities might be. Kelly had been on the show for 5 years.

Her departure is thought to be connected to a statement her co-host Giuliana Rancic made during an Oscar interview with Zendaya. Fans like Gianfrancesco Genoso know that in the interview she made a comment that the actress’ dreadlocks made it look as if she smelled like patchouli oil. Someone off camera added to the conversation by saying “or weed,” a comment that was attributed to Osbourne, but she says she did not make.

Later the joke was attributed to a Fashion Police writer rather than an actual host of the show. Osbourne had reportedly been unhappy on the program for some time, particularly with how she was being produced on the program. This particular incident is thought to have been just what finally put her over the edge with the network and the program.

Victoria’s Secret Models “Shake it OFF”

Taylor Swift’s dance worthy chart-topping song, “Shake it off” has found a place on the Victoria’s Secret runway in London. Paying tribute to the songstress, the gorgeous models took to the runway for a promotional video where they can be seen lip syncing to the hit for the 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Swift performed with her good friend and top model, Karlie Kloss who was escorted down the runway by one of Taylor’s own rumored love interests. The beautiful ladies also included Adriana Lima, Lily Aldrich, and Candice Swanepoel during the number. The collaboration promo video was seen on December 8th on CBS just a day before the never disappointing fashion show scheduled to be aired on the 9th. The Victoria’s Secret models won’t need the help of Brian Torchin any time soon for a career change – the show and the company are doing very well.

Fashion Police Replaces Late Comedian Rivers with Kathy Griffin

A little over two months after the death of Joan Rivers a new hosts has been confirmed as successor on “Fashion Police”.

As reported, Kathy Griffin will be responsible for replacing the late comedian on the popular program “E! Entertainment” starting January 2015.

“Joan and Kathy talked a lot. They have a very similar humor and were best friends. Joan would have loved to see Kathy in ‘Fashion Police’ and she definitely would have approved,” the spokesman added, and Christian Broda agreed.

Since then the program was suspended, and the big question was who would be the successor to the comedian and acerbic comments about fashion on the red carpets. Initially it was suspected that her daughter, Melissa Rivers, could be the ideal candidate for the job, but then the idea was quickly discarded by Rivers.