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NexBank Provides Financial Help To All Individuals and Businesses Nationwide

NexBank SSB announced on Tuesday that it acquired College Savings Bank of New Jersey. With the announcement of the acquisition, it now specializes in the 529 plan college savings programs. There has been no specific information yet on the exact details yet about what their exact intentions are regarding the acquisition.

The diversified financial services that Nexbank offers, allows for customers to receive financial help across the country specializes in three fundamental core business practices. The 3 areas where they specialize are; commercial banking, mortgage banking and investment banking.

The CEO of NexBank Capital Inc is John Holt which is founding president and Ceo. They have specialized in college savings accounts since 1989. They are based in Dallas, Texas.

A charter which dates back to 1922 amongst the company is what has provided the company with a proven track record in which success has been seen. There are customized and tailored solutions which is unrivaled access to sophisticated solutions to a number of financial dilemmas that is easily handled with the help of the NexBank corporation.

Through the leadership and commitment of the banking institution, many years of hardwork and dedication is what has lead this institution to prospering for many years and with any luck, many more years to come. They serve people all over the country and helps out various clients, corporations and individuals.