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iFunding’s Skelley Honored

William Skelley, CEO and founder of the real estate crowd funding platform iFunding has been honored as a named member of the exclusive ‘Next Generation of Real Estates’ at a dinner that was held in New York City on January 27, 2016. The association which is invitation only is organized by Michael Stoler who is the managing director of Madison Realty Capital and host of “The Stoler Report: NY’s Business Report” television show which has run for 15 seasons. Other named members include men and women from top real estate firms such as Bank of America, Merrill Lynch and Kushner Companies to name a few.

Along with the invitation, Skelley was also invited to participate in a taping of Stoler’s show that will air in Spring 2016. The episode will touch on the subject of the evolution of commercial real estate. He will be on a panel that will also include a previous iFunding sponsor, Paul Braungart who is the Founder and president of Regional Capital Group.

Before founding iFunding, Skelley established a small investment bank that underwrote $2 billion in real estate transactions which in turn helped him acquire hundreds of millions of dollars in financing. iFunding, founded in 2012 and based in New York, is now one of the oldest and largest real estate crowd fund platforms in the United States and it has a growing presence in Asia.

iFunding is expanding opportunities for peoplec to invest in quality real estate deals using crowdfunding. They also make it easier and faster for real estate developers and operators to raise money, build on investor relations and take care of the legal and financial administration of their projects.

Typically, real estate investing is only accessible to those who already have contacts in the real estate business or have extensive capital. Crowdfunded investment opportunities through iFunding has a minimum investment amount of $5,000. Property classes include single family homes, but also the more popular multi-family residences, office space and retail locations.

In his early career, he was principal at Rose Park Advisors which is a hedge fund founded by Harvard Business School’s professor Dr. Clayton Christensen. He also worked for General Electric, Olympus and advisor to several start-up companies. He attended Harvard Business School and Hobart College.  Skelley also operates the company Twitter for iFunding.