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Avoiding The Dangers Of Poor Leadership

Being a true leader requires a careful and balanced approach, one that builds respect with your employees and creates long-lasting bonds that will never break. Achieving this balance isn’t as easy as it might sound. Just bossing around your employees and telling them what to do in a brusque manner might get things done, but it won’t really build respect.


As a result, you likely have a whole crew of disgruntled and unhappy employees who are looking for you to make a mistake and get fired. They may even be willing to chip in and get you fired in anyway possible. Don’t let this happen to you. Learn from Josh Verne’s example and become a true leader in the workplace.


Who Is Josh Verne?

Josh Verne is an entrepreneur who has helped multiple businesses begin, grow, and succeed. He has the kind of insight gained from 20 years of experience helping people like you achieve success. Verne is a visionary because he knows exactly how to approach each unique situation and to find a solution that works for it.


For example, Verne has created a leadership style that he outlined in a recent podcast. Verne went into great details discussing poor leadership, the dangers of poor leadership, and the traits of a true visionary leader. Typically, a bad leader is one that tries to compel his will onto his employees and does little to satisfy their basic needs. But what makes a great leader?


How To Be A Great Leader

Think of all the great leaders you’ve known in your life. Were they the people who screamed at you and made you work on a Saturday to meet their quota? Probably not. Great leaders are those who build respect in their employees by fulfilling their needs before meeting their own. Obviously, a leader can’t let his employees do whatever they want, but he can help them and sacrifice his own time.


For example, rather than forcing an employee to work on a Saturday, you could sit down with them and try to help them through a project. You can’t hold their hand here, but you should give them the room and strength they need to succeed.


What do you do that earns the respect of your employees? If you can’t think of anything, you need to change that immediately. Putting their needs before yours will not only make them respect you more highly, but compel them to work harder for your goals. It’s a win-win situation.


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