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What Dog Food Do Vets Recommend?

Though there are many brands of dog food on the market, there’s much consumer confusion over which brands are the healthiest. Many people are also under the impression that raw meat is the healthiest dog food, because they feel it’s what their animal’s wolf ancestors would have eaten in the wild. However, this is a myth. Wolves eat a combination of meat, grains and plants in the wild. They’re actually omnivores; and only 70% of their diet consists of meat. In fact, this type of healthy omnivorous balance is only available in one popular store brand, Beneful.

You can sometimes find a combination of meat, veggies and grains in other boutique dog food brands like Blue Buffalo, Petfresh and others. However, when you are able to locate brands like this, they’re typically too expensive for the average pet owner to afford; when you consider how much food your dog eats on average. Sometimes these more expensive brands will only adequately feed your dog for something like $3 or more per serving. That really adds up when you could be feeding your dog healthier for less than $1 per serving with a brand like Beneful.

You can mix wet and dry foods or just feed your dog one or the other at various servings. It doesn’t matter. Overall, you will save money over expensive brands when you buy Beneful.

A recent article discussed the fact that most consumers want their dogs to eat healthier. Going organic has become a trend in pet care, the same as it’s become a trend for self care. Many new dog food brands feature ingredients we’ve never seen before in dog food like:

-Freeze dried blueberries and cranberries,



-Green beans,


-Game birds,

-Pacific catch fish, and


In addition, you will find many formulas geared toward individual pet health. Therefore, in addition to puppy and adult recipes, you’ll also find recipes that will help to:

-Improve senior dog health,

-Encourage weight loss and healthy weight management,

-Support energy and play in active dogs, and

-Original recipes that encourage general health and nutrition

Brands like Beneful, Blue Buffalo, Petfresh and some organic brands will feature these ingredients and recipe styles.